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The Wolf's Feline: M/M Alpha Omega Mpreg
By Penny Bloom, Wendy Quinn

"Love isn't supposed to happen with me. But Lucas, his dominance is addictive."It was supposed to be a one nighter kind of fling. A fling worth a lot of money.Lucas is the head alpha of an extremely rich wolf pack. But when he touches me... when he tpack. But when he touches me... when he tells me things will be okay, I melt.
I've been disowned for being gay, thrown out on the streets when I was young. I'm not sure I want to repeat that.

Too bad that one night stand comes back to haunt me in the morning.
What am I going to do now?

Will Lucas let Amelda slip through his grip? Or will he brace himself and come out to his clan? Either way, someone's not gonna be too happy.

Okay, Wendy here. Okay no cheating, big HEA, no cliff hangin' annnnnnnd baybehs. BEHBEHS! You know how I love to serve my mpreg. Hawt and with tons of juicy tension. Make you wanna slap yo'self. Or... maybe a certain character named Odella.

Romance: A Surprise for the Bear Omega (MM Gay Mpreg Paranormal Romance) (Bear Shifter Short Stories)
By J.R Fox, C.J Starkey, Mpreg

Bonus 4-book paranormal romance bundle is included in this edition. Download your copy right now!After a one-night stand with a friendly alpha while he was on the road, Jayce finds himself pregnant with a surprise baby.Jayce:I never expected to be prayce:
I never expected to be pregnant, I don’t even know if I want a baby… but now that I have one, I can’t think of anything I want more.
I’m not telling Michael, I want to do this by myself. Alphas only run off, anyway.
Now that Michael knows, I can’t keep the baby away from him. He says he wants to be a dad, but alphas just don’t raise children.
Maybe Michael wouldn’t be such a bad father after all. He did save my life, and the baby’s.

I didn’t bargain for a one-night stand to turn into a baby, but Jayce is pregnant now and there’s nothing I can do about that.
I never thought about having a family, I know alphas are supposed to disappear the second there’s a kid in the mix, but seeing Jayce and thinking about having a kid of my own…
I want to be part of their lives, and I’m gonna prove I’d be good for both of them.
I hope Jayce can see what a good dad I’d make…

A Surprise for the Bear Omega is a standalone, heart-warming MM story, with hot sex, Mpreg and a HEA ending!


Alpha Possession: A Wolf Shifter Mpreg Romance
By Liam Kingsley

An alpha and an omega who will do anything… to simply be together.Adam wonders whether he's made the biggest mistake of his life. The son of his pack's former high alpha, he left the world of wolfshifters behind, turning to the human world to save hian world to save his father from a mysterious illness.

Kyle is an aspiring omega lawyer, handsome and intelligent, if anxious and inhibited. When his secret crush Adam invites him to a party, the two men end up out on the dance floor together, wrapped in one another's arms - and eventually, tangled up in bed...

In this 60,000-word gay paranormal wolf shifter romance, the sizzling events of a single night have the potential to change both men's lives forever, in ways neither of them could ever have predicted. Tantalizing scenes of animalistic passion will leave you panting for more… adults only.

Ebon Fire (M/M Gay Shifter Mpreg Romance) (Wildfire Series Book 2)
By Wolf Specter

Ancient dragon shifter and firefighter Owen Davies is plagued by the past. For centuries he's run from the demons that haunt him, but now they're finally catching up. When Owen starts hallucinating on the job, he's ordered to do the one thing he can't fathom: Talk to a professional about his problems.

After a messy breakup, the last thing psychiatrist Simon Prichard wants is another relationship. A hookup at a bar, though? That he can handle, and a handsome, intense stranger makes it impossible to say no.

But when Simon's one night stand turns out to be his newest patient, he just can't seem to let the man go. Not if there's any possibility of helping him.

Simon is just what Owen needs, and his dragon is determined to have the kind doctor, even if claiming him could spell the end of their future together.

As Owen and Simon grow closer, a dark force from the past threatens to rip them apart by playing on Owen's worst fears. If he wants to save his mate and their unborn child, he'll have to confront the nightmare head-on.

Ebon Fire is Book 2 in the Wildfire Series, but it can also be enjoyed as a standalone. It's a full-length novel with a HEA ending, a satisfying epilogue, and NO CLIFFHANGERS!

Content Notice: This book contains steamy love scenes and male pregnancy, or Mpreg. Adults only shifter romance!

