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The Omega's Fake Mate (Oceanport Omegas Book 4)
By Ann-Katrin Byrde

He was my best friend, my first love, and now he's my fake boyfriend....Nick knows omegas are supposed to be meek and obedient, but he must have been standing in the wrong line when those qualities were being handed out. After losing his job again fosing his job again for not keeping his mouth shut, he heads home to small town Maine to hang with family and stuff himself on Thanksgiving turkey.

Or that’s the plan until he wakes up one night, his heart racing with the certainty that his brother is in danger. Nick needs to protect Rhys, but his twin married into a cult that permits no unmated omegas to enter its gated communities. To get inside, Nick needs a mate—a fake one, because he has no interest in a real one. Unfortunately, the only alpha he’d trust with his brother’s safety is also the one he’d most like to avoid—his childhood sweetheart.

Zander’s life is full. By day, he runs his bookstore; by night, he writes steamy romance novels, and he’s happy that way. If only he could stop his parents’ matchmaking, his life would be perfect. Or so he thinks, until his first love approaches him with an impossible favor to ask. And maybe they could both win—Nick rescues his brother, and Zander gets his parents off his back for a while.

It’s supposed to be an easy mission, no feelings involved, but when the lines blur between what’s real and what’s pretend, things start to heat up—between the sheets and otherwise.

The Omega's Royal Baby: A Fake Fiance M/M Non-Shifter Mpreg Romance (Omegas and Royals Book 1)
By Taylor Bishop

The fiance isn’t real. But the feelings might be.A spoiled, alpha playboy prince and a penniless commoner must fake the romance of the decade to save the throne…NoahMy life used to be normal, until the night I met Gabriel.Before him, I was just tryin the night I met Gabriel.

Before him, I was just trying to make ends meet. I worked three jobs to make rent, pay my sister’s medical bills and take care of her cat Agatha.

I clearly didn't have time to play pretend fiance to a playboy prince to save his name...but I really needed the money.

But Gabriel's not like any alpha I've known before: he's kind, protective, and his body keeps a virgin like me up at night. With him I feel safe, cherished and wanted. I know he'll guard the baby he put in my belly with his life.

If only his enemies don't tear us apart before we have the chance to be a real family...


As the Crown Prince of Merovia, all my life I've known that I can have any omega in the world with a snap of my fingers.

That is, until Noah.

I've never met an omega like him before: he's gorgeous, vulnerable and irresistible all at once. I want to hold him, to keep him safe and guard him fiercely from the world.

When we get tangled up in a fake tabloid romance to save my reputation, we fall in love with each other for real and I put a baby in Noah's belly. I almost dare to hope that things will go well for our little, growing family.

But the royal family has its fair share of skeletons in the closet, and the latest one to emerge might ruin us for good...

The Omega's Royal Baby is a 30,000 word steamy, knotty and romantic mpreg romance with a guaranteed HEA!

His Pretend Omega: M/M Non-Shifter Alpha/Omega MPREG (Cafe Om Book 2)
By Harper B. Cole

Aiden needs a mate, or his dreams of launching his startup go up in smoke.Aiden has been working on his meal replacement shake, LifeFuel, for years while finishing up school. He's been using the funds provided by his wealthy parents to fund his enters to fund his enterprise, but they've laid down the law: find a mate in three months, or we pull our support. Aiden's not against the idea of mating, but he doesn't think it's fair to ask someone to split their attention between them and his business. And although his dads are the result of an arranged match, they're one in a million. He doesn't trust anyone to determine his future happiness like that.

Chris is having the worst year of his life.

When Aiden asks him to pose as his boyfriend for one dinner party at his dads', Chris is more than happy to play along. The pretend date highlights what a joke his relationship, if you could call it that, is with his somewhat-boyfriend, Will. He ends it, recognizing it for the dead end street it is. The next morning he finds out his apartment building has been condemned and to top it all off, he's pregnant.

It seems like the perfect solution.

Chris needs a safe place to stay and Aiden needs someone to parade in front of his parents without actually mating them. But in close proximity, the pheromones fly, making it hard to resist the attraction they already feel for each other. Chris doesn't see how anyone can accept him and his child, and Aiden considers himself married to his work. As the lies they tell others and themselves build up, will they be able to uncover the truths so they can claim their happy-ever-after?

His Pretend Omega is a 50,000 word novel with no cliffhangers that can be read as a standalone. It features a very pregnant omega, doting grandfathers, and lots of bedroom time.

