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Omega's Prince: Mpreg Romance M/M Non-Shifter Omegaverse (Baby Makes Three Book 5)
By Bella Bennet

When Omega figure skater Jeff and incognito Alpha Prince Henrik spend one steamy night together at the Olympics, they find themselves with a surprise pregnancy on their hands. Now, the star crossed lovers must decide what they want. Can Jeff give up Can Jeff give up his career in America for a family life in Sweden? Can closeted Prince Henrik come out to claim Jeff and their unborn child with a royal wedding?

An Omega too famous to find love.
As an Olympic figure skater, Jeff was known far and wide. He had no problem finding men to date, but finding men that wanted him for himself and not his fame? Not so much.

An Alpha too far from the throne to matter.
As the youngest of four royal siblings, Prince Henrik is used to living in the public eye. But as the head of the Swedish delegation to the Olympic Games, he finds himself in the spotlight more than ever. So when given the chance to sneak into the Olympic Village and attend one of their infamous parties, he takes it.

Just a one-night stand.
Sassy Jeff is more than a match for the hot, tall blond on the dance floor ...and in bed. But there's no chance of them working out. They're too different, and the Swede has a secret.

Continents apart
Jeff can't stop thinking about the hot Swede, Henrik, whoever he was. Henrik's attempts to ease his heartbreak at letting the American go by throwing himself into his official duties do him no good.

When a chance encounter reunites the lovers, it seems like fate has given them a second go at the lives they both yearn for.

Can Prince Henrik tame the skittish figure skater Jeff and prove that their relationship could work, especially with a baby on the way?

Omega's Prince is a steamy 60,000 word Mpreg gay romance with a sassy twink, hot texting, royal wedding, baby and blissfully ever after.

Alien Warrior's Baby (Mpreg Gay Science-Fiction Romance)
By Orion Blaze

When King Aker'on of Bariox sacrifices himself and plummets to Earth for the sake of the crew on his spaceship, he has no idea that he's about to meet his Beloved as predicted by his Life Prophecy.And Jonah Emerson has no idea that he is about to meeabout to meet an alien who will turn his lonely small-town life upside down. When they meet, the mutual attraction is immediate, physical and much stronger than any of them ever thought possible.

But while the powerful Aker'on is a king and ruler of billions of people on his home planet, Jonah is a former US Army Ranger. He takes no bullshit from anyone, least of all domineering kings from the stars. 

He's extremely attracted to the swaggering alien warrior who is now on the run from a cruel enemy, but there's one thing he doesn't know: In Aker'on's species, males can impregnate other males...

Alien Warrior's Baby is a science-fiction novel about two powerful and headstrong men who find love at the worst possible time and the male pregnancy that it results in.

Wedded to the Alien (Mpreg Gay Science-Fiction Romance) (Alien Lovers Book 4)
By Orion Blaze

Crown Prince Brax'on of Itheria is stranded on Earth, and every reporter in the world wants to talk to him and the pregnant Aithan. But Aithan is not in the mood to talk to the press, so his friend Deliah finds a secluded cabin in the woods where he can be out of sight while the pregnancy develops.

Brax'on is extremely good at dealing with the press, but with his spaceship gone, he has no way of communicating with his Itherian empire. His only consolation is that Aithan's pregnancy is going well, although Aithan is freaked out by some of the changes to his body.

And at the back of their minds is the suspicion that the terrorists who have kidnapped Aithan once already may not have given up...

Wedded to the Alien is the final part of the four-part Alien Lovers series about an innocent human, an immensely powerful alien prince and male pregnancy (Mpreg).

Alien Lovers is a completed serial in four parts.

The Rogue’s Dilemma: An Alpha/Omega Mpreg (Longmead Woods Book 3)
By Colbie Dunbar

Ancient texts and primeval voices whispering through time provide the backdrop for this story of deception, lust, death, birth, dishonor, heartbreak and love. Frederick, Duke of Longmead, an alpha and a childhood friend of King Edmund, is now His Maj now His Majesty’s chief advisor. With rumors swirling as to the king’s competency as well as the people’s intolerance of the alpha and omega community, the duke battles courtiers, a conniving chancellor and his own inability to see what is in front of him.

Lord Nathaniel ‘Nate’ Elgin, Frederick’s mate, spends his days at the palace looking after their daughter, Cassie. He rarely sees the duke and misses his only friend, Frederick’s widowed sister, Lady Eleanor Ainsworth as she assists her brother and the king in their duties.

