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Omega's Arrangement (Book 1): Bad Boy Mpreg Romance (Omega's Baby  )
By Stephan Lyons

He chose to follow the path that was laid out for him rather than choosing me. That was his choice. I choose to be better than the chaos that surrounded me but now I’m right back in the middle of it. It was easy for him to let me go back then but now me go back then but now his goons are bringing me right back to him.

Right back running errands for his MC and taking care of his son like we are some kind of family.

I should be starting a family of my own but I can’t let his son go unprotected.

He is my responsibility.

Omega's Arrangement is a stand-alone romance that includes mpreg and suspense. Not appropriate for readers under 18.

Wed to the Omega: An MM Mpreg Romance (Luna Brothers Book 1)
By Ashe Moon

For Tresten Croc, a headstrong omega enrolled in the alpha dominated Fighting Arts School, an arranged marriage is about the worst thing that could ever happen to him—especially when his husband-to-be is none other than his rival classmate, the jockish playboy alpha, Loch Luna.

Their families need this alliance in order to retain their place as clan leaders, so the two young fighters reluctantly agree to be wed. There’s absolutely no way they’d ever actually fall in love… so what will Tresten and Loch do when they learn they need to produce an heir?

Wed to the Omega is a 50k word, steamy MPreg story full of action and romance, set in an exciting and vibrant new shifter world. It is the first book in the Luna Brothers Series, and can be read as a standalone novel.

The Omega's Unplanned Baby:  Alpha/Omega Mpreg Romance: Omegas Unbound Book 1
By Rune Davenport

Lane Monahan has plans. College, an education, freedom from his overbearing parents, and some no-strings-attached fun with a hot Alpha. Preferably Gareth Crawford. The Alpha, a family friend, has dominated his fantasies for years.Things that don't fihings that don't fit into his plans? Falling in love with Gareth Crawford and then being contractually bonded to him. Goodbye, freedom. Right?

Self-made billionaire Gareth Crawford has been biding his time for years. He’s known since meeting Lane that the omega is the only one for him. But the spirited omega needed the chance to grow up without an Alpha breathing down his neck. After years of careful planning, Gareth now needs to convince Lane to say yes to a bond, promising him the freedom he desires.

Love was part of the plan, but will those two headstrong characters manage to navigate the complexities of a strong bond? And what happens if you add an unplanned baby to the already explosive mixture?

The Omega's Unplanned Baby is a 63,000 word non-shifter Alpha/omega MPreg romance, with a cheeky, scheming omega, a equally scheming, decisive Alpha, arranged marriage, hints of fated mates, and an unplanned but much wanted baby or two. It’s book one of a planned series but can be read as a stand-alone novel. Happy end guaranteed.

Mate Me, Hate Me, Date Me, Love Me (Unexpected Book 3)
By Chris McHart

When his father, King Harold, forces Prince Gerome to mate a complete stranger in order to save his unborn child, he complies with a heavy heart and says goodbye to all his dreams of finding love. Gerome’s hurt and treats his mate the way he’s been taught all his life: through power and submission. But with Luis, it doesn’t work.

When Luis is mated off to a stranger, his world ends. He was a carefree student one day and the next a vampire prince demands his submission. He can’t run, but he can hide and hate in silence. So he withdraws until only a shell remains.

Neither of the men has any chance of finding love together until a friend intervenes. Can Gerome forget what he’s been taught all his life, and is it possible for Luis to forget what’s happened to him? Will they ever find their own happy ending? And can love blossom where only hate exists?

A non-shifter, non-alpha/omega m-preg story with 85000 words and a happy ending. Third book in the Unexpected series. Best read in order!
This book has been previously published with a different cover. No other changes have been made.

Bad Boy Babysitter: A Wolf Shifter Mpreg Romance
By Liam Kingsley

A well-to-do alpha father. A bad-boy omega babysitter. Could they be fated mates?Handsome alpha wolfshifter Gideon had his youth stolen by an arranged, loveless marriage, and despite his affluent lifestyle and a son he loves dearly, there’s something, there’s something missing.

Enter omega Ryan, who is anything but affluent. When Gideon calls on the tasty young bad-boy to babysit Gideon’s son Noah, a spark between them ignites, but will the flames burn bright enough to overcome their differences?

Animalistic lust runs deep between these two opposites in The Alpha’s Babysitter, a 50,000-word gay paranormal wolfshifter mpreg tale. Intense sexual content makes this slow-burn gay romance a story intended only for adults.

Regal Bloodlines
Regal Bloodlines (318 pages)
By Preston Walker

A Cinder-fella love story with a twist of kink and passion. Under scrutiny by the kingdom, Prince Alfred must prove himself as the rightful owner of the throne. With his twin brother out for retaliation, Alfred is challenged and forced to marry and o marry and produce an heir to the throne.

Omega Oscar Winters has had his share of heartbreak. After all, his last Alpha left him, and his family ripped his very own son away shortly after he'd given birth. Now, all Oscar wants is to move on with his life and help other males deliver their babies. But when the prince sends out a decree requesting all singletons to attend a ball, Oscar cannot deny his interest.

After Alfred chooses Oscar as his mate, he discovers the truth behind Oscar's past. As the two grow closer, they vow to protect each other against the vicious members of their families. In a quest to get back Oscar's baby and a fight for the throne, they learn the true meaning of love and family. But is what they find strong enough to fight the regal bloodlines that threaten to destroy them?

In this 50,000-word gay paranormal romance, Regal Bloodlines, two men learn how to fight for what they want, for who they are, and for whom they love. With explicit scenes and strong sexual content, this novel explores the height of sexual pleasure and need. And when one man discovers he's pregnant, they will both fight for exactly what they need in life.

Bound to the Omega: An MM Mpreg Romance (Luna Brothers Book 4)
By Ashe Moon

Alpha Arthur Luna has sworn off all men.Thirteen years ago, his best friend was forced to be married off to another alpha, even though the two of them were in love. Determined not to have his heart broken again, Arthur has no plans to settle down... o plans to settle down... Until he discovers that Perry is back in town.

Perry Houndfang curses his arranged marriage. Thirteen years ago, he didn't just leave Wolfheart behind—he left the love of his life. With a cheating, scornful husband on his tail, and a three-year-old daughter to protect, Perry's back in Wolfheart to seek refuge... But he wasn’t expecting to run into Arthur again.

As they rediscover each other, it becomes obvious that fate had meant for them to be together. But Perry is still bound to another. To reclaim his love, Arthur must defeat Perry’s husband in a motorcycle challenge; a death-defying race between two wolf alphas: winner takes all.

Bound to the Omega is a “second chance” story full of steamy romance, page turning action, and MPreg themes set in an exciting and vibrant new shifter world. It is the fourth and final book in the Luna Brothers Series, but is written so that it can be enjoyed on its own.

Society's Most Eligible Omega: (Regency mPreg)
By Shane Honorae

Three charming Alpha suitors. One season to find a mate.Zane has looked forward to coming out in society ever since he presented as an Omega. He’s dreamed of the spectacular parties, new clothes, and dashing Alphas filling his dance card. But thanks card.

But thanks to his scoundrel of a father, their family’s finances are in dire straights. Unless Zane marries well, he and his younger sister will be carted off to debtor’s prison.

Zane’s determined to save his family, even at the cost of his own happiness. Is it possible to find love in one short season?