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His Command: The Complete Series
By Piper Scott

Includes five bonus epilogues never before published!Welcome to The Shepherd, where your darkest desires are our utmost delight. Follow the lives of ten broken men as they couple off and find true love in each other. This collection includes all fiven includes all five books of the His Command series, and features five bonus epilogues never before published—one for each book.

Obey: Omega rehabilitation counselor Owen doesn’t need an alpha in his life... but that doesn’t stop Crawford from giving him his collar.

Beg: Recently liberated from omega rehabilitation therapy, Lucian’s only just learned to say “No.” It’s too bad that night after night, Marcus makes him whimper, “Yes!”

Stay: When an accidental pregnancy forces troubled omega Adrian to bond with Sterling, the alpha he hates, the arguments aren’t the only thing bound to get hot.

Heal: Broken omega Gabriel needs an alpha to hold him together, to love him, and to give him a family... and professional Dom Cedric just might be the man for the job.

Breathe: When a scorching online relationship leads to an unexpected pregnancy, Oli has to decide whether Marshall’s terrible secret is something he can shoulder, or if he’s better off alone.

Gay Romance: The Dragon Omega's Baby Plan (MM Gay Mpreg Surrogate Romance)(Dragon Shifter Paranormal Short Stories)
By J.R Fox, C.J Starkey

In order to start the family he desperately wants, dragon omega Jonas has to reach out to an old college friend—the only alpha he knows—to complete his plan.Jonas:I want a baby, but not a mate. I’m getting too old to wait any longer.The only alpha I ait any longer.
The only alpha I know is Deacon—he’s going to think it’s weird to ask for this, and he might say no, but I have to reach out to him.
Deacon’s being surprisingly good about this. I’d forgotten he wasn’t like other alphas.
Pretending to be his mate seemed like a good idea, but now I’m falling in love with him and desperate for his company…

Jonas is exactly how I remember him—still headstrong, still a total pain, still beautiful.
If a baby will make him happy, who am I to say no?
It sucks that we have to pretend to be mated to make outdated people happy, but it’ll make life easier for Jonas and the baby, too.
I forgot how in love with him I was in college, and now that he’s pregnant with my baby, I can barely think straight.
I hope he’ll come to feel the same way…

The Dragon Omega's Baby Plan is a standalone MM story about two college best friends, with steamy love scenes, Mpreg and a HEA ending!

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Stable Secrets: An Mpreg Romance Bundle
By Austin Bates

Hey everybody… I’ve put together a hot and sexy mpreg gay romance bundle that I KNOW will keep you up late! Over 280,000 words of passionate, intense romance, including five of my personal favorite stories.First there’s The Hard Way: single dad omegale dad omega Noah meets privileged bad-boy Isaac. In Chosen Family, three gorgeous guys compete for love: Eric, the omega and personal assistant to hockey player Thomas, and Daniel, the sexy architect. Exploring the Cosmos will have you starry-eyed as astrology student omega Reagan and bartender alpha Cosmos find themselves wrapped in an over-the-moon romance. In Seeking Enrique, fantasy author Rick and his hot agent, Jules, are magically drawn to one another in a classic opposites-attract dilemma neither one can resist. And finally, in Stable Secrets, two of my favorite characters – stable hands Sam and Colton – race towards an unforgettable romance.

If you’re read my books before you already know: my gay mpreg romance stories are STEAMY! So, adults only, please.

I hope you love reading these stories as much as I loved writing them.

Love and hugs,


Leading His Omega: M/M Shifter Mpreg Romance (Alphas Of Alaska Book 5)
By Emma Knox

EvanI belonged to a family.Yet remained like a ghost to them unless they wanted something.I dreamed of an Alpha that would love me.But with my fathers, I wasn’t going to get that.Until I met Max.And to think my father would be proud I landed such a o think my father would be proud I landed such a powerful Alpha.
It only made things worse…
Not to mention the pregnancy.


Evan Barrington comes from a rich family, but he isn’t top at the top of the food chain. Love seemed out of reach, and the second it came close, Evan’s dad snatches it away.
In Evan’s father’s eye, his son isn’t destined for love. Only servitude.
Unless Max has the Alpha gall to change that otherwise.

However, will Evan be willing to break away from such abuse?

Leading His Omega is book 5 of the Alphas of Alaska series! There’s steamy times and an adorable baby, plus knotting and of course, M/PREG! There is NO cheating, NO cliffhangers, and definitely a HEA that will have you screaming for more!

Alpha's Secret Baby: M/M Gay Shifter Mpreg Romance (Alphas' Fated Mates Book 2)
By Kellan Larkin

But this time, it felt more than good. It felt like everything in the universe was perfectly aligned. Was I going crazy? Why did I feel this way with Logan? Mason's an Omega wolf focused on his high-powered finance career and his little sister Lauren little sister Lauren, who's struggling with an abusive boyfriend. After a one night stand with a mysterious, sexy Alpha, his world is turned upside down.