Nate goes searching for answers in the palace library. But he finds more than he was looking for. His discovery puts him and his family in danger and leaves the future of the monarchy in doubt.

Loyal servants, an elderly monk, a pack of hounds, precocious children and one adorable spaniel named Jasper offer a tantalizing glimpse into a family that struggles for survival against a background of intrigue and gossip.

This is a 20,000-word mpreg novella which is the third and final book in the Longmead Woods Trilogy.

Bred For Love: A Royal Rebellion (A Bred For Love Book 3)
By Revella Hawthorne

Third Book in the Bred For Love SeriesHunted by the crown, Prince Edward of Cassia struggles to adjust to his new reality. His consort and lover Percy is pregnant with their child. Their friend, Abelard Reynard, a former captain in the Royal Guard, nyal Guard, never strays far from Percy or Edward, determined to keep them both safe. Edward, no stranger to hard work, is still at a loss when the hardship of a life on the run catches up with them. Percy's pregnancy progresses at a rapid rate, and the palace guards are always a step behind. It takes Reynard's skills from his secretive military career, an unexpected ally from within the Cassian Dynasty, and the love between Percy and Edward to keep the three of them safe as Percy's time draws near.

Keeping themselves safe and together may have been their goal originally, but as the trio travels across Cassia, through the garbage-strewn alleys of abandoned hamlets, to the opulence of the nobility's drawing rooms, the effects of their journey leave behind a lasting impression.

A rebellion is brewing in Cassia...sparked not from the lashes of oppression and cruelty, but born from love and a desire to see all of humanity treated as equals.

The third book of the grand love affair between prince and slave comes to a riotous climax in A Royal Rebellion.

The Golden Dragon's Unexpected Mate: The Jeweled King's Curse Mpreg Romance Book One
By Kiki Burrelli

Dragon King Damari is the last dragon of his kind. After a curse killed his family, Damari is left the only one with the power to sustain his tribe. But when years go on and Damari doesn't find his dragon mate, he must venture out into the human world, and search for other ways to protect his people.
Dumped by his boyfriend, and stuck on the world's most exclusive resort on Chryseum Island, Miko Lannis needs help getting off…the island. He swoons along with all the other guests when he gets his first look at the domineering dragon king, Damari. He is so handsome and noble, there’s no way he could be interested in the socially awkward Miko in his frayed jeans and worn t-shirt.
Damari can’t control the pull he feels towards Miko from the first moment he spots his pastel blue hair in his office. Miko is goofy, clumsy and speaks his mind—a trait that is hard for a dragon king to find. But mostly, he makes Damari smile. If Damari didn’t know better, he would think Miko was his mate, but Miko is a human.
When Miko finds himself alone in Damari’s lair, he’s ready and willing. Except something happens that transforms their one night stand into forever.
Meanwhile, the curse that killed Damari's family may not be finished. Damari needs to call on all his powers as the Golden Dragon King to protect his new mate and his people.
The Golden Dragon's Unexpected Mate is the first book in The Jeweled King's Curse series. It can be read as a standalone and should be read for entertainment purposes only. Do not attempt to recreate anything you read in this book.

Prince Ladon and His Omega: M/M Gay Shifter Mpreg Romance: Element City Fated Mates
By Freya Kith

Looking for a full-length novel with lots of accurate pregnancy and birth details? Want steamy, sweet, cheesy, feisty? Instant chemistry, protectiveness, linked backstories and drama? An entertaining supporting cast? Realistic rollercoaster hormonemones and emotions, cravings & medical experiences? What it's REALLY like to go into labor and have a baby? Prince Ladon & His Omega has it all!

I rejected my father's idea of what it meant to be Alpha -- what it meant to be royalty. I lost my crown and homeland and live in exile for plotting against my father's machinations.

I regret nothing.

That isn't true. My regrets haunt me every day.

My sacrifice saved lives, and was worth it all. Being Alpha means being a protector. It is who I am, regardless of title or crown.

I planned to live out my days, an exiled Alpha dragon prince, building businesses and amassing wealth.


Then I met him. He is damaged and beautiful.

I cannot resist the pull, the force. He seems a harmless diversion.
 Until I discover our lives are connected, my sacrifice failed, and the chaos of the past descends on the present.

Now, he's pregnant with my baby and his life is in danger, a dark enemy has risen from the destruction of the past, and I have to decide what it means to be Alpha, and this time, my Omega has opinions of his own.

