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Silver Oaks Medical Center: An Mpreg Romance Bundle
By Aiden Bates

One of Aiden Bates’ most beloved gay mpreg romance series… all in one ebook box set!The six-book Silver Oaks Medical Center quickly became a fan favorite in 2017 – now it’s available in this single one-volume bundle. Racy omegaverse romance, steamy se romance, steamy scenes, and heart-stopping love abound in these six medical-themed full-length novels:

Deliver Me
Playing Daddy
Family Law
Instant Family
Rock The Cradle
Infectious Love

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Peppermint Spiced Omega: an M/M Omegaverse Mpreg Romance (The Hollydale Omegas Book 3)
By Susi Hawke

Tom Collins is a lonely omega. One by one, Tom's watched his friends pair up and find their forever mates while Tom goes out alone to flirt with randos at the Big O. Manager of Sweet Ballz, the popular candy shop in downtown Hollydale, Tom has his career on track. Now if he could just find an alpha to stick around for longer than a night.

Dr. Colin Samuels is busy. As an alpha specializing in emergency medicine, he keeps a punishing schedule. He doesn't have time, patience or even the energy to take up with an omega. Especially not a sassy little brat like the one he keeps running into. All he wanted was one hot night with the guy, not forever. So why can't he get the frustrating twink out of his mind?

Will Tom finally find love? Will Dr. Samuels get that speculum dislodged from his rear pocket and give them a chance? And who is the little girl that hits both men right smack in the feels? And what's the story with Tofer O'Toole, the new cage dancer at the Big O?

This is the third book of The Hollydale Omegas series. This book is about 30k and most likely contains an HEA. 18+ readers only please! And yes, this book contains M/PREG, adults adulting in sexy grown-up ways, and way more than an occasional use of potty mouth language.

Deliver Me: An Mpreg Romance (Silver Oak Medical Center Book 1)
By Aiden Bates

Torn between passion and profession, what will he choose? Losing his brother at a young age sets Carter Idoni's future in motion. Dedicating his life to saving people, Dr. Carter will do anything for his patients. And when the medical center gets tenter gets taken over by a national network of hospitals, Carter is instantly attracted to the new CEO. Finn Riley may be handsome and rugged, but his icy demeanor is a turnoff for a loving man like Carter.

As the two strong-willed men fight over patient care and procedures, more than their anger heats up. Suddenly, their passion is undeniable and irresistible. But when one night of desire turns to promise, tragedy strikes, threatening to destroy all they've built. Can they find comfort in each other or will the pain ultimately rip them apart?

This 100,000 word steamy first book in the Silver Oak Medical Center series is a stand-alone novel that will pull at your heartstrings. When one man ends up pregnant, the worst happens. You will be cheering for these two lovers as they claw their way back from pain for a future and a family together.

Playing Doctor
Playing Doctor (166 pages)
By Aiden Bates

Jonah escaped the life of a typical small-town omega. He got a scholarship to art school in New York City. He’s traveled. He’s seen the world. He’s built a spectacular art career for himself, and he even married a beta instead of being claimed by an alpha. When his husband left him, turning him and their infant son out into the street, he had no choice but to return to his hometown of Saranac, New York.

He still has his career. His social life is a shambles for two and a half years until an accident brings him face to face with the handsome new E.R. specialist in town. Unfortunately, Jonah’s ex-husband has just arrived in town, looking to re-connect with his son. What’s an omega to do?

Dr. Dave Sommer left the hustle and bustle of L.A. for the small Adirondack town of Saranac, New York. He’s still in the emergency room, but the work is different. The hours are different, and the omegas are different. One omega in particular has his attention: Jonah Smith, famous artist and divorcé. Can Dave overcome his reluctance to raise a son that isn’t his? Or will he choose the younger, more “proper” omega who seems a little too proper to be real?

This is a non-shifter male pregnancy gay romance book. This book contains sexually explicit content not suited for those under the age of 18. The book is approximately 50,000 words, has a happy ending and does not end in a cliffhanger.