Alpha Liberation
Alpha Liberation (166 pages)
By Preston Walker, Liam Kingsley

A lonely alpha bear running for his life, and an omega running from his own. Chris is an alpha bearshifter, the last of a people brought to the point of extinction by a pack of wolfshifters. He’s a man without a family, a man with nothing to lose. Alexander is an omega with everything to lose, and he can’t lose it fast enough. The constricting life of his Sleuth doesn’t feel like the comfort of family – it feels like an anchor, and he wants nothing more than to break free. When the thick, chiseled alpha catches scent of the lithe, hard-bodied omega across a crowded bar, their lust is instantaneous. The next morning, however, Alexander is cold and distant, and Chris is again left to fend for himself. But when Alexander discovers their night of passion had led to unintended effect, their one-night stand suddenly becomes a life-changing event. This 30,000-word gay paranormal mpreg romance will smother you in hot, passionate scenes of bearshifter sex… adults only!

The Omega's Alpha Boss: M/M Omegaverse MPREG Gay Romance (The Omega's Surprise Baby Book 1)
By Bonnar King

With the holiday season fast approaching, Leo, a sweet and somewhat innocent omega is too wrapped up with his family print business and article deadlines to enjoy himself, especially since he’s just discovered his boyfriend cheating on him at the parthe party he was meant to attend.

Leo loses all hope that he’ll ever be able to find his fated mate, his true alpha husband, and to have a baby. Little does Leo know that this holiday season will be one to remember for all those reasons!

Upset for being cheated on for being a good omega boyfriend, Leo lets his hormones get the better of him and makes out with a sexy alpha stranger in the dark elevator of a hotel, only to run away like Cinderella before his prince can learn more about him. Putting it down to a drunken mistake, Leo vows to put the sexy incident behind him and never to repeat it.

Lucas Hiddleston is an alpha that always gets what he wants. Especially omegas — he loves to dominate them and show them who’s the boss, before moving onto the next omega. However, he didn’t plan on wanting the uptight omega he’s trapped in the elevator with… until he kisses him. 

Imagine Lucas’ shock when he later finds out the same omega is the son of the man whose business he’s just acquired. Not only that, but he has to work alongside him, and realizes the want and desire for the omega intensifies every time he’s close enough to smell his sweet scent.

But it’s not all sunshine and rainbows initially—too afraid to be honest with their true feelings, they fight like cats and dogs, arguing and disagreeing on almost every business decision, which only helps turn up the heat factor for both of them. Can they go from enemies to lovers?

Lucas’s alpha nature demands that he has the omega all for himself, but Leo’s the forbidden fruit because workplace relationships between bosses and employees are against company policy. Not only that, but Lucas has spent too much time and energy building his business empire, to just blow it all on an office fling and the risk getting an omega pregnant!

But rules are made be broken. Eventually, one thing leads to another and now Leo’s pregnant with Lucas’ baby.

How can Leo break the news of his pregnancy to Lucas when he knows he has to keep their affair a secret? Should he even tell Lucas, because if doesn’t want commitment, he probably won’t want to be a dad, either.

Will they be find a way to be honest about how they feel for one another?
Will Leo ever tell Lucas the truth about his pregnancy and who the father is?
Will Lucas be able to overcome his commitment issues due to his family history?
And most importantly, will Leo and Lucas get what they’ve always too afraid to even dream of — to have a family of their own?

This is a standalone 37,000 word M/M Gay Enemies-to-lovers romance with a HEA, featuring MPREG (male pregnancy) and adult situations.

Note: The books in the 'Omega's Baby' series can be read in any order.

Cowboy's Omega: An Mpreg Romance (Poppy Field Mpreg Romance Book 2)
By Beau Brown

Alpha Lex and omega Stewart shared an instant, passionate attraction to each other when Lex stood up for the omega when a bar patron was hassling him. After spending the night together, they make plans to meet up the next day. But when Lex cancels, and gives no real explanation other than he's leaving the country, Stewart has no choice but to put the promising romance behind him.

When Lex returns to Poppy Field eight months later, he wants to rekindle things with Stewart. But Stewart isn't ready to jump into anything with the secretive cowboy. He knows Lex is the kind of alpha he could settle down with, and that's exactly what Stewart is looking to do; settle down. But how can he trust his heart to Lex, when the cowboy might leave town again on a moment's notice? What is Lex hiding that makes it so hard for him to commit?

This 30,000 word story is Book 2 in Beau Brown's new Poppy Field Mpreg Series. Lots of fun, steamy, heart warming pages await you, and a HEA is always guaranteed.

Acceptance For His Omega: M/M Alpha/Omega MPREG (The Outcast Chronicles Book 2)
By Crista Crown, Harper B. Cole

I can't imagine a day without you in it, let alone a life. It was only supposed to be a one night stand. Dallas was following an arsonist's trail, and Nick was the hot bartender who kept him company while he waited. But then Nick is pregnant, and Dals pregnant, and Dallas is gone.