Logan has no idea he's a dad. When he refuses to date a friend who's been pining after him, his pack calls him heartless. Logan knows he left his heart in Lake City—with the Omega who is his fated mate. But how will he react to Mason's secret?

When Logan finds Mason, the pair will have to learn how to be parents together—while learning about each other for the first time.

Find out if they'll succeed in this standalone novella with a HEA. No cheating, no cliffhangers. Inside, you'll find an adorable shifter baby and plenty of sweet and steamy scenes.

This baby was going to have a good life, even if he or she started it as a surprise. I was going to do the best I could.

Secret Baby Omega: A Non-Shifter Omegaverse M/M Mpreg Romance: Road To Forgiveness
By Alice Shaw

Will a surprise baby be their last mistake or their first miracle?The night starts with a stolen truck engine, a bottle of whiskey, and Jax, a tough alpha from a small town. When Schwartz wakes in Jax’s bed, he wants to write the whole thing off. Jaxhole thing off. Jax is bad news and Schwartz is barren… or so he thinks.

Jax is trying to change his bad boy ways. He grew up poor and in a dysfunctional family, but he wants to be something better. Then he gets Schwartz pregnant and everything falls apart.

It started out as a mistake. Now, they have to make it work. Can two broken men save each other and make a new future for themselves and their child?

Secret Baby Omega is a full-length friends-to-lovers, secret baby romance novel. It is 60k words, complete with a HEA. This book contains hot and sexy scenes, emotional moments full of desire, and a darling Easter baby to gush over. And don’t worry, there is no cliffhanger at the end of this book! This book is meant for 18+ readers.

Romance: Under The Dragon's Wing (MM Mpreg Gay Romance) (Dragon Shifter Paranormal Short Stories)
By C.J Starkey

He wasn’t even supposed to be at the party.Luke:Dante Reyer is the most notorious bachelor in the city, why would he want anything to do with me?I’m just a cook at some diner, and he’s the mayor’s son with more money and power to his name than I’ve e money and power to his name than I’ve ever seen in my life.
Not to mention he was one of the first people to undergo surgery to make himself a shifter, and he’s now basically a God with Dragon’s wings.
Still, the way he’s staring at me kind of makes me think he might be interested.
I just hope he doesn’t realize I’m not supposed to be in his party.

This guy at the bar looks about ready to faint he’s so nervous because I’m talking to him.
Still, the way he’s smiling at me is pretty hot.
I wonder how he managed to sneak into my party.
My parents are going to kill me if they find out I slept with a guy like him, but I really can’t find it in me to care.
I sure as hell am not going to let this guy out of my claws tonight.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: Under The Dragon’s Wing is a standalone short story of two men who fall in love despite the world being against them. This short story is filled with steamy sex and animal shifters.


The Omega's Secret Pregnancy (Men of Meadowfall Book 1)
By Anna Wineheart

Five years ago, Felix fled his hometown, leaving behind lies, a proposal, and a fifteen-year relationship with his alpha. Now, fresh out of money, he's back, guilt-laden, struggling to shore up his savings so he can flee again.Ever since Felix rejectFelix rejected him, Kade's been programming, helping his family out of bankruptcy. Felix had said Kade wasn't rich enough as an alpha, wasn't good enough to marry. Kade still isn't. All he has now: the silver ring he proposed with.

When they meet again, Felix goes into heat. After a scorching night together, Felix discovers he's pregnant. He'd slept with the bondmate he helped bankrupt. Kade can't possibly want this child; Felix has hurt him, has kept so many secrets from him.

But as his belly grows, and as he's drawn to his alpha all over again, Felix can't deny the bond between them. He can't hide their baby forever, either.

The Omega's Secret Pregnancy is a 100,000-word slow-burn second chance romance, with many erotic scenes, LOTS of pining, and some hurt/comfort themes. There is no cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed HEA.

A Baby for My Secret Omega: M/M Non-Shifter Alpha/Omega MPREG
By Liza Carling

Dr. Devin Dowell has been shamed for being an omega all his life...Young surgeon Devin Dowell learned early on that to get ahead in life, he had to present himself as an alpha. Kicked out of his home at age eighteen by his father who was ashamed of h ashamed of having an omega son, Devin made his own way, completing medical school without a helping hand in sight. When he is offered his dream job at a top hospital, he knows he is going to rock it - as long as nobody finds out that he is an omega.

Trevor has never forgotten his first love...
Raised by an overbearing mother, Trevor was always warned about the dangers of being seduced by omegas. When he was caught as a teenager with his omega lover, his mother immediately shipped him off to live with his grandparents, never even giving him the chance to say goodbye. It's been over a decade, but Trevor has yet to find a mate who makes him feel even half of what that omega made him feel. When an unexpected health scare lands his mother in the hospital, Trevor finds himself face to face with someone he thought he would never see again.

Sometimes the most delicious love has to simmer for awhile…
But can long held beliefs really be changed so easily?

