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You've Been Knotty: Gay paranormal mpreg holiday romance
By Kellan Larkin

“I wouldn’t have left if not for your scroogely ways.”Six months ago, spirited wolf-shifter Jake Marley walked out on his business partner and lover, Eben, vowing he’d never return. But everything changes when his pack turns on him, and the only pers, and the only person who can protect him is his former mate. Jake can’t afford to let his pride get the best of him, since it’s not only his life that’s in danger—the life of his unborn child is at stake too.

“Dragons guard their treasure with their life, and I’ve found mine.”

Eben Meiser only drove Jake away to prevent him from learning the truth—that Eben is a dragon-shifter, feared and shunned by society. Now Eben is preparing to spend Christmas alone when Jake comes hurtling back into his life, along with the surprise that he’s carrying Eben’s baby. Eben fights to protect their future, but will he and Jake be able to rekindle their past?

This Christmas novella is a sexy mpreg twist on the classic Christmas Carol. It contains a May/December romance with no cheating and a happily ever after.

The Twelve Alphas of Christmas: A Reverse Harem MPreg Shifter Holiday Romance
By Lorelei M. Hart, Coyote Starr

If he doesn’t choose a mate, his father will find one for him—but he has twelve perfect men to pick from and only twelve days to make a decision. As the first Omega born Pack Alpha heir, Darin had all an omega could ask for—power, freedom, and twelve, and twelve alpha born Betas who would lay down their lives for him. But as far as his father is concerned, Darin’s missing the one thing needed to become Pack-Alpha: a mate.

So he gives Darin an ultimatum and a deadline: choose a mate from his twelve betas by Christmas Eve or have one chosen for him. Luckily, his betas are willing to help him choose among them.

Now he has twelve days and twelve dates to decide.

But how can an Omega pick one mate out of twelve men who all own a piece of his heart? And does he really have to?

The Twelve Alphas of Christmas is a sweet reverse harem MPreg Christmas romance with a little bit of heat, a whole lot of smexy alphas, and a baby...or two.

Christmas with His Omega: A Mapleville Christmas Novella: MM Non Shifter Alpha/Omega Mpreg (Mapleville Omegas Book 1)
By Lorelei M. Hart

All he wants for Christmas is a safe place to have his baby. Santa has other ideas.When Pierce finds out the couple he is carrying a baby for is backing out of the arrangement, he has very mixed feelings. Ecstatic to be no longer legally obligated toobligated to give up the baby he has long since thought of as his, he’s also terrified he’ll be unable to provide for his new little treasure. Almost eight months pregnant, he sets off to find refuge at his grandmother's house, back in the town he called his own many years earlier, the town where he found and lost his one and only love, Rhone.

Rhone has a good life—an amazing career doing what he loves and a beautiful home. But even after the passage of many years, he still longs for the one thing he no longer has. Pierce, the omega who got away. After his family “moved” in the middle of the night to avoid his father’s gambling debts, Pierce never returned, leaving a vacant place in Rhone’s heart until one day when Pierce shows up at the diner where their love began.

All the feelings as well as the lust returned the moment they saw each other, only this time they weren’t two young men with no responsibilities. This time they had a third to think about, the sweet baby growing inside Pierce.

Christmas with His Omega is a holiday novella with sweetness, heat, and more than one Christmas Miracle.

The Alpha Duke's Christmas Omega: A Science Fiction M/M Non-Shifter MPreg Romance
By Coyote Starr

Old-fashioned rules.Overbearing lords.And one Alpha-Duke who sets his Omega's heart on fire.When Gavin Eastman joined the Space Fleet, he dreamed of seeing the universe. Instead, he’s sent to New Salisbury—the most backward planet in the galaxy—durinanet in the galaxy—during its holiday season. With the planet’s old-fashioned rules and overbearing lords, Gavin can’t wait to leave again.