Doctor to the Omega: An MM Mpreg Romance (Luna Brothers Book 2)
By Ashe Moon

Vander Luna refused to accept the traditional omega lifestyle—find an alpha, pop out a few kids… No, he was going to be a warrior. When Vander fails at his one shot to get into the world’s best fighting school, what else does he have left? Despite hipite his parent’s wishes, settling down with a man is the very last thing on Vander’s mind—but when he gets lost trekking through snow-covered bear territory, it seems fate has other plans for him.

For bears, the two worst things you can do are associate with wolves, and forsake the family business—and Pell Darkclaw has done both. A talented doctor, Pell abandoned his small clan to volunteer his skills in the wolf towns in desperate need of good healers. When he finds Vander lost and freezing in a snowstorm, Pell takes him in to nurse him back to health. The storm means no one is leaving Pell’s cozy little cabin any time soon. Just what can happen when a wounded wolf omega and a protective bear alpha are snowed in alone together?

Doctor to the Omega is a 50k word, steamy MPreg story full of action and romance, set in an exciting and vibrant new shifter world. It is the second book in the Luna Brothers Series, and can be read as a standalone novel.

Baby For My Omega (MPreg Hospital Book 1)
By Dex Bass

Can Doctor Albright sacrifice everything he wants for the omega he needs?Doctor Adam Albright's career is built on a lie. Nobody knows he's an alpha. They wouldn't trust an alpha around omega patients. But without a mate, Adam is miserable.Gorgeous Te.

Gorgeous TV star Oscar Oliphant needs help becoming a father. Artificial insemination hasn't succeeded.

Adam knows a more natural method.

But a doctor who crosses that line will lose everything he's worked for.

Oscar might be worth it.

Baby For My Omega is a non-shifter mpreg romance with an alpha holding a secret and an omega nurturing a dream. Pregnancy shoes, a feel-good HEA, and an adorable baby are guaranteed.

The DOCTORS and the OMEGA: Night Shifter Nurses - Gay Menage MMM MPreg Werewolf Romance (Short story)
By Canis Blackfang

Farrel is a young, horny omega who has lost his ability to shift. In the hospital for treatment, he’s put under the care of the sexy alpha Doctor Kassel. When all attempted cures fail, Doctor Kassel suggests a new experimental carnal therapy: takintherapy: taking it hard every night from his hunky alpha male nurse while the good doctor watches!

This smoldering hot gay shifter paranormal romance story will satisfy all your naughty werewolf menage cravings! 18+ ONLY!

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His Deepest Desire: A Portville Mpreg Romance (M/M Non-Shifter Omegaverse)
By Xander Collins

To find happiness, two lost souls may need a miracle ... but could the miracle have been inside them all along?Eleven-years-ago, Jake broke Stephen's heart. Now he's back, acting like nothing ever happened. All Stephen wants is to move on and start amove on and start a family of his own. But he can't find the right man to start over with. When Jake is hired as the director of Stephen's clinic, will Stephen ever be able to escape his ex ... and does he really want to?

When Jake left town, he thought he was doing the right thing. But no matter how hard he tried to forget, his heart couldn't leave Stephen behind. But getting Stephen back means telling him the truth about why he left and the tragedies that followed. Jake wants Stephen. But is Jake brave enough to reveal the deepest parts of his soul to have a second chance at love?

Will a sick baby force these two reluctant exes to risk it all, let go of the past, and let each other back in?

His Deepest Desire is a second chance romance of 36k words, with heart-wrenching moments, super hot intimacy between two men, not one … but two cuddly babies, and a beautiful HEA that will most likely bring tears to your eyes.

Instant Family: An Mpreg Romance (Silver Oak Medical Center Book 4)
By Aiden Bates

He finds his true love, but can an instant family really be what he wants? Just as oncologist, Dr. Allen delivers a baby girl into the world, the mother dies, dimming Allen's typical sunny disposition. Desperate and determined to do something to helthing to help just one person, Allen agrees to help Brantley. He's in danger of having his asylum revoked, which will send him right back to an unsafe situation.