A Baby for My Secret Omega is a 35,000 word standalone novella featuring long lost lovers, tough decisions, enough sex to make up for lost time, and a happily ever after for everyone!

Finding His Omega: M/M Shifter Mpreg Romance (Alphas Of Alaska Book 1)
By Emma Knox

RhettI hadn’t been to my father’s place in ten years.I was only supposed to be there for his birthday.But that scent hit me like an epiphany and I knew that I had to find him.When I did… there was no going back.Even though we weren’t supposed to be br />Even though we weren’t supposed to be together.
Even though my father wouldn’t approve.
Beau was my mate, and I wasn’t going to abandon him.
But would he abandon me?
Was there even a choice?

Rhett is an Alpha who isn’t like the others in his family. He’s unmated and everyone in the pack knows it. When he finally does mate, everyone can tell and won’t shut up about it until he says something…
Now there is one problem.
The Omega he mated isn’t up to his pack’s standards… And with a pack like Rhett’s, would Beau be safe?

Finding His Omega is book 1 of the Alphas of Alaska series! There’s steamy times and an adorable baby, plus knotting and of course, M/PREG! There is NO cheating, NO cliffhangers, and definitely a HEA that will have you screaming for more!

MPREG BREEDING ROMANCE: FULL MOON MATING: Primal Wolf  (M/M First Time Gay Shapeshifter) (Gay Paranormal Romance Short Story Series)
By A.S. Ryder

GAY MPREG ROMANCE SHORT STORIESUp to this point, Adam has had a rough life. Raised in foster care, he's always kept the truth of his sexuality a secret, which has led to years of anguish and an inability to feel accepted.However, living in the suburbr />
However, living in the suburbs, he's always dreamed of being out in the open country, somewhere he can really be free and happy about who he is, without fear of judgment.

The chance to live that life comes, or so he thinks, when he manages to land a job as a rancher's assistant, doing office work and helping around the property.

Adam feels a deep, profound attraction to his new boss, John, but he knows he can't indulge it for the sake of his job security. And he knows that John's past has been a complicated one, to say the least, yet the temptation he presents feels far too strong to resist.

Will Adam risk it all and let himself fall prey to his own impulses?
Or will John's own furry little secret make things even more complicated than Adam can imagine? "


This is a standalone short story.

WARNING: This ebook contains hot sex scenes, naughty words, intense action and paranormal mysteries, intended for 18+ readers only.

Omega Sacked: (A M/M Mpreg Shifter Romance) (Fated Omegas Book 3)
By Ryan Gray

Clark.I can feel his heart beating beneath me, and if these pads weren’t in the way I would claim him right here on the field.Clark Roth is a god on the football field, destined to go pro. His personal life, on the other hand, is a train wreck. Exileer hand, is a train wreck. Exiled from his pack, and shunned by his team he’s learned to rely on no one but himself. He never needed anyone else, until he laid eyes on Alistair Kane. Now he’ll do whatever it takes to claim Alistair as his mate. But can Alistair accept Clark’s troubled past?

I should run the other way, but I want to throw away everything for just a chance to be near him.

Quarterback. Leader. Omega. Alistair Kane is comfortable fitting into the well-defined boxes life has laid before him. He never expected fate to literally knock him off his feet, but when Clark sacks him during their school rivalry game he knows instantly that he’s found his fated mate. He’s determined to make their unlikely pairing work, even when a surprise pregnancy throws both their worlds into chaos.

This 23,000+ word novella is steamy and sweet, with no cliffhangers, no cheating, and a HEA complete with a bundle of joy.

Can be enjoyed as a standalone or as book three of the Fated Omegas Series.

Baby Donor: An Mpreg Romance (Poppy Field Mpreg Romance Book 3)
By Beau Brown

Omega Ace Hamilton has a horrible case of baby fever. Working as a receptionist at a fertility clinic only makes things worse because he sees pregnant omegas day in and day out. It’s agony watching those happy couples glowing with excitement, when the odds of him ever having a baby are slim to none. He could never afford the artificial insemination procedure, and no alpha will ever get him pregnant the old fashioned way because his younger brother was born with a birth defect. Ace is considered damaged goods by default.

Alpha Wyatt Williams is a donor at the fertility clinic where Ace works. The sexy receptionist catches Wyatt’s eye, and when Ace shares his sad predicament, Wyatt offers to help him out by giving him a baby the natural way. Wyatt doesn’t admit it, but he’s thrilled at the idea of sleeping with the irresistible omega. However, Wyatt makes it clear he wants nothing to do with the pregnancy or the baby after the deed is done.

Ace really wants a baby and he really wants to sleep with the sexy alpha too. But he’s not sure whether he’ll be able to keep his feelings out of the equation. What he truly wants is a real family of his own, complete with an alpha and a baby too.

This is a sweet and sexy, contemporary, non-shifter love story with mpreg and a HEA ending. Though part of the Poppy Field Mpreg Series, this standalone story does not need to be read as part of the series.