The Omega's Defense: An MM Mpreg Romance (The Kings' Justice Book 2)
By Jane Hart

Liam Banner is going to throttle his cousin. Alex is in trouble again, and this time it’s illegal gambling. Liam has dreams. Ambitions. He doesn’t have time to clean up his cousin’s messes. But when a group of thugs come looking for Alex by tracking down Liam where he works, it looks like there’s no way out. Then something amazing happens: the sexy alpha attorney that Liam has been eyeing for months comes to his rescue.

Reid King has had a crush on the cute little omega at his regular coffee shop for ages. He keeps thinking he’ll ask the guy out one of these mornings, but things move a little faster than Reid intended when he finds Syndicate goons threatening the barista and Reid loses control of his instincts. He stakes his claim for the whole world to see. It turns out the omega is in trouble and needs a defender, and Reid is just the right alpha for the job.

Reid’s got a plan for keeping Liam safe and getting his cousin out of trouble, but Liam’s going to have to pretend to be Reid’s mate to pull it off. Letting Reid put those big hands on his body is no problem for Liam, but keeping his heart safe in the process is another matter entirely.

The Omega’s Defense is a non-shifter MPREG M/M romance novella with a guaranteed Happily Ever After. It is the second in The Kings’ Justice series, about the King brothers and the omegas they love.

Gold Dragon's Spark: MM Gay Dragon Shifter Mpreg Romance
By Rachel Kane

A dragon with a troubled pastDragon shifter Ric wants to make amends. After a foolish stunt in his past left an innocent bystander badly hurt, Ric spent every penny he had taking care of the injured man. But it's not enough, and the guilt weighs heavhe guilt weighs heavily on him. When his father offers him a fortune to provide an heir for the family, it should be the perfect plan...except Ric isn't interested in relationships. He just wants a way to pay for his mistakes.

An omega trying to do what's right
Bradley is trying to escape his past. The young omega used to be a member of a violent anti-dragon cult, but he has broken free, and all he wants is to put his life back together. But his family is broke, and about to lose their home. And now a dark figure from his past has returned to pull him back into the fight against shifters.

At first the future looks bright...
When Ric and Bradley meet, they realize they can help each other. A fake, temporary marriage will get Ric back in his family's good graces, and he'll have the money he needs to help the victim of his accident. And Bradley will be able to save his home, as well as get protection from the cult.

...But the past always catches up
But what was meant as a fake relationship turns real, as the dragon and omega begin to open up about the guilt they carry from their pasts. Neither wants to admit it, but this may be the deepest connection either has ever felt. And when Bradley realizes that a night of unprotected love may have left him pregnant, he feels even more bonded to the alpha. As close as they feel, though, there are secrets neither has shared. And now someone is revealing those secrets, one by one, to tear them apart. Will they give in to suspicion and guilt? Will they let all their history come between them? Can the power of forgiveness, understanding and love overcome the evil scheming of the people who would see them separated?

Gold Dragon's Spark is a 70,000-word mpreg dragon shifter novel featuring explicit scenes of M/M love, with an HEA and NO cliffhanger. It is a standalone novel that takes place in the same world as Iron Dragon's Thief, but can be read completely separately.

Reclaiming His Omega: M/M Non-Shifter Alpha/Omega MPREG (Cafe Om Book 5)
By Harper B. Cole

The only thing worse than your parents trying to marry you off to a guy twice your age is faking a relationship with your ex to keep them off your back.Parker will never forgive himself for the fight that made him lose Miles ten years ago... and thei years ago... and their baby.
Instead, he threw himself into his business, and it shows. He's the young CEO of a powerful international shipping and manufacturing company. But that's all he has in his life. And he intends to keep it that way. He had the love of his life in his grasp once, and he'd broken that chance. He isn't interested in anything less.

Miles thought he had put his past behind him, on track to make junior partner at a top law firm...
But there are some people who just can't handle the idea of an omega making his way in an alpha's world, and they did their best to rip him from his path. They succeeded.

Miles never intended to return home, but with no job and no prospects, the accusations of his former job hanging over his head, what choice does he have? His dad set him up with a position as a paralegal, but Miles knows that his parents expect him to settle down with an alpha and give up his "little fantasy" of being a lawyer.

Neither of them ever expected to see each other again.
But a chance meeting at Cafe Om leaves them both reeling, and with the high circles they both run in, it's inevitable they meet again. Parker is the only one available when Miles's parents throw him at their friend, but the harder they push, the more determined Parker is to protect Miles, from scheming parents, creepy alphas, or even himself.

Reclaiming His Omega is a 60,000 word novel with no cliffhangers that can be read as a standalone. Love never dies... it's just sometimes thwarted.

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