But when Allen agrees to "fake it," and pretend that Brantley is his lover, he has no idea what he's in for. As feelings grow deeper between them, the two men cannot resist the passion that ignites them. However, the timing just couldn't be worse. Allen's fighting to adopt his late patient's daughter, while the sword of ICE threatens to destroy them. Can the two men turn something fake into the real love they've both always wanted?

In this 110,000 word gay mpreg romance novel, two men discover that happily-ever-afters aren't just for fairytales. When one man is asked to pretend to love another, he learns firsthand what true love is all about. With steamy scenes and loyal, intelligent, and sexy men, this novel will have you begging for a physical of your own. And when one man discovers he's pregnant, you'll see just how "playing house" can turn into making a home.

Alpha's Sacrifice: an MMMM Mpreg Gay Romance (Irresistible Omegas Book 1)
By Nora Phoenix

Four men, brought together by fate, connected in more powerful ways than they’d ever imagined. Lidon, the powerful alpha-cop, determined to never trust another partner—until he helps a vulnerable omega through his heat and connects with him in a way im in a way that leaves him reeling.

Enar, the alpha-doctor who dedicates his life to serving omegas who need his help. He works himself to the bone, anything to drown out his inner voices that scream at him he’s not a real alpha.

Palani, the sassy beta reporter who will do anything to save his omega lover and childhood friend, even if it means watching another man claim him.

Vieno, the omega who suffers from a medical condition that requires an alpha’s help. It was supposed to be sex, but his attraction to the alpha goes much deeper. But how can he betray his soulmate and lover Palani like this?

When Vieno’s freedom is endangered, he needs Lidon to save him. The alpha steps up, but the consequences of his choice are more far-reaching than anyone of them had foreseen.

Four men try to figure out what they are to each other amidst political unrest, investigations into corruption and fraud, a medical issue that is far bigger and more sinister than it seemed at first, and old legends that are turning out to be real.

Alpha’s Sacrifice is an MMMM mpreg gay romance and the first book in the Irresistible Omegas series. It is not a stand-alone and ends on a cliffhanger. Please note the triggers warnings in the front of the book.

Baby Doctor: An Mpreg Romance (Poppy Field Mpreg Romance Book 1)
By Beau Brown

Omega Peter Johnson can’t accept that he can’t have babies. Several doctors have told him he’s barren, but he refuses to believe that. After all, there are few things that would be worse news for an omega. He decides to seek the opinion of the premiere fertility specialist in Poppy Field, Dr. Rafe Hexton.

Alpha Rafe Hexton isn’t known for his charming bedside manner. But he’s the best at what he does. When he delivers devastating news to Peter in an uncaring and blunt manner, Peter sets him straight right before he storms out of his office.

When the two men meet at a club one night, Peter ends up in Rafe’s bed. While Peter may not necessarily like Rafe, he can’t deny how attracted he is to the alpha. Rafe is equally drawn to the younger omega, and finds Peter’s infertility a plus in his book. He’s not interested in having kids.

But just as the alpha and omega come to a mutually satisfying arrangement, fate steps in and changes the game.

This 38,000 word story is a contemporary non-shifter Mpreg romance with steamy scenes and lots of warm feels.

Ebon Fire (M/M Gay Shifter Mpreg Romance) (Wildfire Series Book 2)
By Wolf Specter

Ancient dragon shifter and firefighter Owen Davies is plagued by the past. For centuries he's run from the demons that haunt him, but now they're finally catching up. When Owen starts hallucinating on the job, he's ordered to do the one thing he can't fathom: Talk to a professional about his problems.

After a messy breakup, the last thing psychiatrist Simon Prichard wants is another relationship. A hookup at a bar, though? That he can handle, and a handsome, intense stranger makes it impossible to say no.