Trust, Love: An M/M Omegaverse Mpreg Romance (Leipold Brothers Book 2)
By Ashe Moon

An alpha and omega who’ve forgotten how to love…Omega William Leipold has always chosen the wrong alphas. Since leaving his abusive first ex, he’s had to raise their son Nate all on his own, and through eight years of struggle he’s managed to do well managed to do well for himself. But after a string of failed relationships with alphas way too similar to his ex, William decides that love just isn’t worth risking everything he’s built for his family.

Back when Dakota Cloud was a young alpha growing up on an army base in Japan, he had a bad habit of seeking out trouble. Now, in Los Angeles, he's found a way to temper his wild ways by dedicating himself to his ramen restaurant, Send Noods. Dakota has never wanted to have a boyfriend—until William shows up for a bowl of his hot noods.

William is convinced he’s been cursed to fall for alphas who will hurt him in the end, but he badly wants to believe that Dakota is different. Can he learn to trust love?

Trust, Love is a steamy, passion-filled omegaverse romance with mpreg themes, and features a delicious mixture of angst, drama, sweetness and humor.

This book is a followup companion novel to My Next Door Omega, and can be fully enjoyed and read independently. No cliffhangers, and a definite HEA!

NOTE: This story features some scenes of violence and descriptions of physical abuse. 

Auctioned Omega: M/M Mpreg Gay Paranormal Romance (Mount Liberty Pack Book 1)
By Kellan Larkin

Briar can only watch in terror as the wolves who attacked his pack fight in the omega auction for the right to own him. When the dust settles, the largest, most savage fighter steps forward, and Briar realizes with horror that he’s been won by a rogue alpha. But Rohan isn’t the monster Briar first takes him for.
In fact, Rohan is unlike any alpha Briar has ever met.
Rohan slowly begins to earn the frightened omega’s trust through patience and tenderness. But with secrets and danger surrounding them, their bond will be tested repeatedly as they run from the violent packs trying to reclaim Briar. The two lovers are pushed to their breaking point, fleeing for their lives, and Briar discovers one more challenge for their perilous journey—he’s pregnant.

Auctioned Omega is an action filled 46k gay shifter mpreg novel with steamy scenes between two men, no cliffhangers, and no cheating.

Impregnated Alpha
By Yamila Abraham

The alphas of planet Hexor aren’t supposed to get pregnant. Gruff mine-worker Harsen finds himself in a crisis, but it’s one that could open the door to the kind of love he never felt he deserved. An mpreg sci-fi romance by the author of Hostile Taking!

Obey (His Command Book 1)
By Piper Scott

In the dim lights of Aurora’s premier kink club waits an alpha eager to take control.Billionaire Crawford Daniels has bedded submissives before, but he’s never given one his collar. That privilege is reserved for the man who’s strong-willed enough tong-willed enough to tell him no, but whose pretty lips always say yes. Crawford wants more than a pet—he wants a partner. Someone to pamper and spoil.

Or punish.

Hidden behind case reports and paperwork waits an omega afraid to give it all up.

Owen Ellis has fought tooth and nail to rise above his omega status and find success. He’s educated, successful, and independent, but deep inside, he knows something is missing. A mistake during his teenage years has led to a lifetime of loneliness, and Owen refuses to surrender his heart again. He’s afraid to be hurt.

He’ll never let another alpha in.

But some rules are meant to be broken. When Owen meets Crawford and sparks fly, Owen has to decide if happiness is worth the risk. The choice is always his. He can walk away and embrace loneliness—

—or he can wear Crawford’s collar and obey.

Obey is a 42,000 word stand-alone novella packed full of steamy BDSM, MPreg, one of the hottest uses for an ice cube ever, and a happily ever after that proves in the end, love really does win.

The Proposal (Single Dad Support Group Book 2)
By Piper Scott

After four years spent apart, Aaron is on his way home to marry the love of his life—his best friend. The proposal? It’s about to end in disaster.Dedicated, determined, and head-over-heels in love, Aaron is ready to settle down with the man of his drh the man of his dreams—his best friend, Gage. With a prestigious degree under his belt, a promising career ahead of him, and a loving boyfriend to pamper and spoil for the rest of their lives, the future is brighter than it’s ever been.

Isn’t it?

The lie Gage has been living for the last four years is about to fall apart, and there’s only one way he can see himself holding it together. The proposal? It’s everything he’s ever wanted, but something he might never be able to have…

When the steamiest summer of Gage’s life leaves him pregnant with Aaron’s child, Gage knows what he has to do. He’s made Aaron a promise, and the future of their family depends on it.

Forced to keep his son a secret from everyone—even Aaron—Gage does whatever it takes in order to keep a roof over their heads. But when his child gets sick and Gage can’t afford medical treatment, he has a difficult choice to make.

How far will he go to keep his future family together?

