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Rated Arr: An MPREG Romance (Special Delivery Book 1)
By Troy Hunter, Noah Harris

Working on a pirate ship was a dream come true for Lance Wilcox. He just never expected his thrills on the high seas with the dashing Adrian Lafayette would lead to a true adventure.As “Jolly Jack,” Lance loves pretending to be a pirate as he entertairate as he entertains young swashbucklers on deck. The omega has a rare nurturing spirit perfect for holding the attention of little kids. He longs to have a family of his own someday, but in the meantime he’s content to put smiles on the faces of other people’s children.

However, his skills are truly put to the test when famed novelist Adrian Lafayette comes aboard. The smoldering alpha may be used to inducing heat in people, but he’s completely unprepared for the effect Lance has on him!

While their relationship may rock back and forth, they never anticipate what’s on the horizon!

Rated Arr is a bundle of joy filled with seduction, fiery passions, and heartfelt romance. Can be read as a standalone. 18+ readers only please!

Discover why a pirate flag isn’t the only thing set to raise by getting your copy today!

AVAST - M/M Pirate Historical Gay First Time Romance
By Vivian Ash

Seeking fortune and glory, eighteen year old Sam volunteers to become the newest crew member aboard the privateer ship Invader. The only problem is, Sam has no actual sailing experience! When the handsome captain calls him to his quarters for a privaa private meeting, Sam learns that there is one thing that the willing young lad can provide to the men of the Invader.

AVAST contains all the chapters of the Mastered and Commanded series, including a brand new fourth bonus chapter! This book contains smoking hot pirate love and is for readers 18+