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Expecting For The Dragon (First Time Gay Mpreg Romance)
By Lucas Alexander

Can Caleb and Johannes keep their unborn baby safe as special forces are determined to destroy them all?Caleb Halle was never one for the club scene, but after a recent break up with his long term girlfriend he decided to check out a new gay club. Th a new gay club. There he meets a gorgeous man by the name of Johannes Almstead, a former member of the Danish Forces turned CEO.

Intrigue turns into infatuation as they spend a steamy night together. Bliss will be short lived as one secret is revealed after another. Is Caleb ready for the new world that Johannes has pulled him into? And can their relationship last when everyone and everything is trying to pull them apart?

Author Note: This 8,000 word standalone romance includes additional collections as a bonus, male pregnancy and a HEA. Not appropriate for readers under 18.

First Time
First Time (376 pages)
By Preston Walker

Corey is a wolfshifter omega, but he doesn't know it. He doesn't know anything, beyond his own first name. Where he's from, who might be looking for him - complete mysteries. Suffering from amnesia, the young omega encounters Officer Dell Brightly, an attractive alpha cop, who persuades the frightened shifter to come down to the station and get help. Deputy Jefferson is on desk, and vows to find out more about Corey's enigmatic past. Jefferson charges Dell with the duty to care for the omega, to teach him how to control his instincts and learn what it is to be a shifter. Dell and Corey grow close as the alpha guides the omega through the ins and outs of shifter life. The consummate professional, Dell careful avoids the topic of mating - until Corey finds himself in the throes of his first heat. Meanwhile, a war is brewing. A group of local panthers with a grudge against the shifters are preparing to gain retribution for a past wrong. As Corey becomes increasingly convinced that Dell is withholding at least part of the truth about being an omega, Deputy Jefferson seizes the opportunity to drive a wedge between the two - eventually kidnapping the young omega and revealing his own dark ambitions. Action and intrigue mingle with lust and emotion in "First Time", the captivating 50,000 word first installment of Preston Walker's new gay wolf shifter mpreg series, "Pure Omega Love." Peppered with scenes of explicit alpha/omega erotic gratification, "First Time" is intended for adult audiences only.

Under His Care: Hybrid Heat Mpreg Romance Book One
By Kiki Burrelli

He knows best…For nineteen years all Chuey needed to worry about was survival. Now that he’s safe, rescued from the jungles by his adoptive father, Logan, he can start discovering who he is and what he wants. What he wants is Ryder, the leader of an , the leader of an allied pack of wolf hybrid shifters. But Logan wants Chuey to have nothing to do with the older biker. He does all he can to keep them apart, including threatening the fragile friendship between the packs.

Ryder has made his fair share of enemies while leading his ragtag group of shifters. He’s made some allies too. That’s why when he senses that the son of one of his allies is his mate, he isn’t jumping for joy. The opposite. Chuey is new to the bear shifters and new to civilization in general. He doesn’t need an older man like Ryder handing him more problems. Especially a man who doesn’t only want Chuey to be his mate, but to be his boy as well.

Meanwhile, Ryder’s fiercest enemy of the moment, Marcos, is revving up an old feud. The world may be big, but their area of the world is small and Marcos doesn’t like Ryder’s pack encroaching on their territory. He uses the only tool he knows, violence, and when that violence reaches the feet of Ryder’s boy, Ryder decides it is time to end this feud for good.

Under His Care is the first book in the Hybrid Heat series. It features a May/Dec relationship, themes of dominance, light age play and a whole lot of steamy moments!

The Untouched Omega: A gay shifter mpreg first time romance (The Shifters of New York Book 2)
By Alex DuBois

Silver poisoning just might be the worst possible way to meet your mate, but that doesn't matter. Dante is Cory's new alpha, for as long as Cory can keep him alive...It's war. In a dangerous world where shifter battles the military, a newly-mated pai, a newly-mated pair of wolves must face their joint fate together, even while fate conspires to separate them. While danger reigns around Dante and his inexperienced omega, the draw of heat is impossible for any fated mates to resist.

But Dante is the key to infiltrating the military faction that threatens all of shifter kind, and a soon pregnant Cory must do his best to help from afar. Will their efforts be enough to secure a safe future for their growing wolf pup?

The Untouched Omega is a MM mpreg story, and it features explicit scenes, fated mates, and love conquering all. It can be read as a standalone, though the characters featured in it do appear in other Alex DuBois books.