But when Simon's one night stand turns out to be his newest patient, he just can't seem to let the man go. Not if there's any possibility of helping him.

Simon is just what Owen needs, and his dragon is determined to have the kind doctor, even if claiming him could spell the end of their future together.

As Owen and Simon grow closer, a dark force from the past threatens to rip them apart by playing on Owen's worst fears. If he wants to save his mate and their unborn child, he'll have to confront the nightmare head-on.

Ebon Fire is Book 2 in the Wildfire Series, but it can also be enjoyed as a standalone. It's a full-length novel with a HEA ending, a satisfying epilogue, and NO CLIFFHANGERS!

Content Notice: This book contains steamy love scenes and male pregnancy, or Mpreg. Adults only shifter romance!

Sweet Pregnant Omega (MPreg Hospital Book 2)
By Dex Bass

Ollie needs love. He just won’t let himself find it.For years, he’s nursed a crush on his happily married alpha boss. It’s nice and predictable. Ollie knows there’s no chance of success. No surprises. Ollie always chases and Adam always pushes him awushes him away. Like banging his head against the wall. Nice and predictable.

Ollie isn’t bad looking at all. Quite the opposite, actually. His curly black hair fits his snarky manner, and his couple of extra pounds just make him cuter. He’d have no problem finding a mate, if he ever got his mind off his boss.

Ollie and his gorgeous alpha colleague Arlo team up to solve a medical mystery. They work so well together. They get each other’s jokes. And Arlo can’t stop staring at Ollie. And dreaming of giving him a baby.

But Ollie is so fixated on his reliably unavailable boss. He’s terrified of liking a man who might actually reciprocate his feelings. Arlo can wait, but he has no shortage of omegas who’d love to cut in front of Ollie for Arlo’s affections.

Can Ollie start to love himself before Arlo walks away?

Sweet Pregnant Omega is a non-shifter male pregnancy romance with two sweet hunks stumbling onto their self-esteem, swollen feet, wacky pregnant-man breakfasts, rooftop love, an adorable baby, and a warm and comfy HEA.

Playing Daddy: An Mpreg Romance (Silver Oak Medical Center Book 2)
By Aiden Bates

There's more on the line than fame and fortune when this movie star wants a family with the man of his dreams. Blockbuster action star, Dylan, will do anything for the big screen. No stunt is off-limits for this daredevil. But when his latest stun latest stunt lands in him in the hospital, more than his acting career is on the line. With a pushy agent and an impatient director, Dylan might not get the care he needs for a proper recovery.

When Rick, the chief resident doctor, steps in, he can't wait to get his hands on Dylan--and heal his body and heart. As they grow closer and their passion ignites, Rick knows one thing is for certain, he'll do anything he can to protect Dylan from the vicious and unforgiving plans that Hollywood has in store for Dylan. But the powers-that-be will stop at nothing to destroy Dylan's chance at a future with Rick. After all, their biggest star can't possibly drop everything to settle down and start a family of his own

Now, with a baby on the way, Rick and Dylan must fight for what they really want. Can they to stay together when everyone is trying to stop them from "Playing Daddy?"

In this 100,000-word novel, Playing Daddy, two men discover how hard falling in love can be with a baby on the way when Hollywood pulls out all the stops to keep them apart. With explicitly hot scenes, this novel will take you through a passionate ride--full of love. But in the end, will family prevail?

Rock the Cradle: An Mpreg Romance (Silver Oak Medical Center Book 5)
By Aiden Bates

A DJ becomes a hero. A doctor weathers a family tragedy. And a thin wall between them…Radio DJ Derek Brown grew up in foster care. He’s built a decent life for himself, but when he’s called on to save a terrified young girl from traffickers he doesn’rs he doesn’t hesitate to step in, even at the risk of his own life. The young rising star has become an overnight hero.

Alpha Alex Brennan is a trauma surgeon at Silver Oak Medical Center. When he checks on the patient he operated on the day before, he’s startled to find the “hero DJ” is his hated next-door neighbor.

