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Accused (The Talani Trade Alliance Book 1)
By Leona Windwalker

Matthias Reynolds loves his life. He's starting to make it as a graphic artist at last and has a job he really likes at a local café that pays the bills. When a night out clubbing leads to an awkward morning after, he's embarrassed and more than ready to forget all about it. When Talani Enforcers show up at the café, he doesn't know what to make of it all as he's led away in restraints.

Standing accused of crimes he struggles to understand, he finds he has an unexpected champion: the Talani warrior and war hero J'nah Quislin. J'nah knows that Matty is his. All J'nah has to do is keep Matty safe from those who engineered Matty's charges and sentencing. That, and get Matty to accept that the universe always intended them to be together as one. All it requires is for Matty to return J'nah's devotion and offer his willing submission. Can Matty do it, with all that it will mean for his future?

Story length: 64,070 words

New Texas Mail Order Omega (Science Fiction Mpreg Non-shifter Alpha Omega Romance): Sci-Fi Mpreg Romance (Volardi Mpreg Book 3)
By Tabatha Austin

Genre: SciFi MPreg / Alpha Omega Romance What would you sacrifice for love?Tax trouble, family responsibility, and a public scandal with an outed governor. All tools used by the United States Government to send viable gay men like Thomas into the Volnment to send viable gay men like Thomas into the Volardi re-population program. The terms are simple: Sign up for thirty days and change into an alien Omega. If you aren’t mated in that time, you’re back on Earth as a Human.

Helian’s rugged good looks and staunch Alpha male aura only tell part of his story. Inside, behind the virile persona lies someone who longs for someone to love. When an intriguing Earthling arrives on New Texas, he thinks his dreams have come true, but that elation is only temporary because Thomas has no intention of being mated to the handsome cowboy.

The stakes are high. The clock is ticking. Thomas’ resolve to never surrender makes him an even bigger target for other unmated Alphas whom might not take no for an answer.

Will Helian convince the reluctant Thomas to surrender or will his quest for love end in heartache?

Note: New Texas Mail Order Omega is a complete standalone alpha/omega non-shifter mpreg (male pregnancy) romance.

This 76,000-word science fiction m/m novel contains detailed descriptions of steamy sex with a muscled alien cowboy. Includes anal and oral situations with a firm touch of dominance.

The Harvest: Taken (The Harvest series Book 1)
By M.A. Church

We are not alone. In the year 2050 mankind’s never-ending quest for proof life exists in the universe is answered—in the form of massive space ships that appear without warning above the capitals of all major nations. The name of their planet is Tah’Nar—and is dying. The United States sets up a lottery system, and each young man between the ages of twenty-three and twenty-eight is assigned a number. Once a year, for the next five years, numbers will be drawn and a new set of one thousand males will be collected. The media coined the expression ‘The Harvest’ for when the Tah’Narian’s collect these young men.

Captain Keyno Landium Shou is a Tah’Narian starship captain who has been granted the right to take a mate, any mate, he wants during the last harvest on Earth. Dale was seventeen when the aliens first appeared. His parents assumed he’d be safe since the final collection would be done before he turned twenty-three. He didn’t fall within the guidelines established, so they took for granted he had nothing to fear.

They were wrong.

Mpreg: Mated by Alpha Twins (MM Gay Sci-Fi Mpreg Menage Erotica)
By Mason Blake

I was Mated by brothersMy name is Arwen White, and this is the story of how a regular Omega like me found himself pregnant. I’d only gone out that night to the club for a little fun with a friend, but in the sweaty darkness I soon found myself claimed myself claimed by a mysterious Alpha, and as I was soon to discover, he wasn’t alone ...

Mated by Alpha Twins is a 5000 word erotic short set on a world where Alphas claim their mates and Omegas lust after them, a world where anything can happen and sometimes does. Due to some explicit MM scenes, this book is suitable only for those aged eighteen and over. You have been warned.