When an unexpected reunion brings Aaron and Gage back together, they’re faced with a choice: overcome the obstacles standing in their way to becoming a happy family, or accept that the proposal they’ve both been dreaming of is never going to happen.

The Proposal is a 70,000 word contemporary omegaverse mpreg novel featuring a quirky group of single dads, a live stream you’re never going to forget, pretty pearls in naughty places, and a love that neither time nor distance can tear apart.

Marshmallow Spiced Omega: an M/M Omegaverse Mpreg Romance (The Hollydale Omegas Book 7)
By Susi Hawke

The best gifts in life will sometimes catch you by surprise.Luke is a YouTuber known for his popular Omega Manny Diary videos. After a brief-yet-secret fling with his boss Ian’s best friend, he finds himself left with an even larger secret: Grazer’s an even larger secret: Grazer’s baby.

Grazer had a lot of fun with Luke, but he’d been upfront with him from the beginning. He’d always preferred to chase silver foxes—not young, fertile pups.

Nearly two years after their last hot night together, Grazer returns to Hollydale, fresh from a year of guarding the toddler of a celebrity. He’s at loose ends, not to mention lonely, and wondering if maybe he’d been too brash when writing off love and fatherhood in the past.

When Grazer runs into Luke and discovers his life-altering secret, can they find a way to forgive the mistakes of the past and grab their second chance at romance?

Return to Hollydale for this second chance, secret baby romance where May learns to be the December in an age gap relationship. This is the seventh book of The Hollydale Omegas series. This book is about 34k and most likely contains an HEA. 18+ readers only please! And yes, this book contains M/PREG, adults adulting in sexy grown-up ways, and way more than an occasional use of potty mouth language.

Omega In Heat: M/M Shifter Mpreg Romance (Alphas Of Alaska Book 2)
By Emma Knox

RileyRhett and Beau were mated… Great. And where was I? Still unmated, and I needed an Omega. Badly.Then things fell into place.Kyle walked into the bar, his scent screaming out in need. Screaming for me.He was mine.Then things crumbled in place.He w />He was mine.
Then things crumbled in place.
He was engaged…
I was sick and tired of things being taken from me.
And I wasn’t about to let Kyle go off easy.


As an Alpha, Riley is used to the idea of Omegas pining for him, chasing after him. But when things get complicated and Kyle disappears, Riley finds himself flipping the roles, and running after the Omega.

How long can he survive with this burning in his heart for this Omega? Can he live life knowing he belongs to someone else? Or is that even the truth?

Omega In Heat is book 2 of the Alphas of Alaska series! There’s steamy times and an adorable baby, plus knotting and of course, M/PREG! There is NO cheating, NO cliffhangers, and definitely a HEA that will have you screaming for more!

Second Chance Omega: A Non-Shifter Omegaverse M/M Mpreg Romance
By Alice Shaw

All he wanted was a second chance…Addison Matthews was the hottest alpha football player around town and Kristoff remembers every aching second they were together. He and Addison were high-school sweethearts, destined to bond and start a family togettart a family together. Then, Addison left, and Kristoff's world fell apart.

Addison went for his dream, but he never forgot his first love and everything he threw away. When fame and fortune don’t cut it anymore, Addison quits the league. All he wants is a second chance, but can he convince Kristoff? In a desperate fit of passion, he runs back to his omega’s arms, hoping it’s not too late.

Kristoff has played this game before and lost. With the game in overtime, and the odds stacked against him, will Kristoff make a touchdown for love?

Second Chance Omega is a full-length friends-to-lovers, second chance romance novel. It is 60k words. This book contains hot and sexy scenes, emotional moments full of desire, and one darling sports baby to gush over. This book is meant for 18+ readers.

Convincing The Alpha’s Omega: M/M Shifter Mpreg Romance (Alpha Omega Lodge Book 2)
By Emma Knox

EthanMy life centers around my job.My job centers around the Omega Lodge. And nowhere does it state that it’ll ever revolve around an Alpha. I’m comfortable where I am and I intend to see this place thrive.But when our head Alpha and his mate want t head Alpha and his mate want to throw a mating party for people to find their fated mates, I’m thrust out on an adventure with the raspy and overly Alpha Trevor Reluson.

His scent annoys me.
But I can’t help feeling this magnetic pull that’s driving me insane.


The Gryther Pack has more tricks up its sleeves. And each one is going to pull together pairs of fated mates whether they like it or not.
Ethan might not want to see the truth, but Trevor, head of the Reluson pack will make him.
Because that’s his Omega. And he’s not going to let him go.

Convincing the Alpha’s Omega is book 2 of the Alpha Omega Lodge series! There’s steamy times and an adorable baby, plus knotting and of course, M/PREG! There is NO cheating, NO cliffhangers, and definitely a HEA that will have you screaming for more!