MPREG BREEDING ROMANCE: FULL MOON MATING: Primal Wolf  (M/M First Time Gay Shapeshifter) (Gay Paranormal Romance Short Story Series)
By A.S. Ryder

GAY MPREG ROMANCE SHORT STORIESUp to this point, Adam has had a rough life. Raised in foster care, he's always kept the truth of his sexuality a secret, which has led to years of anguish and an inability to feel accepted.However, living in the suburbr />
However, living in the suburbs, he's always dreamed of being out in the open country, somewhere he can really be free and happy about who he is, without fear of judgment.

The chance to live that life comes, or so he thinks, when he manages to land a job as a rancher's assistant, doing office work and helping around the property.

Adam feels a deep, profound attraction to his new boss, John, but he knows he can't indulge it for the sake of his job security. And he knows that John's past has been a complicated one, to say the least, yet the temptation he presents feels far too strong to resist.

Will Adam risk it all and let himself fall prey to his own impulses?
Or will John's own furry little secret make things even more complicated than Adam can imagine? "


This is a standalone short story.

WARNING: This ebook contains hot sex scenes, naughty words, intense action and paranormal mysteries, intended for 18+ readers only.

Thrall: A Viking Mpreg (The Thorson Sagas Book 1)
By Isabel Steele

A Viking Warrior vows to protect his pregnant omega.Halvard is a renowned alpha viking. He lives for war, but in the midst of a raid, he finds a slave. In an instant, he knows he's found his mate. A man who heats his blood hotter than any battle. An otter than any battle.

An omega slave chosen by Odin.

Asgrim wasn't always a slave. He was the son of a Jarl but his destiny was ripped away from him. Yet, when the leader of a band of Viking raiders murders his captor, his journey to reclaim his birthright begins. The presence of his rescuer awakens a primal desire within, his first heat.

Asgrim seeks his destiny.

Their fate combined, the alpha and his omega set out to reclaim Asgrim's birthright. Halvard must fight for their lives and the life of their unborn child.

Together, they storm a path to glory...

Thrall is the first book in the Thorson Sagas and features vikings who are as sexy as they are brutal, a quest for glory, first times, knotty fun, mpreg (male pregnancy), an indulging alpha and a demanding omega. This is the first in a series, but these men find happiness by the end before the adventures continue in book two.

Taking His Omega (A First Time Gay Mpreg Werewolf Steamy Short)
By Victoria Brice

“He didn’t even know this man’s name, yet everything in him yearned to be taken, claimed, completely dominated.”Desperate for some quick cash, Cal, a starving artist Omega, takes a gig helping his sister prepare for a fancy cocktail party. But when hail party.

But when he unexpectedly goes into heat, Cal is hunted down, marked, and knotted by the hottest Alpha there!

Click “Look Inside” for a sneak peek now!

Author’s note: This steamy short story contains vivid descriptions of hot guy on guy action, Alpha/Omega social dynamics, knotting, and male pregnancy. Enjoy!

Strength of the Omega (Mountain Wolves Book 2)
By H.L. Holston, Sara York

For most of his adult life Jamie Matthews was an Alpha. But when his Army unit was captured by the Amity Brethren and he was experimented on, he became an Omega. After struggling to find his way, Jamie is finally happy with his mate, Max Gaines and back home in Lyons, Colorado.

However, the Amity Brethren isn’t done with Jamie and everyone and everything is suspect when the enemy sets its sights on Jamie’s unborn baby.

The world built for the series contains - Mpreg, omegas, fated mates, knotting, and sexy Alphas who sometimes like it rough

MPREG WOLF SHIFTER ROMANCE: GAY PARANORMAL ROMANCE: An Alpha's First Mate  (M/M First Time Gay Shapeshifter) (First Time Gay Alpha Wolf Series)
By A.S. Ryder

MPREG WOLF SHIFTE SHORT STORIES Having lost his intended mate in an accident years ago, werewolf alpha Kane has been slow to consider another chance at love. With his business struggling, his pack going hungry, and a rival pack pressing in on them, hand a rival pack pressing in on them, he may not need to worry about it--choosing a mate from the rival pack will set tensions at ease.

A complication comes in the form of a beautiful younger man Kane is immediately drawn to, who he soon realises is his true mate, and who has fallen pregnant with his child.

With an important merger and all-out war with the rival pack on the line, Kane must make choices that secure the future of his mate, his pack, and his unborn child--choices that are not as they first seemed.

With secrets being kept from him and deception around every corner, he’ll have to tread carefully to avoid losing everything again…

This is a standalone short story.

WARNING: This ebook contains hot sex scenes, naughty words, intense action and paranormal mysteries, intended for 18+ readers only.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: This is a gay paranormal romance short story collection with an HEA. This ebook contains mature themes and language, intended for 18+ readers only.