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Billion Dollar Baby: An Mpreg Romance (Frat Boys Baby Book 3)
By Aiden Bates, Austin Bates

Getting attached was the cardinal sin…As an omega FBI agent, Giovanni Rizzi has done more undercover operations than are good for him. He’s on his third op in two years and having trouble remembering who he’s supposed to be. When a one-night-stand a one-night-stand ends up being his new boss, the mission gets messy.

Alpha Marcus Stern’s new FBI job isn’t everything he expected it to be, his authority hampered at every turn. If the boredom doesn’t kill him, the loneliness just might. Especially since the hot one-nighter he can’t forget turns out to work in his department. If only he could shake the nagging feeling that he’s missing something…

Gio’s investigation and Marcus’ digging collide. The men can’t deny the draw between them - but the ethics of their relationship is the definition of complicated. When an unexpected pregnancy and a break in the case send the men scrambling, will they be able to overcome all the secrets between them, or will their relationship go down in a hail of bullets?

A New Chapter: An Mpreg Romance (Prelude To Love Book 1)
By Aiden Bates

It’s lonely at the top… until it isn’t.Omega Myrick Thomas has made a pretty good life for himself, climbing the corporate ladder to become CEO of his own company. Still, it was a lonely life as he lived in fear of being used for what he was – and whhat he was – and what he could give people.

In walks his new vice president, the tall, dark, and devastatingly handsome alpha Tristan Chefant. Suddenly Myrick has much less trouble with the idea of being used – in every way imaginable.

What happens next is way more than a typical office romance. Can the gorgeous alpha help the reclusive billionaire omega emerge from his shell?

This 50,000-word gay paranormal romance is hotter than hot. Containing intensely erotic and detailed scenes, this sizzling omegaverse tale is intended for adults only.

Sweet Pregnant Omega (MPreg Hospital Book 2)
By Dex Bass

Ollie needs love. He just won’t let himself find it.For years, he’s nursed a crush on his happily married alpha boss. It’s nice and predictable. Ollie knows there’s no chance of success. No surprises. Ollie always chases and Adam always pushes him awushes him away. Like banging his head against the wall. Nice and predictable.

Ollie isn’t bad looking at all. Quite the opposite, actually. His curly black hair fits his snarky manner, and his couple of extra pounds just make him cuter. He’d have no problem finding a mate, if he ever got his mind off his boss.

Ollie and his gorgeous alpha colleague Arlo team up to solve a medical mystery. They work so well together. They get each other’s jokes. And Arlo can’t stop staring at Ollie. And dreaming of giving him a baby.

But Ollie is so fixated on his reliably unavailable boss. He’s terrified of liking a man who might actually reciprocate his feelings. Arlo can wait, but he has no shortage of omegas who’d love to cut in front of Ollie for Arlo’s affections.

Can Ollie start to love himself before Arlo walks away?

Sweet Pregnant Omega is a non-shifter male pregnancy romance with two sweet hunks stumbling onto their self-esteem, swollen feet, wacky pregnant-man breakfasts, rooftop love, an adorable baby, and a warm and comfy HEA.

The Dragon Boss
The Dragon Boss (336 pages)
By Anna Wineheart

What happens when you send an accidental dick pic with your resume?On the run from dark-web criminals, Lucian Bolt has given up on a permanent safe place—all he needs is a temporary one, so he can earn some quick cash and run again. Better to flee, t. Better to flee, than linger in the truth: because of his electronic whispering abilities, his family has been murdered. A person like him doesn't deserve happiness.

Then Lucian meets Knox, and things change.

As the boss of Whole Fish Seafoods, Knox has everything—except a family. Fifty years ago, wolf-shifters murdered his mate and child. Believing himself a failure, Knox has sworn off taking another mate... until he meets the job applicant that stumbles into his office.

Lucian smells like wolves. Suspicious, Knox frisks him, and plants his seed in Lucian. Only to find out a week later that Lucian's not the non-magic human he claimed to be. And that Lucian is now pregnant... with a dragon child.

With Knox, Lucian glimpses what a happy future could be like. And with Lucian, Knox has someone to protect again. As the sparks between them grow, and as the dark tendrils of their pasts coil ever closer, can Lucian and Knox find their way to a future together?

The Dragon Boss is a 74,000-word dragon-shifter novel with sentient shopping carts, a kraken, and a dragon who will not fail his mate. No cheating, no cliffhangers, but there definitely is a Happily Ever After.

The Omega's Alpha Boss: M/M Omegaverse MPREG Gay Romance (The Omega's Surprise Baby Book 1)
By Bonnar King

With the holiday season fast approaching, Leo, a sweet and somewhat innocent omega is too wrapped up with his family print business and article deadlines to enjoy himself, especially since he’s just discovered his boyfriend cheating on him at the parthe party he was meant to attend.

Leo loses all hope that he’ll ever be able to find his fated mate, his true alpha husband, and to have a baby. Little does Leo know that this holiday season will be one to remember for all those reasons!

Upset for being cheated on for being a good omega boyfriend, Leo lets his hormones get the better of him and makes out with a sexy alpha stranger in the dark elevator of a hotel, only to run away like Cinderella before his prince can learn more about him. Putting it down to a drunken mistake, Leo vows to put the sexy incident behind him and never to repeat it.

Lucas Hiddleston is an alpha that always gets what he wants. Especially omegas — he loves to dominate them and show them who’s the boss, before moving onto the next omega. However, he didn’t plan on wanting the uptight omega he’s trapped in the elevator with… until he kisses him. 

Imagine Lucas’ shock when he later finds out the same omega is the son of the man whose business he’s just acquired. Not only that, but he has to work alongside him, and realizes the want and desire for the omega intensifies every time he’s close enough to smell his sweet scent.

