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Omega's Prince: Mpreg Romance M/M Non-Shifter Omegaverse (Baby Makes Three Book 5)
By Bella Bennet

When Omega figure skater Jeff and incognito Alpha Prince Henrik spend one steamy night together at the Olympics, they find themselves with a surprise pregnancy on their hands. Now, the star crossed lovers must decide what they want. Can Jeff give up Can Jeff give up his career in America for a family life in Sweden? Can closeted Prince Henrik come out to claim Jeff and their unborn child with a royal wedding?

An Omega too famous to find love.
As an Olympic figure skater, Jeff was known far and wide. He had no problem finding men to date, but finding men that wanted him for himself and not his fame? Not so much.

An Alpha too far from the throne to matter.
As the youngest of four royal siblings, Prince Henrik is used to living in the public eye. But as the head of the Swedish delegation to the Olympic Games, he finds himself in the spotlight more than ever. So when given the chance to sneak into the Olympic Village and attend one of their infamous parties, he takes it.

Just a one-night stand.
Sassy Jeff is more than a match for the hot, tall blond on the dance floor ...and in bed. But there's no chance of them working out. They're too different, and the Swede has a secret.

Continents apart
Jeff can't stop thinking about the hot Swede, Henrik, whoever he was. Henrik's attempts to ease his heartbreak at letting the American go by throwing himself into his official duties do him no good.

When a chance encounter reunites the lovers, it seems like fate has given them a second go at the lives they both yearn for.

Can Prince Henrik tame the skittish figure skater Jeff and prove that their relationship could work, especially with a baby on the way?

Omega's Prince is a steamy 60,000 word Mpreg gay romance with a sassy twink, hot texting, royal wedding, baby and blissfully ever after.

Omega Sacked: (A M/M Mpreg Shifter Romance) (Fated Omegas Book 3)
By Ryan Gray

Clark.I can feel his heart beating beneath me, and if these pads weren’t in the way I would claim him right here on the field.Clark Roth is a god on the football field, destined to go pro. His personal life, on the other hand, is a train wreck. Exileer hand, is a train wreck. Exiled from his pack, and shunned by his team he’s learned to rely on no one but himself. He never needed anyone else, until he laid eyes on Alistair Kane. Now he’ll do whatever it takes to claim Alistair as his mate. But can Alistair accept Clark’s troubled past?

I should run the other way, but I want to throw away everything for just a chance to be near him.

Quarterback. Leader. Omega. Alistair Kane is comfortable fitting into the well-defined boxes life has laid before him. He never expected fate to literally knock him off his feet, but when Clark sacks him during their school rivalry game he knows instantly that he’s found his fated mate. He’s determined to make their unlikely pairing work, even when a surprise pregnancy throws both their worlds into chaos.

This 23,000+ word novella is steamy and sweet, with no cliffhangers, no cheating, and a HEA complete with a bundle of joy.

Can be enjoyed as a standalone or as book three of the Fated Omegas Series.

Omega's Crush (Book 2): Second Chance Mpreg Romance (Omega's Baby)
By Stephan Lyons

I was raised by the gang and not seeing my father in years meant I had to depend on them to keep me safe. When I finally came home everything had changed and yet nothing had really changed. I couldn’t imagine anyone loving someone like me, but he saweone like me, but he saw me for who I really was and still loved me.

He was right in front of me so many years ago and somehow we found each other again.

Now I’m being forced to choose between my pack and the man I love.

I won't lose him again.

I have to protect him even if that means risking my safety or my life.

Omega’s Crush is a 24k word mpreg romance with no cheating and a HEA. Not appropriate for readers under 18.

Heavyweight Daddy: An Mpreg Romance
By Austin Bates

Sergeant Van Harris of the Las Vegas PD wins a poker game that changes everything. The prize: tickets to the National Boxing Championships.Eli Thompson is the first omega to hold the heavyweight title, and when Van sees him fight, he falls hard for ts hard for the strong, powerful omega. The bold cop approaches the champ, asking for a date, but goes down in flames. Not one to take 'no' for an answer, Van gets himself assigned to Eli's protection detail, and manages to snare his protectee's attention.

But when Van wants to take things further, Eli pulls back - until Van takes a bullet in a robbery gone wrong. The event crystallizes Eli's feelings, and the champion fighter takes the wounded cop in to help him recover.

The support goes both ways as Van helps Eli prepare for a fight against an ex-boyfriend turned rival. Eli's fighting career is becoming the stuff of legends...until the powerful omega discovers he's carrying alpha Van's child.

