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Omega Teacher's Baby (Men of Meadowfall Book 2)
By Anna Wineheart

Divorced and shamed for his infertility, Professor Dale Kinney has spent the past ten years proving his worth: by building a solid research lab in his field. With his tenure two years away, everything's finally going right... except he also has a secret.

Dale has a crush on his student—Greg Hastings. Sweet, straight-A alpha, and also the college president's son. Greg has been asking Dale out for coffee since semester began. And it's been taking all of Dale's self-control to turn him down.

Four years ago, Greg lost his best friend in a fire. At eighteen, he'd had ambitious plans: build a home, drive fast cars, live his life. At twenty-two, he's lost his courage to believe. How can he be there for an omega when he couldn't save his best friend? How can he promise anyone a future? The only things keeping him afloat—college basketball, and the cute, awkward professor in his classes, who sneaks glances at Greg when he thinks Greg isn't looking.

When Greg stumbles on Professor Kinney in heat, the spark between them explodes into an inferno. And despite countless failed attempts at pregnancy... Dale conceives. Dale refuses to abort the child. Greg refuses to abandon this omega. With the pregnancy an increasingly difficult secret to keep, will their slow-burning love cauterize their wounds, or burn them down?

Omega Teacher's Baby is a steamy 100,000-word May/Dec Teacher/Student romance, with paper cranes, rabbit onsies and a young alpha who wants to stay by his omega no matter what. There is no cheating, no cliffhangers, but definitely a happily ever after.

The PROFESSORS and the OMEGA - MMM Gay Menage Shifter Mpreg Romance
By Canis Blackfang

Gabriel is a young omega werewolf who wants nothing more than to escape the tradition and duty expected of him by his old fashioned parents. His effort to live entirely as a human has been successful, but recently his nights have been filled with vifilled with vivid dreams of two virile alpha werewolves. He’s been psychically marked for mating by alphas in heat, and now they’re coming to claim him – right in his college classroom!

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College Omega's Secret Baby (MPreg College Book 1)
By Dex Bass

Nobody talked to Professor Archer like that. And he never thought that way about a student. But freshman Os is so different.Os came to college to get away from the stigma of being an omega. With his newfound swagger, nobody knows how unsure of himselre of himself he used to be. Nowadays, he's owning being an omega. Just barely, if insecurities don't eat him up.

A secret pregnancy threatens to break them. Can an alpha professor and his omega student find fatherhood and love?

College Omega's Secret Baby is a non-shifter male pregnancy romance with a sassy college student, an arrogant professor, endless cuddling, a secret pregnancy, pink-nosed bunny slippers, an adorable baby girl, and a feel-good HEA.

Howling With Lust: An M/M Shifter Mpreg Romance
By Liam Kingsley

“ ‘Beware. Keep out. Bears, wolves, coyotes, monsters.’ Monsters?” Micah squinted, re-reading the faded paint on the shabby, haphazard fence. “Yep, monsters.”“What do you think?” Zeke asked. “Meth lab?”“Out here? Nah. Nudist colony.” Micah grinned att colony.” Micah grinned at his friend, who rolled his eyes with that little half-smile that haunted Micah’s dreams.

“Onward?” Zeke asked.

“And upward,” Micah confirmed. “School starts next week. I’m not facing a hundred and eighty teenagers without a full adventure under my belt.”

“The universe doesn’t control us; we change it as it changes us. Any questions?”

There are two things that Micah and Zeke have agreed on since high school. The first is this: life is better when it’s filled with adventure. The second, the one they’ve never spoken aloud, is that no matter how much they lust for each other, they will not risk their friendship.

In and out of foster care, Zeke’s life has been one of tumult and tragedy, and everyone he cares for leaves him. Micah is devoted to his students, and doesn’t need the distraction of a relationship. The two know better; they are better off as best friends, and the unspoken pact between them keeps their mutual attraction at bay.

But when a savage wolf brings their latest adventure to an end with two vicious bites, they are forced to draw closer together . . . closer than they’ve ever been before. As Micah and Zeke start to shift, so does their relationship.

Micah and Zeke prepare to live a new life ruled by the moon, stained with blood, and dominated by lust. Just as they are finally ready face their feelings for each other, their new community demands their help in the face of a true monster.

Will love destroy the friendship that means so much to Micah and Zeke, or will it be the only thing that saves them when their entire world shifts along with them?

In this 60,000-word friends-to-lovers gay paranormal romance, can the foundation of friendship survive the animalistic changes these two men are beginning to endure together? With intense, passionate scenes of hot gay sex, Howling with Lust is an omegaverse wolf shifter story intended for adult readers only.

Teaching His Omega: A M/M Mpreg Gay Steamy Short Story
By Victoria Brice

Zac, an Omega college student, is struggling. His secret dream is to be a pampered house-husband and have lots of pups, but his parents are forcing him to give school a try. He’s doing his best, but he hates every second of it.But when Zac catches thwhen Zac catches the eye of his gorgeous Alpha professor, he discovers that the teacher is more than willing to help the fertile Omega with some special office-hours attention.