Wedded to the Alien (Mpreg Gay Science-Fiction Romance) (Alien Lovers Book 4)
By Orion Blaze

Crown Prince Brax'on of Itheria is stranded on Earth, and every reporter in the world wants to talk to him and the pregnant Aithan. But Aithan is not in the mood to talk to the press, so his friend Deliah finds a secluded cabin in the woods where he can be out of sight while the pregnancy develops.

Brax'on is extremely good at dealing with the press, but with his spaceship gone, he has no way of communicating with his Itherian empire. His only consolation is that Aithan's pregnancy is going well, although Aithan is freaked out by some of the changes to his body.

And at the back of their minds is the suspicion that the terrorists who have kidnapped Aithan once already may not have given up...

Wedded to the Alien is the final part of the four-part Alien Lovers series about an innocent human, an immensely powerful alien prince and male pregnancy (Mpreg).

Alien Lovers is a completed serial in four parts.

Loving Kit
Loving Kit (350 pages)
By LM Brown

Logan McRae expected to wake on the spacecraft Mercury, ready to pilot the ship to New Earth. Instead, he finds himself facing two aliens whose help he'll need if he wants to find his people.Kit doesn't know what sort of creature he has accidentally ccidentally purchased, but it's definitely male and not completely different from him and his lover, Halor. The language barrier might be a problem, but Kit knows the language of love doesn't always need words.

Halor has been reluctant to expand his nest, but he'll do anything to give Kit the happiness he deserves, even invite another man into their bed.

Logan has no idea that Kit isn't quite like other men until their passion results in unexpected consequences. Now he must choose between his mission and the two men who have given him everything he has ever wanted, as well as things he never dreamed of.

NOTE: There is an error on some of the sale pages that state this title is BDSM. It is not. Please be aware. We are working with Amazon to correct this error.

Impregnated Alpha
By Yamila Abraham

The alphas of planet Hexor aren’t supposed to get pregnant. Gruff mine-worker Harsen finds himself in a crisis, but it’s one that could open the door to the kind of love he never felt he deserved. An mpreg sci-fi romance by the author of Hostile Taking!

Alien Warrior's Baby (Mpreg Gay Science-Fiction Romance)
By Orion Blaze

When King Aker'on of Bariox sacrifices himself and plummets to Earth for the sake of the crew on his spaceship, he has no idea that he's about to meet his Beloved as predicted by his Life Prophecy.And Jonah Emerson has no idea that he is about to meeabout to meet an alien who will turn his lonely small-town life upside down. When they meet, the mutual attraction is immediate, physical and much stronger than any of them ever thought possible.

But while the powerful Aker'on is a king and ruler of billions of people on his home planet, Jonah is a former US Army Ranger. He takes no bullshit from anyone, least of all domineering kings from the stars. 

He's extremely attracted to the swaggering alien warrior who is now on the run from a cruel enemy, but there's one thing he doesn't know: In Aker'on's species, males can impregnate other males...

Alien Warrior's Baby is a science-fiction novel about two powerful and headstrong men who find love at the worst possible time and the male pregnancy that it results in.

The Alpha Duke's Christmas Omega: A Science Fiction M/M Non-Shifter MPreg Romance
By Coyote Starr

Old-fashioned rules.Overbearing lords.And one Alpha-Duke who sets his Omega's heart on fire.When Gavin Eastman joined the Space Fleet, he dreamed of seeing the universe. Instead, he’s sent to New Salisbury—the most backward planet in the galaxy—durinanet in the galaxy—during its holiday season. With the planet’s old-fashioned rules and overbearing lords, Gavin can’t wait to leave again.

But when Gavin meets Edmund, the Alpha-Duke of Warwickshire, he discovers that there might be more to life than space travel. And he might just have a little holiday bundle of his own to unwrap before his journey’s end!