But when Gavin meets Edmund, the Alpha-Duke of Warwickshire, he discovers that there might be more to life than space travel. And he might just have a little holiday bundle of his own to unwrap before his journey’s end!

Peppermint Spiced Omega: an M/M Omegaverse Mpreg Romance (The Hollydale Omegas Book 3)
By Susi Hawke

Tom Collins is a lonely omega. One by one, Tom's watched his friends pair up and find their forever mates while Tom goes out alone to flirt with randos at the Big O. Manager of Sweet Ballz, the popular candy shop in downtown Hollydale, Tom has his career on track. Now if he could just find an alpha to stick around for longer than a night.

Dr. Colin Samuels is busy. As an alpha specializing in emergency medicine, he keeps a punishing schedule. He doesn't have time, patience or even the energy to take up with an omega. Especially not a sassy little brat like the one he keeps running into. All he wanted was one hot night with the guy, not forever. So why can't he get the frustrating twink out of his mind?

Will Tom finally find love? Will Dr. Samuels get that speculum dislodged from his rear pocket and give them a chance? And who is the little girl that hits both men right smack in the feels? And what's the story with Tofer O'Toole, the new cage dancer at the Big O?

This is the third book of The Hollydale Omegas series. This book is about 30k and most likely contains an HEA. 18+ readers only please! And yes, this book contains M/PREG, adults adulting in sexy grown-up ways, and way more than an occasional use of potty mouth language.

Omega: Home in Time for Christmas (M/M Gay Mpreg Wolf Shifter Romance) (Omega Lost Book 1)
By D.H. Long

When Avery comes home from a business trip planning to propose to his one and only, his true love, a sexy little Omega, Nate who he's loved since forever he can't believe his mate isnt there, isn't waiting on him naked in the bed, or maybe whipping up some holiday treats for the two of them to share naked in the bed after an exuberant round of lovemaking. He's ready for that, and for starting their very own family, today! But, when he finds Nate is missing he's determined to find his love, and bring him home in time for Christmas!

A Perfect Christmas (The Den & Wolf's Mate Mpreg Romance)
By Kiki Burrelli

How many alphas does it take to set up a Christmas tree? Conner is going to find out. He has vowed to give his mate, Pippen, one perfect Christmas. His first perfect Christmas. Conner has the entire pack behind him to help so it should be easy…right? easy…right?

Farley is excited to help, it will give him a chance to ignore how his second pregnancy isn’t going quite as well as his first. He should be happy with sugar plums and fairies dancing in his head, instead, he’s stuck thinking he isn’t good enough and isn’t working hard enough to be a good enough mate for his alpha, Oscar.

As if things in The Den weren’t hectic enough while they prepare for Christmas an angry neighboring pack returns with more than mistletoe on their minds.

A Perfect Christmas is an mpreg romance novella stuffed with steamy moments, snowball fights and absolutely no fruitcake.

Omega's Noble Christmas
By Bella Mannaro

"So many Alphas go through life without finding their true mate, the one Omega seemingly designed by the Gods of Creation to ignite their soul and soothe their demons with a simple touch. Derek never believed in the tales, yet here was Joshua, proof of such a fated occurrence."

As a reporter for a local newspaper, Joshua is assigned to interview the powerful and handsome philanthropist Derek Carver for a story on his holiday charity work. Josh's editor, Thom, thinks the kind-hearted billionaire head of the Carver Foundation is too good to be true and wants Josh to expose the darker side of this seemingly perfect man.
When Josh arrives for his interview, he is captivated by Derek and both of them soon discover they are true mates. Derek asks Josh to come on a Holiday vacation with him to meet his family and Josh is excited.
Questions soon arise, however, and Josh's friend cautions him that his new love might not be the person he believes him to be. After seeing all the good he's done, Josh doesn't want to believe Derek's noble deeds are covering up a darker secret, but Derek is being evasive.
Josh's heart is telling him to believe Derek, but he becomes frightened as unanswered questions force him to doubt his mate. What is Derek hiding from his devoted Omega?