"Heavyweight Daddy" bobs and weaves through intensely passionate and sweaty, steamy scenes in this 50,000 word gay mpreg novel by Austin Bates. Emotional and intense sexual encounters make this thrilling story suitable for adult audiences only.

Omega's Healing Hands [M/M Non-Shifter Alpha/Omega MPreg] (The Shale River Series Book 2)
By MacKenzie Wilde

Time may heal all wounds, but only love conquers all.Danny McEwan is a hotshot Alpha just weeks away from his chance at impressing a scout for the National Hockey League. His talent, grit, and years of hard work all but ensure that he'll be called upbe called up to the big leagues. His worst fears are realized when a horrible accident destroys his dreams and his future. Unable to face the pity of loved ones, he finds his new best friend in a fifth of whisky. And nothing, not even a snarky (and hot as hell) physiotherapist is going to tear that bottle out of his hand.

Omega Brad Timmins left his east-coast life behind when he settled in Shale River for work. Life away from his family has been rough, and a forbidden attraction to one of his clients isn't helping. Danny's muscled form is hard to ignore, but it's the haunted look in his eyes that claws at Brad's heart. It’s not just Danny’s gorgeous body that needs a healing touch.

Brad’s smart mouth keeps Danny on his toes, but he still struggles to overcome his demons. Will Danny return to his hard-partying ways? Or can Brad – and an unexpected pregnancy – heal the broken man’s wounded heart?

Set in the prairie town of Shale River, this non-shifter MPreg is a 60,000-word full-length novel with no cliffhanger. It contains an enemies-to-lovers story line, steamy scenes between an Alpha/Omega couple, pregnancy risk, filthy language, romantic secrets, and handsome country gentlemen in cowboy hats and tight jeans working their hardest for a happy ending.

Omega's Baby for the Beach Bear: M/M Gay Mpreg Shifter Romance (Sierra Nevada Shifters Book 1)
By Ursula Lupine

Betrayed by his fiancé and tired of being a doormat at work, Taylor Lopez moves to Lake Tahoe for a fresh start.But a tranquil life in the countryside isn’t all he finds. When Taylor is rescued by a brawny swim instructor, he’s drawn into the wild woild world of shifters and finds himself losing control of his heart. Is Taylor willing to give up his new found freedom for the chance at the love of a lifetime?
Surrounded by crystal clear cold water and plenty of fish, Jackson Banks has everything the polar bear inside him needs. Almost.
He’ll be forty soon and he’s still unmated and without cubs of his own. He’s almost given up on finding his mate when he saves a city slicker who makes the bear inside him roar. Can Jackson convince Taylor to let him into his heart, or is the pain of past betrayal too great to overcome?

This is a standalone story with a happy ending and no cliffhangers. Includes explicit love scenes and violence.

The Quarterback's Omega
By Scooter DeCosta

“No one likes having their secrets exposed, especially when they’re this hot!”Nerdy, little omega, Dave, always told himself that he was too busy to have an alpha. He filled that hole in his life with an obsession with Chad, the star quarterback of hterback of his university’s football team. Dave anonymously shared his most lurid fantasies about Chad online; fan fiction, thirst tweets, the works. Dave never thought Chad would approach him looking for a tutor.

Chad had the hots for Dave for years. But after he accidentally caused Dave to get publicly humiliated, Chad could never work up the nerve to talk to the omega. One bad test grade gave Chad the perfect excuse to get close to the omega he’d been pining for, Dave was the best biology tutor on campus.

They both have dirty secrets they are keeping from each other. And they are both going to get exposed; one by a slip of the tongue, the other by a jealous rival. Will the truth be too much for them to handle? Or will it reveal they are a perfect match?

Second Chance Omega: A Non-Shifter Omegaverse M/M Mpreg Romance
By Alice Shaw

All he wanted was a second chance…Addison Matthews was the hottest alpha football player around town and Kristoff remembers every aching second they were together. He and Addison were high-school sweethearts, destined to bond and start a family togettart a family together. Then, Addison left, and Kristoff's world fell apart.

Addison went for his dream, but he never forgot his first love and everything he threw away. When fame and fortune don’t cut it anymore, Addison quits the league. All he wants is a second chance, but can he convince Kristoff? In a desperate fit of passion, he runs back to his omega’s arms, hoping it’s not too late.

Kristoff has played this game before and lost. With the game in overtime, and the odds stacked against him, will Kristoff make a touchdown for love?

Second Chance Omega is a full-length friends-to-lovers, second chance romance novel. It is 60k words. This book contains hot and sexy scenes, emotional moments full of desire, and one darling sports baby to gush over. This book is meant for 18+ readers.