Dallas's bear won't let him forget the omega fox that was iso mischievous and so submissive, completing him in ways he hadn't known was possible.

When Dallas finds out about the baby, he's determined to do right by Nick, but the arsonist strikes again, putting their relationship into danger before it has a chance to truly begin.

Acceptance For His Omega is a 36k word novella featuring a gentle bear with a core of fire and a mischievous fox who can't wait to submit to him. It is the second book in the Outcast Chronicles, and it is recommended to read them in order for maximum enjoyment. This book contains mpreg, knotting, and the brief mention of suicide in the past.

The Omega's Surprise Baby (Oceanport Omegas Book 3)
By Ann-Katrin Byrde

A haunted omega, a single dad, and the world's sweetest surprise...Music has always been the first love of singer-songwriter Kade Ashton. And it was that love that gave him the strength to defy his family and the cult they belonged to, running away fed to, running away from his arranged marriage to make a life for himself amongst the spotlights. He’s living his dream, until a media scandal derails his career and leaves him hiding from the very public he used to seek out.

But his dream is still alive, and to get his career back on track, he’ll take any job that gets him in front of an audience and helps him pay his bills. Even if it means performing at a wedding in that worst of all terrible places—a small town.

After his husband’s death, Shane is convinced he’s had his one chance at love and that part of his life is over. He has his kids, and they’re enough to keep a single dad on his toes—there’s no time or room for dating. Until he’s asked to host the singer for his cousin’s wedding. First, the sexy omega’s music draws him in, then he meets the omega himself. And he realizes that, maybe, love isn’t just a one-time thing.

Still, their one night together was supposed to be just that, until a positive pregnancy test brings them back together. Can they find a harmonious middle ground between small-town father and big-city star, or are they doomed to lives that are out of tune with their hearts?

Hidden Truths: Mpreg Romance (My One-Night Stand Series Book 3)
By Giovanna Reaves

They say your past always show up when you least expect it. Brenden Smith made a promise to himself that he would never put his heart on the line again. He swore off romance after his last breakup. But what happens when the man he thought he was over shows up in his life with news he wasn’t expecting?

Stephen Young broke off his relationship with Brenden over a misunderstanding and miscommunication. Working for the FBI, he knew it was only a matter of time before he and Brenden would work together. Will they be able to cooperate and put the past behind them? Or will Stephen’s secret keep them apart?

This book contains sexually explicit materials and is intended for adult readers over the age of 18.

Billion Dollar Baby: An Mpreg Romance (Frat Boys Baby Book 3)
By Aiden Bates, Austin Bates

Getting attached was the cardinal sin…As an omega FBI agent, Giovanni Rizzi has done more undercover operations than are good for him. He’s on his third op in two years and having trouble remembering who he’s supposed to be. When a one-night-stand a one-night-stand ends up being his new boss, the mission gets messy.

Alpha Marcus Stern’s new FBI job isn’t everything he expected it to be, his authority hampered at every turn. If the boredom doesn’t kill him, the loneliness just might. Especially since the hot one-nighter he can’t forget turns out to work in his department. If only he could shake the nagging feeling that he’s missing something…

Gio’s investigation and Marcus’ digging collide. The men can’t deny the draw between them - but the ethics of their relationship is the definition of complicated. When an unexpected pregnancy and a break in the case send the men scrambling, will they be able to overcome all the secrets between them, or will their relationship go down in a hail of bullets?

Lawyer's Secret Omega: M/M Non-Shifter Mpreg (Dewey Cheetum & Howe Law Book 1)
By Bella Bennet

When paralegal omega Ryan is moved onto his crush's team, it was only a matter of time before the law office rule of no employee dating was broken.Now, as Ryan's boss, wealthy alpha law firm partner Marcus has a secret pregnancy and relationship with and relationship with Ryan to hide or they'll both lose their jobs.

But the secret pregnancy is the least of their problems when Ryan's ultra conservative parents find out...

Workplace unresolved tension. A forbidden romance. An unplanned pregnancy. Can a commitment-phobic alpha and a reluctant omega seize their chance at happiness?  

Lawyer's Secret Omega is a 64,000 word non-shifter mpreg romance with a secret pregnancy, secret relationship, surprise wedding, an Alpha to the rescue, time with the adorable baby, steamy times in the boss's office and HEA.

Champagne Spiced Omega: an M/M Omegaverse Mpreg Romance  (The Hollydale Omegas Book 4)
By Susi Hawke

"I promise, I'm not going anywhere. I found everything that I never thought I wanted right here with you."Cecil is an unconventional omega. Owner of Second Chances, Hollydale’s Thrift Store and Consignment Shop, the closest he wants to get to an alpht to an alpha is when he picks one up for a few hours of fun on a Saturday night. And even then, they’d better be polite enough to disappear before he wakes up. Yet for some reason, after picking up Hollydale’s most elusive playboy bachelor for a spot of fun after Tom’s wedding, Cecil is almost relieved to find Ian still there the following morning when he gets the call from a social worker that he’s been named the guardian of an orphaned two day old infant.