This book is approximately 25k and most likely contains an HEA. This is NOT for readers under 18, please! This book contains descriptive MM encounters, M/PREG, adult themes and very naughty language.

A Wolf's Christmas Bunny: MM Gay Mpreg Shifter Romance (Winter Wolves Book 1)
By Morgan Wood

His mother had warned him to never go to Blackstone Mountain…Omega rabbit Noam is late for his family’s Christmas dinner. To make it on time to celebrate the holidays, he has no choice but to pass through the dreaded Blackstone Mountain – or as the lntain – or as the locals call it, the Blackclaw Mountain due to the rumors that a pack of werewolves led by a man named Isaac Blackclaw lives there. Driving through the woods, before Noam has time to react, he slides off the icy road and crashes – only to be saved by a handsome man with piercing ice blue eyes.

But it turns out that the rumors of the mountain are true...

Now, what’s a bunny to do when he finds himself trapped inside the wolf’s den?

A Wolf’s Christmas Bunny is a short, standalone gay holiday romance with knotting and male pregnancy. Intended for mature audiences only.

Bear Season: A Christmas MPreg
By Kaleidoscope MM

Brody is trying to make his way home for Christmas, but he’s leaving his heart behind.It’s been months since he and Cole broke up, but he’s a hard man to get over. The break was inexplicable. They were solid. In love. But Cole had always been hot andbeen hot and cold. He’d be sweet then distant.

Never sure if it was his nature as a bear shifter or his nature as an alpha, Brody took it hard when Cole abruptly cut off their relationship.

But in this small town, it’s impossible not to run into him again, and Brody finds himself stranded on a cold, blizzardy Christmas Eve with the man who broke his heart.

Will the two work out why Cole thought his shifting ways would tear them apart? And will Brody run from his heat or embrace it?

A Family for Christmas: An MPREG Omegaverse Romance
By Reegan Lynch

Falling for the one person you can’t have? What else is Christmas for?Riley is an alpha with a problem: his family. Coming home for Christmas means more comparisons to his older brother Ethan, more disapproval from his parents, and more insinuationsand more insinuations that it’s high time he settled down with an “appropriate” omega—one his parents choose for him, of course. His one comfort is that his brother hasn’t showed any signs of settling down yet, either.

Until Riley opens the front door to find Ethan with an omega—a pregnant omega. An omega whose scent makes Riley’s blood sing like no other omega has before. Falling for his brother’s omega was not in Riley’s plans for the holidays, but he can’t seem to stop himself…

Accompanying his “boyfriend” home for Christmas is a last-ditch attempt for Chris to fix a relationship that’s already broken, if only for the sake of the child he’s about to bring into the world. But some things are easier said than done… especially when coming face-to-face with Ethan’s gorgeous brother makes things a lot more complicated.

Protective, kind, supportive: Riley is everything Chris’s baby daddy isn’t. For the first time, Chris starts to envision a real family and a future full of love for him and his child… with Riley, not with Ethan. But when his head says one thing and his heart another, which one should he follow?

A Family for Christmas is a 49,000 word slow burn omegaverse mpreg romance novel with no cheating, a guaranteed happily ever after, and plenty of Christmas cheer—not to mention the best Christmas gift an alpha and omega can ask for. Takes place in the same universe as the Sunport Omegas series!

Claiming His Miracle: An M/M Shifter MPreg Romance (Scarlet Mountain Pack  Book 6)
By Aspen Grey

The best presents don’t come wrapped up…Tyler is distracted. Ever since he laid eyes on the breathtaking omega, he’s known he was the one. Is it his eyes? One blue and one green? The luscious brown curls, or the way he’s playing hard to get?Nate has laying hard to get?

Nate has finally found a home. He's with a new pack, after escaping the clutches of his last alpha, who held him prisoner against his will, using him for one purpose only -- to give him a baby. He did, and that child, his sweet little boy, was taken away from him, and now Nate has built a set of walls around him so high that it’s unlikely he’ll ever be able to love again.