Gravitational Forces (Mated to the Captain Book 2)
By Christine Wright

Just when he thought he was safe…Trouble seemed to find Del no matter what he did. He got caged as a pet to a fly, caught in a trap as food, chased by a crazy, saw-wielding doctor and found himself mated to an alien Captain. One year after the consumr the consummation of their relationship Del thought that trouble was far behind him. Little did he know that life was going to get far more challenging and dangerous than ever before.

Quinn too was ready to get some rest and relaxation. But something strange followed them aboard the Narada Marant, something with tentacles and a unique appetite for Xolians. If that wasn’t bad enough, a cunning, evil warlord had his sights on kidnapping and selling Del. Looked like another rescue mission was going to be needed.

Getting pregnant would be the least of Del’s worries.

The Harvest: Journey's End (The Harvest series Book 2)
By M.A. Church

Adapting is a word Dale Michaels has become familiar with. As he settles into his new life with the Tah’Narian starship captain Keyno, Dale has adapted to life with an alien, space travel, and having his body mutated so he can carry a young. He’s closed the chapter on his old life.

Living on Tah’Nar, Dale has a loving mate and good friends. He’s helped cement peace with the Onfre. Sure, being double-dosed during his harvest led to some serious drama, but that’s over. Dale’s happy.

But life is never that simple.

Even though Dale loves Keyno, he still struggles with the way the Tah’Narians harvest young males as mates. Dale finds himself hijacked by his own body, courtesy of his extra dose of Tah’Narian DNA. Then there’s the devastating secret his mate, Keyno, has hid all this time. And if all that isn’t enough, outside forces threaten to rip Dale’s hard-won peace apart as well.

Join Dale for a non-stop adventure and a love that crosses several worlds and transcends space.

The Aliens and Their Omega (Male Pregnancy Gay Science Fiction): Sci-Fi Mpreg Romance
By Tabatha Austin

Genre: Gay Alien MPreg / MPreg Non Shifter MmmJames hoped his jump would finally bring his miserable life to an end. It did, but not in the way he intended.High above Earth, the Volardi – tall, muscular, virile aliens – are in desperate need of malesare in desperate need of males to repopulate their race. Their desperation gives rise to the Omega Program, an active campaign to convert the perfect candidates.

When Melk and Trevah rescue James from a rocky cliff free-fall, they entice him with an opportunity to be the first Earthling Omega and bring Earth into a Golden Age.

Hot gay guys, a science fiction lifestyle, and a family? What could go wrong? Unfortunately for James, everything.

Note: The Aliens and Their Omega is a complete standalone alpha/beta/omega non-shifter mpreg (male pregnancy) romance.

This 31,000-word science fiction m/m/m novella contains detailed descriptions of steamy threesome sex with muscled aliens. Includes anal and oral situations with a firm touch of dominance.

* This story is available at my website as well.

He's Pregnant: An Alien Foodie Mpreg Romance (Starseed Omegas Book 1)
By Lorelei M. Hart

Hollywood, California is a world apart for a young cook, on his own for the first time, disowned by his family and about to find out he’s pregnant—something he had no idea was even possible.What a terrible time to be starting a relationship.Andrew Tw
Andrew Tweed – Super hot, blond, hazel-eyed celebrity chef. Owner of several restaurants including Bliss on the Strip. His mysterious past never far behind him.
Scott Jardin – Young dark-haired, blue-eyed diner cook. Life has waylaid his plans to attend culinary school, but he hopes with hard work the venue his meals is turning from a greasy spoon to a local hotspot can lead him to a job at a place like Bliss.
Both career obsessed, neither looking for love. Neither inclined to trust. This is not a recipe for a happily ever after.
But maybe with a dash of attraction, a pinch of heart and soupcon of pleasure, they can get it together before the baby comes.
He’s Pregnant is a sweet with heat male pregnancy romance with a little sci fi twist.

**Previously published in Little Bundle of Omega under the pen name Kate Richards**

Omega Experiment: (Mpreg Gay Science Fiction Romance)
By Orion Blaze

His destiny is to bear a child. Jon Flint is proud to be an Omega. He’s eager to be paired with his Alpha, and together help ensure humanity’s future. He can’t believe his luck when he’s mated to David Croxen, a soldier whose bravery helps keep everyery helps keep everyone in Haven Colony safe from the madness that reigns Outside.