Ian’s entire adult life has been spent climbing the ladder to partnership at his law firm, and squeezing in a little fun with omegas in his spare time. Settling down with one and starting a family is so far from his thoughts it’s laughable. So why does he find himself sticking around to help the adorably awkward omega as he struggles to keep a tiny human alive?

Return to Hollydale for a little post-holiday fun while Ian and Cecil figure out that, sometimes, sticking around is more fun than a one night stand.

This is the fourth book of The Hollydale Omegas series. This book is about 30k and most likely contains an HEA. 18+ readers only please! And yes, this book contains M/PREG, adults adulting in sexy grown-up ways, and way more than an occasional use of potty mouth language.

Loving You: Mpreg Romance (My One-Night Stand Series Book 2)
By Giovanna Reaves

After catching his fiancé cheating, Ethan Beaumont needed to get away. Ethan decided a spontaneous weekend in Las Vegas was just what he needs. He was not expecting on running into the dashing and sexy Tyler Hamilton, the man he'd had a crush on since the day they met.

Tyler Hamilton, known for his love ’em and leave ’em attitude, just got back from tracking a bioterrorist and needed some downtime. Asked to go to Las Vegas to close a business deal by his business partner and twin brother, Lucas, Tyler decided to take time to relax as well. Running into Ethan Beaumont, Tyler made him an offer Ethan couldn't refuse.

They say what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, will that be the same for Ethan and Tyler?

HEA. This book contains sexually explicit materials and is intended for adult readers over the age of 18.

His Professor Omega: M/M Non-Shifter Alpha/Omega MPREG (Cafe Om Book 7)
By Aria Grace, Harper B. Cole

Coop was just looking for a good time before leaving town.He had no idea his one-night stand with a sexy older man would have lifelong ramifications. But when he went back home at the end of his time in the city, he just wasn't the same. Something wa Something was missing though he had no idea what it was.

Ash was just a simple professor, living each day in peace and simplicity.
He wasn't the type of omega who got picked up in a coffee shop for a fling. But when a hot young alpha sat down at his table, he was completely helpless to refuse him. Their night was amazing but way too short. And when that alpha walked out of his apartment, Ash never expected to see him again.

All he had left to remember the best night of his life was a beautiful baby girl.

His Professor Omega has no cliffhangers and can be read as a standalone. It features a hot older professor, an alpha grad student, and a baby or two.

My One-Night Stand, My Forever: Mpreg Romance (My One-Night Stand Series Book 1)
By Giovanna Reaves

Young and on the rise in his career, Christen Travers wanted a new lease on life. After moving to a new state and accepting the dream position he worked so hard for, Christen just needs to blow off some steam. Not wanting a relationship, his goal is to find the perfect one-night stand, one to hit it and forget it, then go back to the life he’s strived for.

Special Agent Jaxson Colvin works long hours on his cases for the FBI. On a night off and wanting to unwind, offering to buy the sexy stranger on the next bar stool a drink turns into a night he won't soon forget. The memories of that one night keep Jaxson company when he is out on assignment far longer than he anticipated.

Sometimes one-night stands bring much more than a few hours of enjoyment and memories. When Jaxson and Christen bump into each other again, they both must learn that sometimes one night can turn into a Forever.

Disclaimer: This book contains sexually explicit materials and is intended for suitable and mature adults. Mpreg, M/M Romance, Fiction, Fluff, Romance, HEA, No Cliffhangers.

His Lover's Vows: Mpreg Romance (My One-Night Stand Series Book 4)
By Giovanna Reaves

A budding friendship that leads to a one-night stand and a second chance at love.After the death of his wife, Lucas Hamilton put finding love behind him, his only focus on being there for his young daughter. As the CEO of Hamilton Enterprise, Lucas hise, Lucas has more on his plate than he could handle without adding a relationship in the mix. He promised his late wife that when love came around, he would not let it pass him by. Which is why Lucas was shocked to find himself attracted to Tucker Stevens. Does he ignore his attraction or keep the vow he made to his wife?

Tucker Stevens has mourned the death of his wife and daughter for so long that he's forgotten what love is. As an FBI agent, Tucker used work as a way to keep himself busy, forgetting the promise he made to his wife to never give up on love. Even though most of his family and friends are in love, married, and living their lives, he still didn't recognize or believe he had the right to fall in love. That was until Lucas Hamilton who found a way to break through the wall he built around himself.