Mpreg Non-Shifter Uncategorized Books

These are non-shifter Mpreg books that really had no other trope to categorize.

Lost in Paradise
Lost in Paradise (143 pages)
By Aiden Bates

Television writer and omega Liam Leonard is too busy creating a name for himself and making money to look for love. His family and friends have tried to set him up with handsome and successful alpha males, but most of the time Liam passes. His career is demanding and fulfilling, and it’s all he needs . . . for now.

When his reality TV show “Omega in Paradise” takes him to a sexy little Brazilian island, though, Liam is tempted for the first time in a while. He is surrounded by sixteen hot, exciting alphas who are looking for love. There’s one in particular that excites him to his core—gorgeous Cruz Hatcher, with his sculpted body and caramel eyes, not to mention his lofty ambitions and kind heart.

Liam soon realizes that he wants it all—success, love, and a family—and that Cruz may be the one that can help him achieve all three. When obstacles arise, on the island and back in the city, will Liam have the strength to fight for his alpha? Will he have the willpower to overcome his own self-doubts?

This is a non-shifter male pregnancy gay romance book. This book contains sexually explicit content not suited for those under the age of 18. The book is approximately 50,000 words, has a happy ending and does not end in a cliffhanger.

Snowed In
Snowed In (174 pages)
By Aiden Bates

Austin Baines is a workaholic omega living in the upscale town of Skaneateles, New York. He’s unmated, but he doesn’t mind. He’s happy with his life. He runs a phenomenally successful wine business, has the respect of his peers, and has complete freedom.

Cody Howell left the rat race of Manhattan behind three years ago to start Blue Bells Weddings in Syracuse. The alpha figured that wedding planning wouldn’t be much different from running a consulting project, and he was right. He’s been very successful, and he’s content with his life.

When Cody meets Austin on a last-minute business deal, sparks fly immediately. Both men try to keep things professional, but the sudden appearance of Austin’s twin brother from Texas raises the stakes.

Adrian Baines might look like Austin, but the pair couldn’t be more different. For starters, Adrian is an alpha, and he’s an archconservative alpha determined to bring his wayward omega brother back into the fold. Adrian promised his best friend, Kirby, years ago that Austin would be his omega. Now they’re both here to bring Austin to heel.

Can Austin resist the demands of his estranged family, or will his fierce need for independence keep him alone forever? Or can Cody help him find a third option, one that will lead them both toward happiness?

This is an alpha/ omega non-shifter male pregnancy gay romance book. This book contains sexually explicit content not suited for those under the age of 18. The book is approximately 60,000 words, has a happy ending and does not end in a cliffhanger.

Omega Rescue Shelter: M/M Non-Shifter Alpha/Omega MPREG (New Chicago Omegaverse Book 1)
By Brandi Megao

Welcome to the New Chicago Omegaverse!Alpha Cody gave up all hope of a future and a family when he lost the omega he was bonded with. The family he had always wanted became a footnote in his life and he focused on helping omegas in need instead of hn need instead of his own happiness.

Omega William always wanted a family of his own, but life got in the way when he became the Director of the Omega Rescue Shelter. He watched others get their happily ever after from the sidelines, always wishing it was him that was finally meeting the alpha of his dreams.

Everyone at the shelter has noticed the attraction between Cody and William. They have no idea why Cody won't ask William out. They seem absolutely perfect for each other. William is their hero and they want to see him happy, so it is only natural that they interfere in the most loving way possible.

Can Cody and William find love in the turmoil of New Chicago?

Brandi's Note: This is the first book in the New Chicago Omegaverse and it is approximately 30,000 words. Omega Rescue Shelter is Cody and William's story. While the books are connected with larger story arcs that span the entire series, you can jump in at any time and get a complete story with the featured couple, but it only makes sense to start at the beginning, so what are you waiting for?