But one night, while out with his father at a meeting in Portsmouth, Tyler discovers a terrible secret, lurking in the cities underground. A black market for the ultra-rich, the elite, selling omegas like merchandise. And among them? Nate’s baby boy.

Tyler snatches the child and fights to escape, but is mortally wounded in the process. Nate manages to save him, and the two realize they are meant for each other. But Nate’s son is still out there, and Tyler vows to get him back.

Will Tyler be able to scale Nate’s emotional walls? Will Nate accept the alpha who’s been pursuing him for so long? And Will Tyler be able to find Nate’s son, and pull off a Christmas Miracle?

Claiming His Miracle is book #6 in the Scarlet Mountain Pack Series. Absolutely no cheating, no cliff hangers, birthing, knotting, and a beautiful pregnancy that will leave you feeling like a glowing, fuzzy, bundle of joy by the time you’re done. Enjoy your Christmas with a mated pair that will warm your hearts!

An Omega for Christmas: An M/M MPREG Romance
By L.C. Davis

A stolen child, an omega who never gave up, and an Alpha who will stop at nothing to bring them together again…Detective Dean Garza has almost everything an Alpha could ask for: a challenging career, a big, wonderful, wacky family and a comfortable pand a comfortable place to come home to at the end of a long day. What he doesn’t have is the omega he always imagined he’d be able to share it all with at this point in his life.

When a troubled kid gets dropped off at the station on Thanksgiving eve with nowhere to go, taking him in for the holidays is a given. When the young Alpha makes it clear that all he wants for Christmas is a reunion with the birth parents he’s never given up hope of finding, Dean sets out on a mission to get him the closure he needs to move on with his new adoptive family. He never counted on getting so attached, much less imprinting on Gavin’s birth father. Dean tells himself that love and good intentions alone can’t make a single Alpha and an omega with a dark past a suitable family, but his heart has other ideas the moment he meets Max.

Max has spent 12 years searching tirelessly for the infant son who was taken from him by an Alpha who refuses to stay in the shadows of the past. The omega does what it takes to get by, even if that means selling pieces of himself another took long ago. He’s worked with an string of private investigators, but now that he’s met one who’s finally closing in on the truth of what happened to Max’s son, the omega knows something has to change if he’s going to be the father he always wanted to be.

When Detective Garza shows up unannounced, Max is sure he’s just another henchman from his ex sent to keep him quiet. Instead, the handsome Alpha proves to be a threat of a whole different kind.

Approximately 43,000 words. This romance contains mature subject material that follows MPREG tropes and may have a rough road leading up to the inevitable happily-ever-after. Adult audiences only.

Omega's Christmas: A M/M Mpreg Holiday Steamy Short Story (The Omega Academy, Book 5)
By Victoria Brice

Bastion and Harley are mated and madly in love, but the combined stress of being new parents and running a company means less time for romance than they’d like. This Christmas is no exception: the two have a lot riding on their first annual company holiday party, and for the sake of their future, everything has to be perfect.

But Christmas is a time for surprises, and not just the ones you find under the tree…

Author’s note: This steamy but sweet holiday short story follows characters from the Omega Academy series two years later and contains potential spoilers for that series. However, Omega’s Christmas can be enjoyed as a standalone story for fans of male pregnancy, knotting, Alpha/Omega relationships, and vivid guy on guy action that’s hot enough to keep you warm all winter!

A Baby for Christmas (Oceanport Omegas Book 6)
By Ann-Katrin Byrde

The very best presents are nine months in the making...When Robin was three, his mother took him to the mall and then disappeared into the crowd of Christmas shoppers, never to be seen again. Growing up in foster care was hard, but finding out that hut finding out that he was omega gave him hope. Someday, he’d have his own family, better than the one that abandoned him. Problem is, he needs a partner. A good one. When his latest boyfriend dumps him—on Christmas Eve!—he ends up at his best friend Ben’s house. Ben used to be a fantastic partner, but he’s got his own demons, so Robin tries to be happy with just his friendship these days.