The Omega’s Billionaire Alpha: M/M Omegaverse MPREG Gay Romance (The Omega's Surprise Baby Book 2)
By Bonnar King

This is a 37k Novella with a HEA and NO CLIFFHANGER! Justin:I like thrills, whether it’s in the form of riding fast cars, jumping out of airplanes or having sex with omegas in public places. I don’t mind the media covering my escapades, because my moring my escapades, because my motto in life is only one: live it to the fullest, and damn those who try to stop you.

Except the board members in my own company disagree and want to fix my image.

To appease them, I do it. I even let them hire me a new PR rep—Sam, a bossy omega who's big green eyes spark more fire than what’s legal. At first it annoys me.

Now it just tempts me.

Sam’s not my type. But the closer we get, the more difficult it is to resist the little spitfire—and I wonder if a few kisses and stolen moments of pleasure are enough to get him out of my system.

I don’t like thrills. I like stability, and my work has got to be the most stable thing in my life right now.

When I’m asked to work for a high-profile billionaire alpha, I refuse at first—until they dangle an irresistible offer under my nose and I have no choice.

He’s arrogant. He’s too reckless for his own good. He thinks his devilish grin will let him get away with anything. Well, he’s in for a surprise, because I’m not that easy.

But imagine my surprise when I discover that underneath the tough exterior is a man with dignity and more passion than he’s willing to admit.

And suddenly I find myself attracted to him and trying to fight it with my every breath… Falling in love and getting pregnant wasn’t part of the plan.

This is a standalone 37,000 word M/M Gay Romance with a HEA, featuring MPREG (male pregnancy) and adult situations.

The books in the 'Omega's Surprise Baby' series can be read in any order.

Accidental Baby: MM Gay Shifter Mpreg Romance (Shifters of Port Shadow Book 1)
By Serena Storm

Alex needs a baby and he’ll pull any trick to get it. Except, he never thought his fated mate will end up standing in the way…Alex, an Omega, travels to Port Shadow Island on a sinister mission. His ancient pack has long been in decline and the only cline and the only way for them to revive their numbers is to kidnap pups from other packs. Now he needs to infiltrate the close-knit, exclusive society of the Silver Fangs, so he takes a position as a babysitter in the pack’s day care unit, though he has never held or even seen a wolf baby in his life.

To Alex, the concept of fated mates is just a long-forgotten legend, so when he meets Zane, he can’t help but get confused about the strong, unfamiliar feelings he is developing towards the virile Alpha male.

Zane, a pack leader from the Silver Fangs, on the other hand, has no doubts that the newcomer is his destined mate. Too bad he’s also the only person Zane can’t trust. After all, it’s an Alpha’s obligation to protect his pack and it is becoming pretty clear to Zane that the outsider Alex is up to something…

Accidental Baby is the first book in the Shifters of Port Shadow Series. It is a standalone novella with a HEA ending, a satisfying epilogue and NO CLIFFHANGERS.

Content alert: This book contains male pregnancy (mpreg), a sweet, cuddly baby and a good dose of hot scenes intended for adults only.

Beg (His Command Book 2)
By Piper Scott

In a city of sin broods an alpha tired of his past.Criminal defense attorney Marcus Hayes’ bedroom is empty, but he can’t bring himself to fill it. Years of casual encounters and heated play sessions with seasoned submissives have left him numb—and tleft him numb—and the older he gets, the more the lifestyle loses its allure. The change he knows he needs isn’t easy to come by.

But change is closer than he thinks.

Beneath blinding strobe lights toils an omega eager for a better future.

Lucian Bracknell is finally free from the horrors of The White Lotus brothel, and for the first time in his life, he’s on his own. Independence means discovering who he is and redefining his relationship with the world, but when he lands a bartending job at The Shepherd, that world turns upside down. Behind The Shepherd’s bar counter, Lucian is untouchable, and ‘no’ is a drug he can’t get enough of.

Until his eyes lock with those of an alpha he’s not allowed to have, and those firm ‘no’s turn to whimpered ‘yes’s.

But forbidden desire this hot can’t be contained forever, and when the fires of their lust start to scorch, Marcus and Lucian will either have to succumb to the heat and face the consequences together, or burn with it until one of them falls on their knees and begs for relief.

Beg is a 60,000 word BDSM-flavored novel set following the events of Obey. While best enjoyed as a sequel, it’s packed full of enough sexting, bourbon, and rope burn to be enjoyed on its own.

The Quarterback's Omega
By Scooter DeCosta

“No one likes having their secrets exposed, especially when they’re this hot!”Nerdy, little omega, Dave, always told himself that he was too busy to have an alpha. He filled that hole in his life with an obsession with Chad, the star quarterback of hterback of his university’s football team. Dave anonymously shared his most lurid fantasies about Chad online; fan fiction, thirst tweets, the works. Dave never thought Chad would approach him looking for a tutor.

Chad had the hots for Dave for years. But after he accidentally caused Dave to get publicly humiliated, Chad could never work up the nerve to talk to the omega. One bad test grade gave Chad the perfect excuse to get close to the omega he’d been pining for, Dave was the best biology tutor on campus.