Want detailed MPREG? Prince Ladon and His Omega is a full length standalone novel. It contains steamy content, sexy dragons, no cheating, a big happily ever after and lots and lots and lots of PREGNANCY AND BIRTH DETAILS.

If you would like to join my team for future ARCs, and to let me know what you would like to see in future books, I know a lot!

Alien Lovers Box: Mpreg Gay MM Alien Romance (Alien Lovers Box Set)
By Orion Blaze

No man expects to be told that he's pregnant. But that's precisely what happens to Aithan after he spends one passionate night with the alien prince Brax'on.When the Itherian aliens land on Earth, the first thing they want to do is find mates among t find mates among the Earthlings. Aithan thinks this is a good opportunity to get intimate with a hot alien female, and goes to see the aliens land.

It never crosses his mind that he will catch Prince Brax'on's attention, but that's exactly what happens. The sexy prince is under great pressure to find a mate and produce heirs to the Itherian throne. Other Itherians don't attract him, so finding a suitable mate on Earth seems like a good solution. And Aithan attracts him a lot.

They spend a hot night together. But next morning, they both have a big surprise waiting for them.

Brax'on and Aithan suddenly have to deal with the shocking news and with a world that's extremely interested in them. And not just the press, but less savory characters, too...

This is the full Alien Lovers series published as a bundle.
Contains these previously published stories:
Mated to the Alien
Fated to the Alien
Bonded to the Alien
Wedded to the Alien

BONUS: Contains the previously unpublished Epilogue to the story!

The Diamond Dragon's Manny Mate: The Jeweled King's Curse Mpreg Romance Book Two
By Kiki Burrelli

A Robin Hood conman, a cursed King and a brutal spell…Flynn Stegman doesn’t love his life as a thief, but his nephew’s expensive asthma medication isn’t going to buy itself. Besides, after this last job, he won’t have to work again. The payoff is hug. The payoff is huge, but the danger involved is life-threatening. By impersonating another man, Flynn infiltrates the island of the recently discovered diamond dragons. He just needs to stay under the radar long enough to find the item he’s been hired to steal and to get out. Preferably before he’s found out and flung off the nearest cliff.

King Sebastian has spent the last five years in mourning. A horrible curse robbed him of his true love during childbirth and he can’t shake the grief long enough to run his country. Thankfully, his sister, the Guardian Princess Sorsha has taken control of the kingdom and keeps an eye on his daughter, but there is unrest, and a powerful old enemy is using that unrest to try to take the king’s power.

When Flynn accidentally saves the King’s daughter, his plan of staying out of sight goes horribly wrong. Five years old and full of more book smarts than should be possible in a kid her age, the little Princess has been left mostly on her own in the castle, until now. Flynn can now add, manny to a pint-sized Princess, to the list of things he’s endured while on a job.
Sebastian can’t manage to ignore his daughter’s new manny, he feels a pull toward the man that Sebastian thought he would never feel again. A dragon doesn’t get two mates, so then why does Sebastian’s inner beast long for the sly human? Whatever the reason, Sebastian finds that simply being near Flynn is bringing him out of his grief, making him whole again. So, when he discovers that Flynn may not be who he says he is—and may actually be working with his most dangerous enemy—he’s torn between protecting the man he loves or protecting his kingdom.

The Diamond Dragon’s Manny Mate is the second book in the Jeweled King Curse series. It may be read and fully enjoyed as a standalone. In this book, you will find excitement, magic, romance and love with a HEA while two men find their true fated mates.

Regal Bloodlines
Regal Bloodlines (318 pages)
By Preston Walker

A Cinder-fella love story with a twist of kink and passion. Under scrutiny by the kingdom, Prince Alfred must prove himself as the rightful owner of the throne. With his twin brother out for retaliation, Alfred is challenged and forced to marry and o marry and produce an heir to the throne.

Omega Oscar Winters has had his share of heartbreak. After all, his last Alpha left him, and his family ripped his very own son away shortly after he'd given birth. Now, all Oscar wants is to move on with his life and help other males deliver their babies. But when the prince sends out a decree requesting all singletons to attend a ball, Oscar cannot deny his interest.

After Alfred chooses Oscar as his mate, he discovers the truth behind Oscar's past. As the two grow closer, they vow to protect each other against the vicious members of their families. In a quest to get back Oscar's baby and a fight for the throne, they learn the true meaning of love and family. But is what they find strong enough to fight the regal bloodlines that threaten to destroy them?