Ben’s always loved Robin, but as the fourth generation in a family that passes down abuse like it’s an heirloom, he’s decided to put an end to the pattern. He plans to never have children, for fear he’ll turn out just like his father, and so he keeps Robin at arm’s length. Until Robin goes into heat and all plans are turned upside down.

Robin is pregnant, a Christmas miracle. The start of the family he’s always wanted. But is Ben strong enough to overcome his fear and his family history? And can Robin, abandoned by so many, find the courage to trust Ben to stay?

***While this book can be read separately from the Oceanport series, it takes place in the same location and readers of the series might recognize one or two friendly faces around town.

The Omega's Christmas Baby: M/M Non-Shifter Alpha/Omega MPREG
By Liza Carling

A shy omega in a Christmas sweater...Eric is a quiet omega, and he's never considered himself very lucky. When his alpha brother convinces him to come to a St. Patrick's Day party as his designated driver, Eric knows he is going to have a terrible tia terrible time. He hates parties, and in his mind, the only holiday worth celebrating is Christmas.

A socially awkward alpha...
Connor just wants his friend to stop pestering him about getting out more. He knows that he should be more social, but parties just aren't his thing. He finally agrees to come out to the St. Patty's Day bash with his friend, just to get him to shut up about it. As soon as he arrives, he knows he is going to be miserable all night - until a timid omega wearing a hideous Christmas sweater literally falls into his lap.

When their paths cross, Eric is seeing rainbows, and Connor knows he has found his pot of gold.

The search is on...
Eric and Connor's lucky night comes to an abrupt end when their companions get into trouble, causing them to be separated in the crowd of partygoers before they have even exchanged numbers. Or *cough* names.

How hard can tracking down a nameless one-night stand be?
Spring has turned into fall...but fate is supposed to lead true love back to you in due time, right? Christmas is fast approaching, and there is an unexpected gift being delivered this year - but will the lucky lovers find their way back into each other's arms in time to open it together?

An Omega for Christmas: An Alpha and Omega Story (A Gay Alpha Omega M/M MPreg paranormal shifter short read)
By Sam Abbot

An Omega for Christmas: An Alpha and Omega Story by Sam AbbotWhen Grey Lawson, Alpha of the Delta Mountain Pack, visits the local coffee shop in River Mountain during tense negotiations over territory with Kelvin Patrick, Alpha of the Red River Pack, River Pack, he gets more than he bargained for when he picks up the compatible scent of Matthew Chandler, an omega who works there as a barista. Matthew is someone who Grey thought he would never find - a potential mate and a fresh chance for happiness - after he split with his lover, Jon, because he couldn't see a long term future with him.

Matthew is an omega with a painful past that he would rather forget, but every time he sees former boyfriend, Kelvin Patrick, he's reminded of what a failure he is. To make matters worse, Kelvin has made it his mission in life to make Matthew's life as miserable as possible after dumping him last year when Matthew failed to become pregnant. Now, Kelvin has moved on with another mate and Matthew is lonelier than ever with Christmas fast approaching.

After agreeing to go on a date with Grey, Matthew feels anxious about committing to another Alpha, especially when he can't give Grey what every Alpha wants - children. But Matthew soon learns that the future doesn't matter if he can't escape his past, and when Kelvin finds out about his involvement with Grey, the Alpha threatens Matthew and he is left with no option but to turn to Grey to protect him.

As the weather takes a turn for the worst, and with everything at stake, can a Christmas miracle bring Matthew and Grey together and give them everything they have ever wanted?

The Omega's Christmas Wish: an MM Shifter MPREG Romance
By Alex Miska, V. Soffer

I will not jump my sexy boss. Not in the car.          Not under the stars.Not at the light.          Well... maybe I might.No! I will not jump him here or there.           I will not jump him anywhere.I will not jump my sexy boss. I will not jump yoI will not jump my sexy boss. I will not jump you, To-bi-as!