His heartbreak comes from a misunderstanding.
But David has a private reason for volunteering to serve as an Alpha, a reason that threatens to tear their small family apart. As Jon’s world is turned upside down by his Alpha’s secret, David realizes just how important Jon is to him. Can this proud Alpha earn forgiveness before Jon decides to abandon Haven for good?

***This stand-alone 30,000 word science fiction mpreg romance includes steamy romance, male pregnancy, and a happily-ever-after ending.***

Bonded to the Alien (Mpreg Gay Science-Fiction Romance) (Alien Lovers Book 3)
By Orion Blaze

Aithan has been pregnant for a little over a day, and the fetus is already as big as if it had been twelve weeks along. It's time to tell his parents that they're going to be grandparents. He doesn't know how they'll react, just that they probably won't like it.

Prince Brax'on has worries of his own. He has to get the unborn baby under his control, where he feel he can give it the best possible care. He has no faith in Earth medical science - only Itherian technology is good enough for the heir to the kingdom. How can he get Aithan and his energetic friend Deliah to understand that?

Things come a head when it turns out that Aithan and Brax'on have more resourceful enemies than they thought...

Bonded to the Alien is part three of the Alien Lovers series about an innocent human, an immensely powerful alien prince and male pregnancy (Mpreg).

Alien Lovers Box: Mpreg Gay MM Alien Romance (Alien Lovers Box Set)
By Orion Blaze

No man expects to be told that he's pregnant. But that's precisely what happens to Aithan after he spends one passionate night with the alien prince Brax'on.When the Itherian aliens land on Earth, the first thing they want to do is find mates among t find mates among the Earthlings. Aithan thinks this is a good opportunity to get intimate with a hot alien female, and goes to see the aliens land.

It never crosses his mind that he will catch Prince Brax'on's attention, but that's exactly what happens. The sexy prince is under great pressure to find a mate and produce heirs to the Itherian throne. Other Itherians don't attract him, so finding a suitable mate on Earth seems like a good solution. And Aithan attracts him a lot.

They spend a hot night together. But next morning, they both have a big surprise waiting for them.

Brax'on and Aithan suddenly have to deal with the shocking news and with a world that's extremely interested in them. And not just the press, but less savory characters, too...

This is the full Alien Lovers series published as a bundle.
Contains these previously published stories:
Mated to the Alien
Fated to the Alien
Bonded to the Alien
Wedded to the Alien

BONUS: Contains the previously unpublished Epilogue to the story!

Fated to the Alien (Mpreg Gay Science-Fiction Romance) (Alien Lovers Book 2)
By Orion Blaze

No man ever expects to be told that he's pregnant. But that's exactly what happens to Aithan, early in the morning after he has enjoyed a very hot and steamy night with the alien Prince Brax'on of the Itherians.Aithan has been completely straight forstraight for his whole life - until now. The handsome and powerful alien prince attracted him, and still does. But he's not sure how to react when he's told he's pregnant. Is it just a joke? The morning sickness and the strange food cravings make him less sure.

Meanwhile, Brax'on can't concentrate on anything. All he can think of is Aithan, who has a sensitive soul and is so unlike most Itherians. How can he get Aithan back? What will he do about the pregnancy?

But Aithan and Brax'on are not the only ones that are interested in their romantic trials. Because Aithan is carrying the heir to the Itherian throne, the most powerful position in the universe...

Fated to the Alien is part two of the Alien Lovers series about an innocent human, an immensely powerful alien prince and male pregnancy (Mpreg).