In this 50,000-word gay paranormal romance, Regal Bloodlines, two men learn how to fight for what they want, for who they are, and for whom they love. With explicit scenes and strong sexual content, this novel explores the height of sexual pleasure and need. And when one man discovers he's pregnant, they will both fight for exactly what they need in life.

Choose Me
Choose Me (223 pages)
By Delmire Hart

Toru wields the element of ice, a gift from his patron goddess, Yharis. He joined the army illegally to help in the war efforts and would give his life to save the town of Niska from the invading forces.At least, that was his plan.He might have savedbr />He might have saved the town but instead of dying, he finds himself behind enemy lines and being given as a gift to a powerful man. The alpha gives him a choice: be his slave or be sold to the brothels. Lose his freedom or die. What kind of impossible choice is that?

Toru, an omega, is given until his next heat to decide, but is the choice as it seems? Why does it feel like there is more to the alpha’s motives than meets the eye?

~60,000 words. Warnings for violence, PTSD, and erotica. Open ending.

Bonded to the Alien (Mpreg Gay Science-Fiction Romance) (Alien Lovers Book 3)
By Orion Blaze

Aithan has been pregnant for a little over a day, and the fetus is already as big as if it had been twelve weeks along. It's time to tell his parents that they're going to be grandparents. He doesn't know how they'll react, just that they probably won't like it.

Prince Brax'on has worries of his own. He has to get the unborn baby under his control, where he feel he can give it the best possible care. He has no faith in Earth medical science - only Itherian technology is good enough for the heir to the kingdom. How can he get Aithan and his energetic friend Deliah to understand that?

Things come a head when it turns out that Aithan and Brax'on have more resourceful enemies than they thought...

Bonded to the Alien is part three of the Alien Lovers series about an innocent human, an immensely powerful alien prince and male pregnancy (Mpreg).

Pregnant for the Dragon: M/M Gay Shifter Mpreg Romance (Dragons of Lake City Book 3)
By Kellan Larkin

Surrogates aren't supposed to fall in love...Prince Damon of Vatravia needs an heir to the throne and fast—before his kingdom, a haven for dragon shifters all over Europe, is lost forever. When he hires Max to be his surrogate, he has no idea what hee has no idea what he's in for.

Max has never fallen in love with a client before—he's forbidden to. But the prince is so kind and caring toward him that the sparks fly anyway. He desperately needs the money from surrogacy to support his aging mother, but falling in love puts his job at risk.

When Damon gets engaged to strengthen the case for his kingdom, and Max's mother has a heart attack, it seems like everything conspires to keep the pair apart. And into the middle of it all comes baby Lukas—the heir to the throne of Vatravia.

Will Max and Damon find a way to be together? Find out in Pregnant for the Dragon!

This standalone, 42,000+ word novel has a HEA. No cheating, no cliffhangers. Inside, you'll find an adorable shifter baby and plenty of sweet and steamy scenes!

You can fully enjoy this standalone novel without having read others in the series.

The Omega King: A Royal Omegaverse Romance
By Libby Clarke

He was never meant to be King.When tragedy strikes the Royal Family of Devaux, the country of Allard is reeling. Their King—and Alpha—has died in a plane crash with no heirs and the next in line for the throne is his younger brother.Prince Adrian nevr.

Prince Adrian never expected to lose his brother—let alone rule his country. He’d always been content as the second son, he never wanted power, he was happy being a valued member of his brother’s court without the responsibilities of ruling. But now, he must find a way to be the kind of King his beloved brother would be proud of.

There’s just one problem: Adrian is an Omega and the old-fashioned, rigid Parliament laws state that a Royal Omega can only rule if they have an Alpha Consort by their side.

To rule, he must marry.

Bonding and children have always been far off in Adrian’s plans, but now, if he wants to keep the throne from his conniving extended family, he must find an Alpha to marry and produce an heir to secure the Devaux line before parliament—or his greedy relatives—make a move.

Determined to do his duty, Adrian arranges for the most eligible noble Alphas from across Europe to attend a ball at the Winter Palace. He thinks he’ll find someone—maybe a Duke or a Count—who is willing to be a dutiful husband while understanding Adrian will never be a typical Omega.

But Adrian never expected him.