Despite their shared animosity, Alex can’t ignore Derek’s heroism. When the rescued girl takes shelter with Derek to recover, Alex finds himself drawn to the young omega even further. Working with Derek and his guest dredges up old family tragedies for Alex, and not everyone in Alex’ family is thrilled about the new people in Alex’s life.

Can Alex and Derek forge their own path through family tragedy, and build a new and healthy family together? Or will their pasts keep them apart forever?

Enemies become lovers in this highly erotic gay mpreg tale. This 106,000-word book is brimming with explicit man-on-man action, and is intended for adults only.

Infectious Love: An Mpreg Romance (Silver Oak Medical Center Book 6)
By Aiden Bates

An omega with a mission. An alpha sworn to serve and protect. And an outbreak that will change both of their lives forever.Dave Stanek has spent the past decade of his life trying to atone for his family’s sins. While his parents bilked thousands d thousands out of their life’s savings and tried to bring him into the family business, Dave has built a successful career in medicine as an infectious disease specialist at Silver Oak Medical Center.

Ken Sykora has seen a lot during his time in the Army and during his years on the force. When someone finds a vial at the scene of a meningitis outbreak, he’s obliged to consult with the Infectious Disease Specialist at Silver Oak Hospital.

When Dave is assigned a meningitis case one evening, he finds himself face to face with the most attractive alpha cop he’s ever seen – and neck-deep in a biological terror case.

Ken shares Dave’s attraction, notwithstanding the doctor’s superiority complex. Despite the gravity of the case they’re working, their mutual desire proves too much to contain. But when a night of pleasure leads to unintended consequences, they’ll have to decide if they can overcome their differences and build a life together – while catching a killer.

Overflowing with passionate, explicit scenes of gay alpha/omega mpreg romance, Infectious Love is 52,000 words and intended for adult readers only.

The Omega's Physician (Bundle of Joy Series Book 1)
By Kenna Grace

An omega looking to start a family and an alpha physician wary of involvement unite in this full-length steamy, mpreg, second chance romance novel.LachlanI’m ready for a baby, but haven’t found the right alpha. Most of them are alpha-holes, and I’m t. Most of them are alpha-holes, and I’m tired of waiting. I don’t expect to meet a great guy when I go in to discuss my options to get pregnant without a partner, but one of the doctors in the practice is hot and seems different from the alphas I’ve met in the past. I risk letting Donovan in and start thinking about a future, but then he ghosts me. He doesn’t return calls or messages, so I give up, figuring it’s over—until I find out I’m carrying his baby. He seems to want to be involved with our child, but how can I trust him again?
Lachlan is the perfect omega. I get close way too fast, at first ignoring my personal rule of doing no harm to my own heart. Watching my fathers’ marriage splinter has left me wary of involvement, and I don’t do long-term. When I realize I’m falling for Lachlan, I run until I find out I’m going to be a father. I only have a few months to convince Lachlan I can change, and figure out how to do that, while watching out for my omega and our unborn child.

Family Law: An Mpreg Romance (Silver Oak Medical Center Book 3)
By Aiden Bates

Reunited and it feels better than good...It was a long time ago, but Luke will never forget Jason Delancey and their first kiss under the bleachers of football practice. Now, twenty years later, he has a lot more to focus on than the one man who got man who got away. Divorced with a seven-year-old son and a vicious lawsuit against the Silver Oak Medical Center to deal with, Luke has no time for reminiscent feelings of the past.

When Jason walks back into his life as the attorney on the case, all of those old emotions and desires come tumbling forth. But when Luke's overprotective brothers try to get in the way of a reunion between the long-lost lovers, it's up to Jason and Luke to fight for what they couldn't have so long ago. And the fight is harder than they ever imagined as they go up against Luke's family and a lawsuit that's determined to destroy them. With their future family on the line, can these two finally overcome family law and retrieve the love they were destined to find?