Corin's Chance (Avanti Chronicles Book 1)
By Hannah Walker

Posted to some stars awful cruiser, Dr. Corin Talovich hoped to serve his time quietly and get on with his life, but fate stepped in and decided otherwise. Crashing into an unknown planet was the last thing Corin expected. With only his friend, Lieut Lieutenant Commander Tate Riven, by his side, they face the unexplored world and new enemies bravely, leading them to the Derin Clan, where they’re welcomed by the leader’s son.
Kel isn't sure about the strange men, but he isn't about to send them away, especially when the bond between Corin and himself is something he can't ignore.
When another clan wages an attack, Kel is forced to make some hard choices which nearly costs him everything he holds dear. Together, with their allies, Corin and Kel fight, focusing on the future they desire, knowing failure not only dooms their love, but also those around them. Side by side, they work to destroy the evil threatening to keep them apart and becoming the family both men desire.
**This book contains relationships and sexual encounters between two men **

Abduction: A Mpreg Yaoi Alien Romance
By Amelita Rae

In a freak accident, the hull of Hisao’s ship is breached by meteor debris and the young spaceman is sucked out into space. Terrified, alone and rapidly running out of oxygen, the young man waits to die until a bright light suddenly appears and sucks him into it.

For a moment, Hisao thinks he HAS died, but his adventure has only just begun.

Aboard the alien vessel, Hisao encounters a monster straight from his worst nightmares. Katashi is the name his alien ‘rescuer’ calls himself and he is the perfect predator; towering over the little human at ten-feet tall, with carbon-plated armor for skin, a mouth full of razor-sharp fangs, super-human strength, acidic blood, venomous saliva and dozens of semi-autonomous tentacles. Poor Hisao fears the worst but fortunately for him (or unfortunately) the powerful creature sees the pretty little human not as prey to be consumed, but rather as the perfect little broodmare for the many offspring he wishes to sire. He feels no guilt about altering Hisao’s body without his consent and no qualms about breeding the beautiful young man against his will. The alien is utterly rational, but simultaneously devoid of human conscience or morality.

Will Katashi ever learn to respect and treat his mate as an equal, despite the human’s physical inferiority? Can Katashi come to understand the importance of free will to Hisao? Will Hisao ever be able to forgive Katashi for what he has done? Can true love blossom after such a difficult start?

It is an interspecies romance for the ages, that will change the fate of the universe because what neither Katashi nor Hisao realize is that their love and their children may just turn out to be the saving grace for both of their worlds.

This strange, space-age ‘Beauty and the Beast’ style story by Amelita Rae explores issues of free-will, consent, and what it means to be human, in the midst of some of the most graphic erotica you will ever encounter. The content is explicit and extreme and includes such sexual taboos as multiple penetrations, Mpreg, oviposition, minor scatology, tentacle sex, erotic birth, prolapse play and more. It may be quite disturbing for some readers so please enjoy responsibly!
~34,000 words

Light Years Away (Mated to the Captain Book 1)
By Christine Wright

Unemployment is stressful enough—but throw in the threat of being tossed out the space station’s airlock as a vagrant, and human Del is in desperate need of employment. No job, no place to stay, Del wants nothing more than to be back out amongst the stars, preferably as a bridge crewmember. Trouble is, his dreams are bigger than his starship experience and years, and Del finally heads to a bar to drown his frustrations.
Getting drunk might not have been the smartest thing to do—as he wakes in a strange, handsome alien’s bed, with no memory of the night before. When that strange alien calls him mate, Del thinks that maybe all his problems are over. He finally has a job. Or does he?

Quinn wants love and a family, but his duty as captain to a Xolian space cruiser leaves little time for forging relationships. When drunk and adorable human Del propositions him in a space bar, begging to be his first mate, Quinn hopes that maybe he can have both duty and love. Until the next morning, when the alcohol wears off and cultural barriers and misunderstandings set off a chain reaction of mayhem, mischief, and trouble that follows Del wherever he goes.

A relationship that began as a mistake may become something more—bound by love and desire, and all they must do now is survive the journey.

**Gay sci-fi romance featuring a sassy human, an irascible alien captain, and adventure beyond both their dreams.**