When Callum Forsythe, the 15th Viscount of Roebuck arrives at the Solstice Ball, Adrian is shocked. Years ago, the two butted heads on their posh boarding school’s debate team. Now his boyhood rival is all grown up and then some. The animosity—and heady attraction—that simmered years before bubbles over when the two are face to face again.

But Callum is the kind of Alpha who demands a true partner in all ways. He won’t be ruled—not even by his King. Can Adrian let go of his fears and let his heart rule over his head, just this once?

This sweet and steamy 80K MPreg novel has it all: modern royal intrigue, plots against the Crown, royal weddings, royal babies, a hot-as-hell Alpha and a sweet and sassy Omega!

The Royal Baby: An Mpreg Romance
By Austin Bates

An exotic kingdom, an Alpha king with a secret, and a mysterious virgin Omega…Alpha Mikhail Al-Amin, former king of the prospering desert kingdom of Djanna, is now a wandering merchant in disguise, living in the neighboring nation of Zhebair. Challenof Zhebair. Challenging the injustice of the elite, Mikhail discovers an underground network of optimistic rebels led by a disguised Kamar.

Most know him as the eldest son of Zhebair’s Prime Minister, but virginal Omega Kamar has a mind of his own. He’s not deaf to the cries for change from his father’s people, yet Kamar isn’t confident his rebels have the strength for an insurgence.

When the disguises come off, cries of passion mingle with calls for justice in this exotic tale set in a distant new omegaverse. Explicit scenes of mm gay romance make this sweltering tale suitable for adults only.

Fated to the Alien (Mpreg Gay Science-Fiction Romance) (Alien Lovers Book 2)
By Orion Blaze

No man ever expects to be told that he's pregnant. But that's exactly what happens to Aithan, early in the morning after he has enjoyed a very hot and steamy night with the alien Prince Brax'on of the Itherians.Aithan has been completely straight forstraight for his whole life - until now. The handsome and powerful alien prince attracted him, and still does. But he's not sure how to react when he's told he's pregnant. Is it just a joke? The morning sickness and the strange food cravings make him less sure.

Meanwhile, Brax'on can't concentrate on anything. All he can think of is Aithan, who has a sensitive soul and is so unlike most Itherians. How can he get Aithan back? What will he do about the pregnancy?

But Aithan and Brax'on are not the only ones that are interested in their romantic trials. Because Aithan is carrying the heir to the Itherian throne, the most powerful position in the universe...

Fated to the Alien is part two of the Alien Lovers series about an innocent human, an immensely powerful alien prince and male pregnancy (Mpreg).

To Catch A Sheep: An Alpha MPREG Shifter Romance
By Tara Harris

"You don't get it, do you? You think that just because I spent the night with you, that I might actually care about you?"“You can't tell me you didn't feel anything between us... not after what we just did."All is not well in the Wolverne Kingdom, whthe Wolverne Kingdom, where the land is ruled by dangerous wolf-shifters, and the meeker sheep-shifters are left to toil in the fields.

Ranulf Wolverne, an arrogant wolf-shifter, is the Royal prince, born to a life of riches and comfort. This smoldering Alpha is the heir to his family's mighty highland kingdom.

Fergus Dougal, an Alpha sheep-shifter, has had enough of the wolves' oppression. He's been taking care of his starving Clan the only way he can, by robbing the Wolverne's of their royal treasures. Lucky for Fergus, he hasn't been caught yet. But even the best laid plans can go wrong. One unexpected night, in a part of the castle that was supposed to be uninhabited, Fergus finds himself in the Prince's new bedchambers. Can he save himself by stealing Prince Ranulf's heart?

One fateful night will change both their lives forever. Can two men from such different backgrounds find a future together?

This is a standalone MPREG shifter novella. Features two hot men, male pregnancy, love and babies. No cheating and a guaranteed happy ending!

The Last Emperor
The Last Emperor (180 pages)
By Kari Gregg

The tribes were his to lose…and theirs to regain.History taught that rebels executed the imperial family, including young Prince Nika Marisek, and hid the bodies in an unmarked grave. History was wrong.Decades later, yarn shop owner Nick Goode reclai owner Nick Goode reclaimed his identity to see his long-dead family decently buried. He’ll do whatever he must to persuade elders who now rule the tribes…even offer to abdicate. Some, however, seek to capitalize on Nick’s survival. Who better to drag the tribes from corruption into freedoms the rebellion had promised if not the prince who became one of the peasantry in exile?

