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A Vampire's Destiny (M/M Gay Paranormal Mpreg Romance)
By Wolf Specter, Desirae Grove

What happens when fate calls your name? Especially, if that fate includes a strikingly handsome stranger, who just happens to be a...vampire.Patrick never thought he'd meet his soul mate when he'd agreed to go out to a club with his friend. It was a s friend. It was a tired scene, and no one seemed worth his attention. That is, until he tried to leave, but found himself unable to move once he saw the gorgeous stranger approach him. He wasn't even gay. What was happening to him?

Justin hated the club scene too. Yet, that night, he felt compelled to go there, and once he saw Patrick, he couldn't leave his side. Perhaps it was going to be a one-night stand. But the night of passion turned into so much more, and Justin was faced with the reality of his unusual heritage...

As the two young lovers discover the fruits of their union, will their burgeoning feeling help them withstand all the unexpected obstacles? Are they prepared for the future, now that the two of them will soon become three?

Bloodcrave: MM Gay Vampire Mpreg Romance
By Desirae Grove

This is a stand-alone MM romance novel with an Mpreg theme, no cliffhangers, and a definitive HEA.You’d think with the thousands years of combined experience, the Council of High Born Vampires would come up with a better solution. Anything else wouldAnything else would have been wiser than this.

Human enslavement? Impregnation? Harems? Are they nuts?!?

The ancient rite of ensuring an heir has been enacted, and now I’m forced to find a mate, and to put a baby in him.

What if I believe in true love? What if I don’t want to feed on humans ever again?
The solution presents itself before I can figure out what to do next.

Kent Gordon.

A gorgeous, muscled, dimpled cowboy, who just moved to the city and is completely unaware of what he is.

For he’s not just a human. He’s a Ferax. And his powerful destiny is calling my name.

I expected to fight the High Council to death. And I still might have to. Except the reason for my fight will be true love. I will save Kent and our baby, at all costs.

***This novel is full of scorching hot MM sex and contains male pregnancy themes.

Unexpected Powers (Gay M-Preg)
By Chris McHart

Ash’s life hasn’t been the best so far. Mated to a man he hates, he resigns himself to his fate of being abused. When his mate kidnaps the highly pregnant Alex, they become friends, and to Ash’s surprise, Alex’s rescuer saves him as well. Now he can an start a new life, but it’s going to be a lonely one, due to his visible and invisible scars.

D didn’t seek out a man, but one look at Ash and he’s head over heels in love. But Ash needs to work through his issues before he can see D’s love for him. Slowly, Ash learns to trust D, but with their growing feelings, other strange phenomena appear. What’s up with lights turning on without Ash touching the switch and doors opening on their own? Is something dangerous happening and threatening their blossoming love? Or is it something else altogether?


This is the second edition of the book. While it has a new cover, no other changes have been made. 

Unexpected Powers is a non-alpha/omega M-preg with 66000 words.

The Vampire's Warlock Omega: An M/M MPreg Paranormal Romance (The Warlock Omegas Book 1)
By Coyote Starr, Summer Chase

As an omega warlock, Martin is invaluable to his tyrant uncle. As a man, he risks everything to escape. Martin has faithfully served his uncle Cormac his entire life, allowing the evil ruler to siphon off his magic. So when Cormac declares that Martideclares that Martin will be bound to an alpha warlock forever, Martin knows that he needs to run or lose his chance at happiness forever.

Vampire hunter Broden has been spying as a guard in Cormac’s castle, keeping an eye on the rare omega warlock who could bring about a new age of vampires in the wrong hands. He just never expected the warlock to be so handsome. Or to save him when they’re attacked by vampires.

The worst part--in order to save Broden, Martin had to turn him into a vampire. And their passion for each other sparks a night together that leaves Martin expecting a baby. A baby that could be the birth of a new race of vampire/warlock hybrids.

Now they’re on the run from Martin’s uncle and ex-fiance to protect their love and their baby. But there are dark forces at work that would do anything to get its hands on both Martin and his unborn child.

The Vampire’s Warlock Omega is a sweet M/M MPREG paranormal romance with some spicy heat, adventure, surprise babies, and a guaranteed HEA. It is the first book in the Warlock Omegas and can be read as standalone.

Bearing the Vampire Seed [gay vampire BDSM Mpreg paranormal ménage]
By Lee Clarkson

Young, single, and ready to mingle the hot-bodied twink Brendan meets up with a hunky stranger online who seems to know everything about bondage and dominance. As it turns out Andrew runs a BDSM teach-in at the local University of Toronto, and a nervb>, and a nervous Brendan agrees to meet the hot, cut, hardbody for a one-on-one session that he'll never forget. But when the boyishly cute Brendan suddenly becomes aware of why the club only meets after dark, will his pounding heart be able to convince him to stay for a night of pure, white-hot, and unprotected lust?

Omega's Mark: An MM Mpreg Romance (The Blood Legacy Chronicles Book 6)
By Susi Hawke

Ages ago, the gods locked away a dangerous, powerful people… but the seal has been brokenEthan is a charming alpha from the land down under. A retired RAAF pilot, he’s been drawn into the small pack of legacy descendents and their quest to seal the c their quest to seal the crack in the Fae portal. At 37, he’s not really looking for his true mate - but wouldn’t turn them away either. He reckons fate will bring them around when the time is right.

Sheltered musical prodigy Dimi is the youngest of the group. Orphaned and alone now that his flatmate Ansh has met his mates, Dimi only has his treasured violin to keep him company… and his dreams of one day having a family of his own.

Catching each other’s scents is blissful for Ethan and Dimi, but before they can settle down into their own happily ever after, they must first deal with the pesky business at hand of Suci and his army of vampires. When Dimi has a vision of Suci’s ultimate plans for world domination, they know they must act quickly if they are to save mankind.

Join Ethan, Dimi, and all the rest of the legacy descendents as they work together in the ultimate battle of good vs evil - after a quick visit to Effie the Phoenix and her trio of quirky guardians, of course!

This is the sixth book of The Blood Legacy Chronicles, and needs to be read in order of release for maximum enjoyment as it’s part of an overarching adventure series, although each book is a stand-alone romance for each couple or triad. This book is about 25k and most likely guaranteed to contain an HEA. 18+ readers only please! And yes, this book contains Mpreg and adults adulting in naughty, knotty ways. It definitely contains way more than the occasional use of potty mouth language. Possible trigger for mentions of vampiric gore.

Bitten and Sucked (3 Steamy Gay Rough,Mpreg Wolf and Vampire MenageTales)
By Dickson Butts

Blood, Flesh, Cock.These are the hungers of our sexycreatures of the night. They won't be satisfied until they can roll that hard, pulsing flesh in their hands while they sink their teeth in to claim their prey. Will you bare your neck to the wolves . Will you bare your neck to the wolves or offer a vein to the vampires? Luckily for you, with this bundle you won't have to choose...

This collectionincludes:
Coming For The Wolf
Taking His Mate
Three Bites One Boy