Making a Family Volume 1
By Rosa Swann

When your idea of asking a cute Omega to be your pretend-husband for a weekend takes an unexpected turn…ClayI have my pride as an Alpha, and I don’t want to be the only unmated sibling at my youngest sister’s wedding.What’s a successful, but bachelorbr />What’s a successful, but bachelor, Alpha to do? Well, maybe ask the cute Omega frequenting my cafe to be my fake husband for the weekend.
Only, I didn’t expect a weekend of fun to go so very differently…

The day after my sister leaves her three-month-old to look after, to be the parent she can’t be, I get an odd request from the handsome Alpha running the cafe I frequent. And who can resist a request from the only man able to make me smile this week?
So, I show up, play the role of adoring husband, and that’s when things go a little off-script…

This volume includes the first five novellas in the Making a Family series: Faking a Husband, Becoming a Boyfriend, Raising an Omega, Saving a Sibling and Marrying a Mate. These stories take place in a non-shifter Omegaverse world and contains mpreg (male-pregnancy).

Second Chance Mates Volume 2
By Rosa Swann

WilderI try to take care of Logan’s little family, but it hasn’t been easy, especially now Logan’s parents have taken Maddy away from Sterling.But I’ll fight for them every step of the way because Sterling and Maddy are my family now, and I will provow, and I will prove it.

I can’t believe Logan’s parents would try to rip my family apart, that they would take Maddy away from me. Being pregnant and trying to deal with all of this isn’t going to be easy.
But I’m fighting for my family and I won’t give up the second chance at life that meeting Wilder has given me.

This volume includes the final four novellas in the Second Chance Mates series: My Family’s Fight, My Beloved’s Wedding, My Baby’s Birth, Our Second Chance Life.
This series contains Mpreg (male pregnancy).

Two Hearts One Voice (Mending the Rift Book 3)
By Valentina Heart

Book three in the Mending the Rift seriesThey are at war, fearing for each other, struggling with the upbringing of their children and the survival of their country. They are kings.With the future of the throne secured, Rin and Merin still have littl Rin and Merin still have little time to rejoice for their children or the unity of their kingdoms. Stuck in the middle of a battlefield, their lives prove to be once again at risk, and Rin heads out on a long journey home with his heirs, leaving Merin to lead their army.

Rin receives his rightful title of king from the Kari council and for once feels as if he belongs on the throne without Merin there to guide him. Missing his husband, he raises their children the best he can, but there’s no end to the war in sight and, after months of futile conflicts, Rin thinks he sees Merin cut down in battle.

Distraught and with no patience for his council, Rin threatens the Riki, making even his own men fear him. Can Rin cope alone without the love of his life and still win the war, or will his sorrow mark the end of his reign?

Welcoming our Twins (Making a Family 9)
By Rosa Swann

When you’re expecting one type of surprise, but get two totally different ones.ClayThe end of the year is filled with celebrations, and with celebrations always come surprises.So when things go a little off-script three days before Christmas, we taket three days before Christmas, we take it all in our stride…

While I’m preparing to host my first Christmas party at our apartment, things go a little differently than expected.
It seems that our little boys have their own plans…

This is the ninth novella about Alpha Clay and Omega Aiden in Making a Family, which takes place in a non-shifter Omegaverse world and contains mpreg (male-pregnancy).

Making a Family Volume 2
By Rosa Swann

When your fated mate becomes your husband and you gain a whole lot of new family…ClayIf I thought that planning a wedding party in two days, after my spontaneous proposal, would be difficult, we now have the added difficulty of needing to take care oiculty of needing to take care of Wes and his kids too.
But I’m not giving up, not on either of those things. I will protect Wes and I will also give Aiden the life that he deserves…

Taking care of Wes’ kids isn’t the hardest task in the world, it’s Wes himself who may prove more difficult. Only, just as I’m settling in for a day of babysitting, my own younger Omega brother, Felix, is standing in the middle of the living room, demanding to know where Hailey is.
Like dealing with one stubborn Omega brother isn’t hard enough…

This volume includes the second and final five novellas in the Making a Family series: Angering an Alpha, Building a Home, Celebrating a Birthday, Welcoming our Twins and Loving our Family. These stories take place in the non-shifter Omegaverse Mates World and contain mpreg (male-pregnancy).