Arit hates politics. When Elder Benjic, his estranged sire, shows up with the celebrity prince to fulfill a pre-war mating pact, Arit refuses. He craves strength on strength, the challenge of an alpha mating another alpha. A damaged omega who knits won’t do. Arit will guide them on an adventure tour exploring their wolf instincts; that’s his job. But that’s all he’ll do.

Except Nick isn’t an omega. He isn’t damaged. And if he seduces Arit to win Benjic’s support, Nick won’t give up his throne, either. He’ll risk everything to realize the ideals of the rebellion…and end his fate as the tribes’ last emperor.

CONTENT WARNING: palace intrigues, mpreg themes, shifter knotting, and two stubborn alphas who must learn to work together to save an empire

63,389 Digital Words

His Fire (The Complete Trilogy): Gay Viking Dragon Shifter Mpreg Romance
By Richard Lunch

Erlendr, a young Viking warrior, is faced with a choice. Go as a hostage with the powerful and mysterious Dragon King Kolbeinn, or risk the lives of his people. He chooses to submit to the virile alpha Dragon King, to return to the King’s castle with’s castle with him, and to serve him in his war…and in his bed.
Now, all together as one complete book, the 24,400 word collection of the His Fire series! Follow Kolbeinn, the strong, virile, Dragon King , and Erlendr, the young Viking warrior, as they come together in heat and in battle, mating and fighting for the future of their kingdom!

Book 1

Erlendr, a young Viking warrior, is faced with a choice. Go as a hostage with the powerful and mysterious Dragon King Kolbeinn, or risk the lives of his people. He chooses to submit to the virile alpha Dragon King, to return to the King’s castle with him, and to serve him in his war…and in his bed.

At first, Erlendr resents the King, but as a threat greater than any he had ever known looms closer, he begins to see his master in a new light. Erlendr cannot keep his eyes off of the King’s rough, handsome features, or his strong, irresistible body. The King, in turn, feels his lust for the young Viking growing beyond his control.

The only thing keeping them apart is war, but when an enemy army threatens them all, and the King risks losing his life and the rest of his line, will Erlendr submit to the touch and fire of the Dragon King, letting a man touch him for the first time? And ultimately, will he allow the Dragon King to seed him with his heir in order to save the kingdom?

Book 2

Erlendr, a young Viking warrior, has mated with the Dragon King. Now, he is carrying his heir, and the King has disappeared! With an army at the castle gates, Erlendr must fight through his morning sickness to command the castle wall, and to defend his new home. But when his new lover does not return, Erlendr sets out to find him, and to do anything he can, to save the powerful, virile dragon.

The Dragon King’s gratitude comes in the form of lust. Can Erlendr handle all of the rough, hard attention the King wants to pay to his changing, supple, juicy body? How will Erlendr respond to the Dragon King's taste for the kinky. Will the proud, young Viking take the spankings and rough, delicious, love that his King wants to give him?

Book 3

Erlendr, a young Viking warrior, and his mate, the Dragon King Kolbeinn, are expecting, and soon. Everything seems right, and the sex is oh, so good, even with Kolbeinn’s new desire for Erlendr’s sweet, hot, cream…

That is, until someone from beyond the grave threatens the health of the soon-to-be-born dragon heir! Erlendr would do anything and sacrifice everything, to save his unborn babe. But will it be enough? Will his mate be able to help him, and will he still be able to love a changed Erlendr?

Royal Affair
Royal Affair (342 pages)
By Preston Walker

All's fair in love, war, and wolves...Cast out by his father, young omega wolf shifter, Keiran Smith, is sold to slave traders. After only a short time in the slave caravan, Keiran and the other shifters are rescued by a group of alpha wolves, lead blves, lead by Jace Culvers. As Keiran tends to the needs of the injured shifters, he captures Jace's eye and interest.

Heir to the throne of Head Predator, Jace always goes after what he wants. This time, he wants Keiran as his servant, sealing his fate. As the two men grow closer, they realize that there's more than just a physical attraction. Their hearts are on the line. But after an attack on Predator, nobody is safe as a civil war threatens the land. As sides are being decided, only one thing is certain: Jace and Keiran are in this together. But how much must they risk for a chance at peace and love?

In this 60,000 word gay, paranormal romance, two men battle all that threatens to destroy their future. With explicit sexual content and steamy scenes, this novel will have you clawing for more. But when one man reveals that he's pregnant, his prince will stop at nothing to give him his "happily-ever-after."