They both have dirty secrets they are keeping from each other. And they are both going to get exposed; one by a slip of the tongue, the other by a jealous rival. Will the truth be too much for them to handle? Or will it reveal they are a perfect match?

His Biggest Secret: A Portville Mpreg Romance (M/M Non-Shifter Omegaverse) (Portville Omegaverse Book 1)
By Xander Collins

Sometimes the biggest secret is the one we keep from ourselves.Tough beta cop, Mark, wakes one morning with a hangover and some very vague memories of the previous night. One of those memories is something that Mark believes can’t be possible. He seebe possible.

He sees a flash in his mind of his best friend, Landon, who also happens to be his partner at work. Someone he’s always had a crush on. The thing that Mark can’t believe is what Landon is doing in that memory. And why Landon doesn’t have any clothes on.

It isn’t until Landon brings up the event that Mark realizes what is happening to him. For the last forty years, young beta men have been turning into omegas. Some as late as their twenties.

Mark is filled with shame when he realizes that's what's happening. He went into heat. He threw himself at his partner. He's now an omega.

And he's carrying Landon’s baby.

Mark’s whole world comes unraveled as he struggles with the changes his body is going through, as well as the changes in his perception of the world around him. He’s no longer the tough beta cop he thought he was, but Mark starts to realize what true strength really is.

His Biggest Secret the first book in the Portville Omegaverse series. It is a friends-to-lovers romance of 37k words with some bad language, hot sexy times, exciting and suspenseful moments, and a super cute baby to cuddle and tickle. It is intended for readers over the age of 18.

Saving His Omega: An M/M Omegaverse Mpreg Romance (Delta Squad Alphas Book 3)
By Eva Leon

An Omega in pain. An Alpha with the ability to heal. Staff Sergeant Rory Shipmond saves lives. It’s his job in Delta Squad. When Delta Squad rescues an American base from hostiles, he saves an omega who has been hurt more than Rory could ever imagin hurt more than Rory could ever imagine.

Damien Raoult learned early he can’t trust alphas as a rich Omega. His tech business attracts all type of attention and Damien claims to be bonded to his business.

Damien is visiting an American military base in Hong Kong, a base that the U.S.A. doesn’t admit exists, when it’s attacked by a gang in efforts to steal his weapon technology.

When the medical officer asks Damien if he’s okay, Damien wants to open up more than he has before. But, he can’t risk the pain, even if his Omega instincts tell him Staff Sergeant Shipmond is his Alpha.

Rory is determined to heal this Omega, not because it’s his duty, but because it’s his desire. He will win Damien’s trust and his heart, one way or another.

This non-shifter Mpreg romance is fast paced and has no cliffhanger. It features an enemies-to-lovers story, steamy scenes, military action, pregnancy risk, sassy flirting, romantic interludes, and two sultry men on a mission for their happily-ever-after. This is book 3 in the Delta Squad Alphas series.

Operation Omega: An M/M Omegaverse Mpreg Romance (Delta Squad Alphas Book 2)
By Eva Leon

Protecting the Omega is his mission. Falling in love is a whole different battle. Sergeant First Class Kali Morris is the communications specialist for special forces Delta Squad. He's the love-em-and-leave-em type of alpha. Kali finds his latest c />
Kali finds his latest conquest the night before a mission, except he’s attracted to this omega more than he ever thought possible.

Sergeant Thomas Carter is an intelligent Omega, specializing in dead languages. He never expected to leave a base when he enlisted, preferring a desk job to running through the desert.

Alone, Thomas goes to a local bar to fight off his nerves and falls for the tempting alpha.

But when it turns out Sergeant Kali will be with him on the mission--Thomas’ heart is in as much danger as his life is.

Alpha Kali's duty is to complete the mission but his nature is to protect the Omega he's claimed.

Together, these men come together in a sizzling dance under the desert sky, but they must battle their instincts to fulfill their duties. And when those duties come before their hearts, they must face the battle for their love together.
This non-shifter Mpreg romance has an HEA with no cliffhanger. It features a strangers-to-lovers story, steamy scenes, military action, pregnancy risk, emotional flirting, romantic interludes, and two sexy men in uniform on a mission for their happily-ever-after.

The Omega's Alpha Boss: M/M Omegaverse MPREG Gay Romance (The Omega's Surprise Baby Book 1)
By Bonnar King

With the holiday season fast approaching, Leo, a sweet and somewhat innocent omega is too wrapped up with his family print business and article deadlines to enjoy himself, especially since he’s just discovered his boyfriend cheating on him at the parthe party he was meant to attend.

Leo loses all hope that he’ll ever be able to find his fated mate, his true alpha husband, and to have a baby. Little does Leo know that this holiday season will be one to remember for all those reasons!

Upset for being cheated on for being a good omega boyfriend, Leo lets his hormones get the better of him and makes out with a sexy alpha stranger in the dark elevator of a hotel, only to run away like Cinderella before his prince can learn more about him. Putting it down to a drunken mistake, Leo vows to put the sexy incident behind him and never to repeat it.