Loving our Family (Making a Family 10)
By Rosa Swann

When you never imagined what your daily life would be like with a family, but now know that you’d never be able to live without them again...ClayBeing a father to just one boy seemed easy, but being a father to three of them is a whole different thinf them is a whole different thing, especially when they’re just a year apart.
Life with the twins is exciting, though sometimes a little tiring. But, while we’re getting used to it, life around us is changing too, constantly changing…

Most of my days go by in a haze, but it’s a good haze, it tells me that I’m alive and that I love my family. A family which has been through a lot of things in the past year.
And, while I’m happy, I also know that I’m still going to have to make a really hard choice… I hope I’m making the right one…

This is the tenth and final novella about Alpha Clay and Omega Aiden in Making a Family, which takes place in a non-shifter Omegaverse world and contains mpreg (male-pregnancy).

Winter Heat, Summer Baby (A Nonshifter Omegaverse Story)
By Pernilla Oswick

This wasn't his plan, but it might be their future...Sebastian's been told his whole life that Omegas need to find a nice Alpha to settle down with, but he wants more than that. He wants to leave this one-horse town and find a life that's more than h that's more than he's been told he can have. But biology does what it wants sometimes and when Sebastian's hormones get the best of him, he's left with a baby on the way, and a plan for a future that's no longer his.

Logan's never wanted to be the kind of Alpha that Sebastian's parents had in mind for their son - he's always wanted to protect his best friend from those stifling expectations. But when Sebastian needs him to be a different kind of Alpha for just one night, he can't say no to that either. Now all he has to do is figure out why Sebastian won't admit that he's the baby's father.

When you've been scared of something your whole life, it's only natural to want to protect your best friend from it. But the future's coming whether they like it or not. Will these two be able to open up in time to create something new? Or is the baby between them the only thing left of that hot winter night?

***Winter Heat, Summer Baby is a 35k word, non-shifter omegaverse mpreg romance with a HEA and no cliffhangers.***

Omega in Heat
Omega in Heat (288 pages)
By Preston Walker, Aiden Bates

Lingering Arms Apartments looks like any old apartment building in any big city. But the similarities end there, as its residents are anything but typical. Silas is a gruff private eye whose job is to help those in need. What will happen when he finds himself attracted to the suspected thief of a million-dollar treasure? Hot cam-boy Dev always seems to know exactly what his clients desire. What’s his secret? Will he ever get what he himself desires? And what’s the story of the mysterious tenant behind the door of Apartment 4? The residents of Lingering Arms are keeping many sexy secrets.

Disclaimer: This book contains adult, sexually explicit content with an intense sex scene, male breeding and knotting and dominant alpha with his delicate rare omega. This should not be viewed for anyone under the age of 18. The book is approximately 70,000 words in length and does not end in a cliffhanger.

The Omega's Triumph: An Alpha/Omega Mpreg (Roselake Book 3)
By Colbie Dunbar

Against their will, Liam, Jake and their daughter, Maisy have been sent to The Old Country—Jake’s birthplace—by Thorn, the omega’s vindictive former boss.And there’s only one word to describe their new home: gray. Everything blends together as though together as though the color has run in the wash.

Liam is desperate to save his family but he and the baby are confined to their room, and he watches life pass by from a third-floor window.

Jake works each night and rarely sees Liam and Maisy. But as Thorn’s requests become more outlandish, the omega tries to appease him and prevent the alpha finding out the truth.

And there’s Nora, the beta who cleans the club and pops up in unexpected places. Is she Thorn’s spy? Or Jake and Liam’s ally?

The ever-present cigar smoke, gold rings and amber fragrance provide a backdrop for their lives as the alpha and omega struggle to save their relationship while they battle greed, humiliation, guilt and exhaustion.

But when hope finally arrives, it’s ushered in with a rose.

This is a 23,000-word, non-shifter, mpreg novella with an HEA. It’s the final book in the Roselake series.