In this 100,000-word gay, second-chance romance novel, Family Law, lovers from the past are reunited by fate. With steamy scenes and sexy scenarios, you'll be ready to reignite their passion as these two men rekindle what was once lost. And after one man discovers he's pregnant, they know they have everything to fight for.

Lonely Omega's Baby Wish (MPreg Hospital Book 4)
By Dex Bass

Oz is imagining things.There’s no way billionaire publisher Andre Acour wants to co-father with a humble social worker.It's a pipe dream. And it’s unprofessional. Oz is supposed to counsel Andre about his lack of a mate, not daydream about becoming taydream about becoming that mate.

The cocky billionaire's smile, his firm handshake, his confidence, his build under his perfectly pressed suit -- Oz can't stop thinking about bearing Andre's baby.

What if?

Andre never met anyone like Oz. The snappy little social worker can stand his own against all of Andre’s tantrums, and he’s no airhead. Even his life story is pretty amazing. He walked away from a family fortune to start a life on his own. And he’s adorably nerdy. He’d make a perfect co-father. Andre never wanted anyone like this.

Oz isn’t easy pickings. Billionaire or not, Andre has to prove himself.

Can Oz and Andre overcome doubts, insecurities, and old family secrets to become fathers together?

Lonely Omega's Baby Wish is a 50,000-word feel-good mpreg romance. It has no shifters, no cheating, and no cliffhangers. It’s chock full of morning sickness, foot massages, Indian takeout, a pottymouthed aunt, and an adorable baby. HEA is a sure thing.

White Tiger Redemption: (A MM Gay White Tiger Shifter Mpreg Alpha Omega Romance)
By Wolf Specter, Katy Savage

Sam was convinced that his pregnancy would be a piece of cake. Not only was he a man, but an OBGYN by trade. He had helped hundreds of women through their own pregnancies. Boy, was he in for a rude awakening... As a bonus for the first two weeks of t two weeks of release, I am including the first book in the White Tiger series for free. Two books for the price of one.

Although Sam's professional life revolved around helping women through their own pregnancies,

Omega's Doctor: Mpreg MM Alpha Omega Romance (Baby Makes Three Book 2)
By Bella Bennet

Keep your career, or keep your love... Who's capable of making that choice?Steve's spent his entire life trying to placate his demanding mother. From the schools he attended, to the career he chose, everything has been about avoiding those needle-shae needle-sharp comments of hers that look so innocuous on the surface, and cut so deep beneath. He never goes to see her without someone to help deflect those poisoned barbs. So when he's dumped right before his sister's wedding, he needs a new date, fast. And just about anyone will do.

Ned's an alpha who doesn't care what other people think. Impressed by the skill of the surgical nurses he saw in college, he becomes one himself, determined to make certain that no surgeon ever lacks the support they need in this most important of professions. It's only a half a step further to agree to accompany his friend's hot surgeon buddy to an event that is absolutely for sure going to be both tense and unpleasant. And when he meets the handsome omega surgeon, any doubts he might have had are laid to rest--this is a man in need of looking after.

But protecting Steve from his mother's verbal onslaught is nothing compared to the fight before them. Overcome by desire, they wind up pregnant, something that would ruin both their careers if the hospital found out. Which is just the weapon Steve's mother needs to tear them apart...

Omega’s Doctor is over 38,000 words with a HEA, ducky umbrella and three weddings.

The New Omega Doctor Is Way Too Hot (MPreg Hospital Book 3)
By Dex Bass

6’5”. Gorgeous. Ripped with muscle. MD and PhD. Doctor Otto Och is proudly omega.Having it all is a curse. Alphas see him as only a decoration, a pretty body and face they can catcall, or take home and throw away in the morning. On his first day at M />On his first day at MPreg Hospital, Otto makes a very intimate acquaintance in the showers: the very masculine, very single, and very alpha Doctor Alf Albertson. Alf doesn’t pursue anybody. He gets enough interest already. And Alf certainly doesn’t get into relationships. Though he does have a strong protective instinct toward omegas.