Lucas Hiddleston is an alpha that always gets what he wants. Especially omegas — he loves to dominate them and show them who’s the boss, before moving onto the next omega. However, he didn’t plan on wanting the uptight omega he’s trapped in the elevator with… until he kisses him. 

Imagine Lucas’ shock when he later finds out the same omega is the son of the man whose business he’s just acquired. Not only that, but he has to work alongside him, and realizes the want and desire for the omega intensifies every time he’s close enough to smell his sweet scent.

But it’s not all sunshine and rainbows initially—too afraid to be honest with their true feelings, they fight like cats and dogs, arguing and disagreeing on almost every business decision, which only helps turn up the heat factor for both of them. Can they go from enemies to lovers?

Lucas’s alpha nature demands that he has the omega all for himself, but Leo’s the forbidden fruit because workplace relationships between bosses and employees are against company policy. Not only that, but Lucas has spent too much time and energy building his business empire, to just blow it all on an office fling and the risk getting an omega pregnant!

But rules are made be broken. Eventually, one thing leads to another and now Leo’s pregnant with Lucas’ baby.

How can Leo break the news of his pregnancy to Lucas when he knows he has to keep their affair a secret? Should he even tell Lucas, because if doesn’t want commitment, he probably won’t want to be a dad, either.

Will they be find a way to be honest about how they feel for one another?
Will Leo ever tell Lucas the truth about his pregnancy and who the father is?
Will Lucas be able to overcome his commitment issues due to his family history?
And most importantly, will Leo and Lucas get what they’ve always too afraid to even dream of — to have a family of their own?

This is a standalone 37,000 word M/M Gay Enemies-to-lovers romance with a HEA, featuring MPREG (male pregnancy) and adult situations.

Note: The books in the 'Omega's Baby' series can be read in any order.

Claiming Christian (Wolf's Mate Series Mpreg Romance Book 2)
By Kiki Burrelli

Derrick is an arrogant alpha billionaire poised to take control of his pack. Christian is a good guy who is always finishing last. When their worlds collide, will Derrick be able to protect them both?Christian’s nice ways have finally landed him in tded him in the worst kind of trouble. After agreeing to help his friend, Finn, Christian becomes a target for a sadistic pack leader. He is saved from a beating by a sexy stranger.

Derrick has never been mistaken for a homeless person, but seeing how he met Christian after being passed out behind a dumpster, he can forgive the confusion. What he can’t forgive is how the sweet, sexy man attempts to ignore their connection. Someone has to save Christian from his nice ways.

When Christian agrees to return to his home, Derrick can breathe easily. That is until the pressures of his family and pack threaten to drive a wedge between them. Christian’s nice ways are his worst enemy, but Derrick has already decided Christian is his mate and will hold nothing back while claiming Christian.

Secret Omega: m/m mpreg gay paranormal romance (Mount Liberty Pack Book 2)
By Kellan Larkin

Mount Liberty is the only safe haven for omegas against the threat of invading alphas, but when Peregwin finds one battered and injured, he knows everyone deserves a second chance... even if it means risking exile if he's found helping the alpha.Ston/>
Stone was raised to see omegas as little more than slaves for an alpha’s pleasure, but Peregwin is challenging everything he knew about the world—and himself. He wants to prove that alphas can be loving protectors, but the longer he's sheltered by Peregwin, the more dangerous it becomes for both of them... especially since neither can ignore the attraction burning between them.

Everything is at stake if Stone is discovered by the pack, but the secret becomes even more impossible to keep when Peregwin finds out he'll soon have to explain his growing belly.

Secret Omega is an action filled 36k gay shifter mpreg novel with steamy scenes between two men, no cliffhangers, and no cheating. It follows characters introduced in Auctioned Omega, but can be read as a stand alone book.

The Omega's Secret Baby (Oceanport Omegas Book 1)
By Ann-Katrin Byrde

An omega, an alpha, and a seven year-old secret... Eight years ago, Eli gave up his future as a veterinarian because of a blue line on a pregnancy test. Now a single dad to the best little boy in the world, he’s working at an animal shelter and tryinat an animal shelter and trying his hardest to ignore the small town gossip that follows him and his son around. Contrary to popular belief, he does know who the other father is—the irresistible alpha from his youth. But Matt’s upper class family doesn’t think an omega is good enough for their son, and Eli’s not going to expose his kid to that kind of prejudice. Besides, Matt ran off and married someone else, so he couldn’t have felt that much for Eli, could he?

After years of trying to make his arranged marriage work, Matt’s getting divorced--much to his high society family’s dismay and fury. And his relief—something had to change. It does, when he runs into the omega he’d fallen for as a college senior and never quite managed to forget. The moment he lays eyes on Eli, he wants him back, and to hell with what his parents think.

And there’s that little boy, Eli’s son, who tugs on Matt’s heart as hard as Eli does. Could it be…?