But it’s not all sunshine and rainbows initially—too afraid to be honest with their true feelings, they fight like cats and dogs, arguing and disagreeing on almost every business decision, which only helps turn up the heat factor for both of them. Can they go from enemies to lovers?

Lucas’s alpha nature demands that he has the omega all for himself, but Leo’s the forbidden fruit because workplace relationships between bosses and employees are against company policy. Not only that, but Lucas has spent too much time and energy building his business empire, to just blow it all on an office fling and the risk getting an omega pregnant!

But rules are made be broken. Eventually, one thing leads to another and now Leo’s pregnant with Lucas’ baby.

How can Leo break the news of his pregnancy to Lucas when he knows he has to keep their affair a secret? Should he even tell Lucas, because if doesn’t want commitment, he probably won’t want to be a dad, either.

Will they be find a way to be honest about how they feel for one another?
Will Leo ever tell Lucas the truth about his pregnancy and who the father is?
Will Lucas be able to overcome his commitment issues due to his family history?
And most importantly, will Leo and Lucas get what they’ve always too afraid to even dream of — to have a family of their own?

This is a standalone 37,000 word M/M Gay Enemies-to-lovers romance with a HEA, featuring MPREG (male pregnancy) and adult situations.

Note: The books in the 'Omega's Baby' series can be read in any order.

His Alpha Lover: M/M Mpreg Shifter Romance
By Avery Knox

Lone wolf shifter Luke left his past and pack behind to become the man he is today. Rich. Successful. Desired by every gay man in the city. But now that he has everything he ever wanted, he realizes there’s something missing. Then, he meets Sam, a sexy, shy new intern. Could this young omega be his answer?
Sam is over-the-moon excited to be working for Carver Media Inc. He can’t believe his luck when the billionaire CEO, Luke Carver himself, takes notice of him in the office. No one has ever seen him the way Luke does. However, Sam finds out too late that Luke is a man with many secrets. Before he knows it, Sam is in trouble he could never have expected.
Things are just starting to heat up between them when a dark reminder from Luke’s past storms back into his life. The pack that cast Luke out is in danger, and Luke must leave Sam behind to return to his hometown where another vicious pack of wolves has claimed territory.
When Sam finds out he’s pregnant with Luke’s child, he’ll stop at nothing to protect the man he loves. Defying Luke’s wishes, he sets out to find him.
Luke must choose between the world he left behind and his mate. Sam. The man carrying his child.

His Alpha Lover is a gay paranormal romance, containing sexually explicit scenes. It is a stand-alone novel with a HEA and no cliffhangers.

Punishing His Omega: A Gay Mpreg BDSM Steamy Short
By Victoria Brice

Brandon, a promising young designer, is determined to impress his notoriously strict (and gorgeous) Alpha boss, Mr. Maxwell.So when Brandon unexpectedly goes into heat before a crucial business meeting, he hopes he can hide it from his coworkers. But his coworkers. But when his boss discovers his deception, the fertile Omega will be taught a lesson…

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Author’s note: This steamy short story contains vivid descriptions of hot guy on guy action, Alpha/Omega social dynamics, knotting, and male pregnancy. Enjoy!

Lawyer's Secret Omega: M/M Non-Shifter Mpreg (Dewey Cheetum & Howe Law Book 1)
By Bella Bennet

When paralegal omega Ryan is moved onto his crush's team, it was only a matter of time before the law office rule of no employee dating was broken.Now, as Ryan's boss, wealthy alpha law firm partner Marcus has a secret pregnancy and relationship with and relationship with Ryan to hide or they'll both lose their jobs.

But the secret pregnancy is the least of their problems when Ryan's ultra conservative parents find out...

Workplace unresolved tension. A forbidden romance. An unplanned pregnancy. Can a commitment-phobic alpha and a reluctant omega seize their chance at happiness?  

Lawyer's Secret Omega is a 64,000 word non-shifter mpreg romance with a secret pregnancy, secret relationship, surprise wedding, an Alpha to the rescue, time with the adorable baby, steamy times in the boss's office and HEA.

The Omega’s Billionaire Alpha: M/M Omegaverse MPREG Gay Romance (The Omega's Surprise Baby Book 2)
By Bonnar King

This is a 37k Novella with a HEA and NO CLIFFHANGER! Justin:I like thrills, whether it’s in the form of riding fast cars, jumping out of airplanes or having sex with omegas in public places. I don’t mind the media covering my escapades, because my moring my escapades, because my motto in life is only one: live it to the fullest, and damn those who try to stop you.

Except the board members in my own company disagree and want to fix my image.

To appease them, I do it. I even let them hire me a new PR rep—Sam, a bossy omega who's big green eyes spark more fire than what’s legal. At first it annoys me.

Now it just tempts me.

Sam’s not my type. But the closer we get, the more difficult it is to resist the little spitfire—and I wonder if a few kisses and stolen moments of pleasure are enough to get him out of my system.

I don’t like thrills. I like stability, and my work has got to be the most stable thing in my life right now.

When I’m asked to work for a high-profile billionaire alpha, I refuse at first—until they dangle an irresistible offer under my nose and I have no choice.

He’s arrogant. He’s too reckless for his own good. He thinks his devilish grin will let him get away with anything. Well, he’s in for a surprise, because I’m not that easy.

But imagine my surprise when I discover that underneath the tough exterior is a man with dignity and more passion than he’s willing to admit.

And suddenly I find myself attracted to him and trying to fight it with my every breath… Falling in love and getting pregnant wasn’t part of the plan.

This is a standalone 37,000 word M/M Gay Romance with a HEA, featuring MPREG (male pregnancy) and adult situations.

The books in the 'Omega's Surprise Baby' series can be read in any order.