Their steamy tryst brings a surprise, but Alf isn't the settling-down kind, and a scandal from the past makes Otto doubt everything.

The New Omega Doctor Is Way Too Hot is a non-shifter male pregnancy romance with a masculine alpha protecting a gorgeous omega, salty caramel milk for a pregnant man, innovative ways to write the number 11, and a feel-good HEA.

SEAL of Trust: An Mpreg Romance (SEALed With A Kiss Book 4)
By Aiden Bates

A SEAL with a secret. A backdrop of war and redemption.Omega Ben Michaud gave up his life of privilege when his fiancé died. As a surgeon with the non-governmental organization Borderless, he travels between war zones patching up bodies torn apart byodies torn apart by human cruelty. When he’s taken hostage, he figures it’s just one of the risks he accepted when he took the job.

Alpha Navy SEAL Dave Hopper isn’t impressed by guys who get taken hostage without a fight, nor by doctors who’ve had everything in life handed to them on a platter – no matter how beautiful. He definitely has no time for so-called “Hollywood royalty”.

A chance encounter has them admitting they might have more in common than they thought as cultures clash in SEAL of Trust.

This tense and simmering 80,000-word omegaverse tale contains explicit scenes of alpha/omega gay paranormal romance. Adults only!

The Cop and His Omega: Mpreg Romance
By Beau Brown

Brock Pilot always wanted to be a school psychologist, and he worked hard to make that happen. His first assignment is at his old high school and reality isn’t quite living up to fantasy. But he’s passionate about his career and even though the alpha/omega society he lives in expects him to settle down and have a bunch of babies, he isn’t interested.

Trevor Campbell pulls Brock over one afternoon and immediately recognizes Brock as the kindhearted boy who’d shown him around on his first day of school years ago. He’d always had a tiny crush on Brock, but they didn’t run in the same crowd, so they never really got close. But he’s always remembered how warm Brock was to him.

When the two run into each other yet again at a club, their mutual attraction sparks. Neither man is interested in anything serious, but they both enjoy each other’s company. They decide a friends with benefits type of relationship is just about perfect. Everything is hot, and fun and drama free.

Until Brock gets pregnant.

The Cop and His Omega is a 42, 000 word Mpreg Romance with lots of hot scenes and a HEA guaranteed.

Omega Healed: (A M/M Mpreg Shifter Romance) (Fated Omegas Book 2)
By Ryan Gray

Zeke.He's a human, but the animal in me doesn't care. I crave him, and whatever it takes I'm making him mine.Dr. Zeke Harper is used to caring for others, but his interest in new patient Liam Parker is purely selfish and purely carnal. But now he's fnd purely carnal. But now he's falling fast, and his carnal desires are starting to feel more like fate. A human fated mate might be unheard of, but Zeke is prepared to put everything on the line for his unlikely match.

My days are numbered, so why do I feel like I could live forever in his arms?

After receiving a life-shattering diagnosis Liam wants nothing more than to enjoy what time he has left. Emboldened by his impending fate he asks his hot new doctor on a date, all while leaving out the details of his grim fate. The last thing he expects is to have his every notion of how the world works altered by a surprise pregnancy. With a baby in the mix will his secret bring them together or tear them apart?

This 25,000+ word novella is steamy and sweet, with no cliffhangers, no cheating, and a HEA complete with a bundle of joy.

Can be enjoyed as a standalone or as book two of the Fated Omegas Series.

Examining His Omega: A Gay Mpreg Medical Steamy Short
By Victoria Brice

Cash, an Omega, is desperate to have a pup of his own. To make sure he’s healthy and capable of carrying, he books a session with the best rated fertility specialist in town.But when his doctor turns out to be a hot, dominant Alpha, the fertile Omegapha, the fertile Omega will get more than just a checkup!

Click “Look Inside” for a sneak peek now!

Author’s note: This steamy short story contains vivid descriptions of hot guy on guy action, Alpha/Omega social dynamics, knotting, and male pregnancy. Enjoy!