Stable Secrets: An Mpreg Romance Bundle
By Austin Bates

Hey everybody… I’ve put together a hot and sexy mpreg gay romance bundle that I KNOW will keep you up late! Over 280,000 words of passionate, intense romance, including five of my personal favorite stories.First there’s The Hard Way: single dad omegale dad omega Noah meets privileged bad-boy Isaac. In Chosen Family, three gorgeous guys compete for love: Eric, the omega and personal assistant to hockey player Thomas, and Daniel, the sexy architect. Exploring the Cosmos will have you starry-eyed as astrology student omega Reagan and bartender alpha Cosmos find themselves wrapped in an over-the-moon romance. In Seeking Enrique, fantasy author Rick and his hot agent, Jules, are magically drawn to one another in a classic opposites-attract dilemma neither one can resist. And finally, in Stable Secrets, two of my favorite characters – stable hands Sam and Colton – race towards an unforgettable romance.

If you’re read my books before you already know: my gay mpreg romance stories are STEAMY! So, adults only, please.

I hope you love reading these stories as much as I loved writing them.

Love and hugs,


Celebrating a Birthday (Making a Family 8)
By Rosa Swann

When your birthday holds more surprises than you’re expecting, and some bittersweet…ClayWith summer coming to an end, Aiden’s birthday is just around the corner. But before that, there are a couple of things we need to take care of for the twins, lik take care of for the twins, like having the twenty week sonogram and setting up their room…

My belly keeps growing, having two little ones inside makes everything grow a little more than I expected, and the summer heat, which just won’t go down, doesn’t make me feel any better.
But none of that compares to the surprise I get on my birthday…

This is the eighth novella about Alpha Clay and Omega Aiden in Making a Family, which takes place in a non-shifter Omegaverse world and contains mpreg (male-pregnancy).

The Omega's Promise: An Alpha/Omega Mpreg (Roselake Book 2)
By Colbie Dunbar

Past mistakes have a way of catching up with you—just ask Jake Gibson.After receiving a proposal from his mate, Liam, a very pregnant Jake is forced to fess up about his past. In his usual alpha way, Liam comes up with a solution, but the more he heabut the more he hears from the omega, the more he realizes he can’t fix this on his own.

And there’s an impatient baby who’s eager to meet both parents, and the little one doesn’t care if there’s a snow storm raging or an unexpected visitor terrifies both the alpha and omega.

Liam and Jake confront an unpleasant reality, and the alpha in particular wonders if their relationship has been built on lies.

Despite their lives unraveling, Liam and Jake’s desire for one another simmers just below the surface until the omega makes a decision and the passion that brought them together ignites.

But as the pair fight to keep their family together, someone Jake knows threatens to tear them apart.

This is a 23,000-word non-shifter, mpreg novella, and it is the second of three books in the Roselake series.

Building a Home (Making a Family 7)
By Rosa Swann

When you know there is a huge difference between having a house and a home…ClayTelling my family about the situation with Wes was scary, but it’s finally behind us, that secret is out in the open.Now I need to make sure that the house I’ve been workike sure that the house I’ve been working on for years will finally be a home…

Spending a lot of time with Wes is giving me a different outlook on the prospects of having my own family, especially a big one like he has.
It’s still early days, but I’m sure that if we all work together, we can make the house into a real home. Only, some plans go a little differently than expected…

This is the seventh novella about Alpha Clay and Omega Aiden in Making a Family, which takes place in a non-shifter Omegaverse world and contains mpreg (male-pregnancy).

Embracing His Omega: M/M Non-Shifter Alpha/Omega MPREG (Cafe Om Book 1)
By Harper B. Cole

Jace had always assumed he would present as an alpha... Looks, attitude, aptitude, it all fit. When his results come back: omega, he looses his scholarships, his life plan, and his identity. Unable to change himself to meet society’s expectations of ectations of an omega, he finds himself lost at sea.

Naheed has seen the dark side of being an alpha...
Both in his own life as well as in his work at an omega shelter. He can’t imagine finding an omega he can trust to not be intimidated by him. He can’t imagine learning to trust himself again.

Neither thought they would ever find someone.
Sparks fly at first sight, and even though they fight it, both men are drawn together by an attraction they find they can’t resist. Each man needs someone to accept him for who he is. Can they find that in each other?

Embracing His Omega is a 30,000 word novella featuring two hot guys with beards, extra hot times in jacuzzis, and an unexpected heat.