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Thrall: A Viking Mpreg (The Thorson Sagas Book 1)
By Isabel Steele

A Viking Warrior vows to protect his pregnant omega.Halvard is a renowned alpha viking. He lives for war, but in the midst of a raid, he finds a slave. In an instant, he knows he's found his mate. A man who heats his blood hotter than any battle. An otter than any battle.

An omega slave chosen by Odin.

Asgrim wasn't always a slave. He was the son of a Jarl but his destiny was ripped away from him. Yet, when the leader of a band of Viking raiders murders his captor, his journey to reclaim his birthright begins. The presence of his rescuer awakens a primal desire within, his first heat.

Asgrim seeks his destiny.

Their fate combined, the alpha and his omega set out to reclaim Asgrim's birthright. Halvard must fight for their lives and the life of their unborn child.

Together, they storm a path to glory...

Thrall is the first book in the Thorson Sagas and features vikings who are as sexy as they are brutal, a quest for glory, first times, knotty fun, mpreg (male pregnancy), an indulging alpha and a demanding omega. This is the first in a series, but these men find happiness by the end before the adventures continue in book two.

Mated in the Highlands: An MM Paranormal Shifter Romance (Highland Shifters Book 2)
By Odin Nightshade

Trouble in the HighlandsKinnon Laramie, the willful young highland hunter, has lived his whole life yearning for the freedom that his high station cannot grant him, wanting nothing more than the right to make his own decisions and construct the life d construct the life that's right for him.

When his father commands Kinnon to give up hunting in favor of a more cultured and sophisticated lifestyle, and vows to have the young hunter married to a proper Lady of the Highlands, Kinnon is granted the opportunity to choose a bride for himself. But when a visit to old friends brings him back into contact with a childhood acquaintance, Kinnon is forced to confront feelings that he did not know existed.

Aiden MacConaill, easygoing son of the Laird and close friend to Kinnon's older brother, doesn’t take long to realize that Kinnon has grown into a fascinating young man. But can he accept Kinnon for who he truly is? And what will it take for Kinnon to admit that Aiden is his perfect match?

This book is the second in the Highland Shifters series, but can be read as a stand alone story.To start at the beginning, download A Quest For Vengeance, Book 1 in the series.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: This books contains mature language and explicit content, including male breeding and knotting, and is intended for audiences over 18 years of age.

The Dragon's Heir: (A Dragon Alpha Omega MPREG Shifter Romance)
By Wolf Specter

Heartbroken and alone, Lucas set out to enjoy what was left of his vacation in the Scottish Highlands. He was ready to leave his gold digging ex-boyfriend behind to move forward. He never could have anticipated what he would find. What started as a leisurely hike up a desolate mountain would change his life forever.

One man, one secret. The strangers smooth talk and stunning good looks pulled Lucas in, drawing him to the brink of his sanity. As the cold night set it, the stranger came to his rescue in more ways than one. Now, it’s a race against time for his heart and his life.

Carter lived a quiet life, he didn’t mind it. When he went out into the darkness, as he did most nights, he never anticipated coming back home with someone. The man was freezing and needed shelter. Carter was happy to help but at what cost? As his feelings grow for Lucas, Carter is torn between duty and his heart. His world is about to change forever when Lucas discovers his secret. The love between them grows but it may already be too late to save their love and their lives. One can’t happen without the other.

Now, thrown together by a string of strange events; the unlikely duo must fight against all odds for each other and for the secret they now share together. Running from the clock and running from the past, they must work together if they are going to come out whole. What started as a fling soon evolves into life, death, and love. Can they fight together for a greater future or will fate will once again and rip them apart? Only time will tell them their fate. Their love might be strong but even it can’t stop death, or can it?