TOBIAS is a salty, snarky omega who doesn’t play well with others. But does he really need more friends than the sister he adores and the puppies at the shelter where he volunteers? The only thing keeping Tobias' job safe is his pliable assistant, Malcolm — an alpha who knows his way around code and takes care of everyone and everything for which Tobias has no patience.

MALCOLM is willing to be an omega’s PA, if it means getting a foot in the door at a prestigious tech company. It’s like a paid internship — Tobias helps him grow as a programmer, and he provides a buffer between Tobias and the world at large. Without Mal’s help, the little guy would either starve or freeze to death… or get stabbed by another coworker.

When an alpha-omega matchmaker sets them up on a date, one stolen kiss confirms what their wolves already knew: they’ve found their True Mate. Fate may want them together, but their precariously-balanced careers could very well keep them apart.

Perhaps all it takes is one Christmas wish…

THE OMEGA’S CHRISTMAS WISH is a 46k-word, light & funny, wolf shifter, fated mates, A/O, MPREG, paranormal, gay romantic comedy. This holiday tail contains male pregnancy and steamy scenes for mature audiences only, as well as a pouncy niece, a pretend date, a puppy named Kitty, a potential litter of platypuses, and some knotty holiday fun.

Mistletoe Omega: Christmas Mpreg Romance
By S.C. Wynne

Sam Styles is having a horrible holiday season. He’s just found out he’s pregnant, and his alpha has bolted, leaving him stranded. Sam hides his pregnancy because a pregnant omega without an alpha isn’t popular in his omega/alpha society.Graham PeterGraham Peters is an alpha who is fifteen years older than Sam. While Graham doesn’t realize Sam is pregnant, something about the younger omega tugs at his heart. He wants to help the down on his luck omega.

The two men grow close when Graham opens his home to Sam. But Sam is guarded and afraid of what might happen if Graham discovers he’s is pregnant with another alpha’s baby.

This is a 28,000 word Christmas Mpreg story with a guaranteed HEA.

Jingle Bears (The Bears of Falcon Ridge Book 3)
By Susan E Scott

Connor and Falcon have been together for a year and a half and are about to spend their second Christmas together. The way things have been going for the last few months has Falcon wondering if he should refer to it as their second Christmas or their last. With the mood that Connor has been in lately, Falcon isn’t sure that Connor even wants to be with him anymore.

Connor knows that he’s been acting like an ass, but he’s hurt with Falcon and can’t seem to get past it. On top of that, he’s been sick for a couple of weeks and doesn’t seem to be getting better, so now he’s worried that something serious may be wrong. And to add insult to injury—he’s gaining weight!

Both men are miserable and it’s only a few weeks until Christmas. Will they be able to work out their problems and have a merry holiday or will it take a Christmas miracle to get them back on track?

A Christmas Caroling: An Alpha/Omega Non-Shifter Mpreg Christmas Romance
By Penelope Peters

The last thing alpha Rudy Mitchell wants to do is spend the evening caroling with the local community center – especially since he’s been paired up with the omega dork wearing the ridiculous Christmas sweater. But when the omega is injured during their walk, Rudy’s protective instincts kick into gear – and he finds himself singing a whole different song.

Omega Harry Chen just wants a little Christmas cheer before he leaves on a six-month-long apprenticeship on the other side of the world. He doesn’t plan on falling on some black ice… or falling in love with his caroling partner. Now Harry’s half a world away… and wondering how he’s going to tell Rudy about the Christmas surprise neither of them anticipated.

When Harry’s apprenticeship is over – will Rudy greet Harry and their surprise with open arms? Or will next Christmas feature solo acts only?

A Christmas Caroling is an alpha/omega non-shifter mpreg romance. It features horrible Christmas sweaters, beautifully painted glass bottles, and an HEA ending.