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Author’s note: This steamy short story contains vivid descriptions of hot guy on guy action, Alpha/Omega social dynamics, knotting, and male pregnancy. Enjoy!

Alpha Principal: A Wolf Shifter Mpreg Romance (Wishing On Love Book 6)
By Preston Walker

Love in the workplace is never without risks…Nathanial is the hot, firm-but-fair principal of an elementary school – and an alpha wolf shifter. He runs the school like a pack, and when the school needs a new PE instructor, Nathan realizes that the beealizes that the best candidate for the job is irresistibly sexy.

Simon is a physically powerful and dominant-minded omega wolf. He’s never wanted a family, but all that changes when he visits the wishing well. Simon must come to terms with the fact that some things are just meant to be – like being pregnant with his boss’s baby.

In this mpreg wolf shifter romance Simon and Nathaniel embark upon an affair like no other, filled with lust, layered in hot passion, and eventually, wrapped in love. With strong sexual content, this 75,000-word gay paranormal story is meant only for adults.

Omega's Teacher: Mpreg MM Omegaverse Romance (Baby Makes Three Book 3)
By Bella Bennet

Updated with more content!Harry is a lonely omega who desperately wants an alpha and a family. He doesn't want an alpha to control him but to be his life partner in every way. He's a hardworking English teacher at the local high school who hears the o hears the ticking of his biological clock...and worries time is running out.

Alex is a Science teacher, an alpha new to the local high school. He's not looking for an omega, he'd rather be a free spirit than settle down with a clingy omega.

Harry is shocked and furious, when the hot new teacher turns out to be the bully that made his life hell in middle school. After an explosive reunion, the principal realizes he's got a problem on his hands, and comes up with a way to solve it.

They've got one weekend to learn how to get along...or someone is out of a job.

This is a 33,000 word story of male pregnancy with a HEA. This is book 3 in the Baby Makes Three series, but can be read as a stand-alone.

Prelude To Love: A Wolf Shifter Mpreg Romance (Wishing On Love Book 5)
By Preston Walker

All wolves need a mate.Being an omega wolf shifter, having a family is in Derrick Keene’s blood. A music teacher who has always enjoyed working with youth, he hopes someday to have children of his own. Rowan August is an alpha wolf, a loner. He worksst is an alpha wolf, a loner. He works illegal jobs on the side as a favor for his boss, never much caring about the consequences – until he happens to wander into a forest that isn’t on the map. Deep within, he finds a wishing well that shows him the face of a man he hasn’t met before, a man he meets when they’re both sitting in a holding cell for separate crimes.

Rowan’s lifestyle choices will catch up with him sooner or later… just in time for Derrick to become pregnant with his child.

In this 68,000-word mpreg wolf shifter romance, and alpha and an omega will form an unlikely bond. But will their love be enough to right all the wrongs? Prelude to Love contains intensely sexual scenes and strong language, making this heart-rending, pulse-pounding romance suitable for adults only.

Teacher's Pet
Teacher's Pet (196 pages)
By Aiden Bates

Zack is the only omega in his year at college. This doesn’t surprise him. Traditionally, omegas stay at home, preferably in the bedroom. Zack rejected that life and the alpha his parents chose for him when he got a full scholarship to college. He’s got a plan. He’s going to become a lawyer and fight for omegas’ rights.

That doesn’t mean that he doesn’t have desires and needs, and that scholarship doesn’t cover as much as people think. He makes money dancing at the Den of Sin, like more than a few of his fellow students. His life changes forever when he walks into class and finds one of the club’s alpha patrons is his professor.

Wyatt is a well-respected professor and an expert in his field. He’s also a very traditional alpha and he doesn’t approve at all of having omegas in college. He can’t deny his attraction to the sweet-scented omega sitting in the middle of his class, though. When ignoring Zack doesn’t solve his problem, he makes a suggestion that he thinks will solve both of their problems.

This solution only exacerbates their problems as they both wind up wanting more from each other than their agreement allowed. When the alpha who wanted to claim Zack shows up on the scene and threatens to destroy both of their careers, Zack and Wyatt must decide what is important to both of them.

This is a non-shifter male pregnancy gay romance book. This book contains sexually explicit content not suited for those under the age of 18. The book is approximately 50,000 words, has a happy ending and does not end in a cliffhanger.

Escape (168 pages)
By Aiden Bates

Miles is a school teacher in South Florida who likes taking dance classes; Kody is an alligator wrangler who meets Miles when his class comes to the gator park on a field trip. They're an odd couple who can barely find anything they have in common . . . except for the fact that they're smitten with one another.

Kody has a dangerous job in a dangerous place, and Miles is used to a life of comfort, and they don't make sense as a couple, but they can't let each other go. No matter how much disasters and hard times find them, they're drawn together over and over again.

This is a non-shifter male pregnancy gay romance book. This book contains sexually explicit content not suited for those under the age of 18. The book is approximately 50,000 words, has a happy ending and does not end in a cliffhanger.