Mpreg Angel Books

Angel Lust: An M/M Mpreg Angel/Demon Fantasy Romance (Nephilim Slave Book 1)
By Alanna Lynd

When innocent, young Lerajie, the son of the Prince of the Nephilim, first meets a stranger in his father's forest, he immediately feels the power of the virile man's charisma. The stranger is no other than the angel Ariael, the Lion of God -- and greatest enemy of Lerajie's father.

Lerajie cannot resist the man's cruel seduction, especially when Ariael's touch teaches him for the first time that he craves to submit to the powerful man. Ariael's strength and masterful domination shows him ecstasy he has never known before. But Ariael claims more than just the young demon's virginity. Ariael claims his soul -- and soon, Lerajie finds that not only has he surrendered to his father's greatest enemy, he now also bears his child and heir.

The Nephilim Slave series chronicles the passionate journey of Lerajie and Ariael. Can passion and desire overcome the eternal enmity between angels and demons? And can a child teach the arrogant, seductive angel what it means to find love?

The Angels Fall (Boundless Love Book 1)
By Noah Harris

Tobias thought sequestering himself alone on a mountaintop would protect his ravaged heart, but even he can’t deny the passion of an unearthly love.Tobias had gotten so used to living in perfect—if lonely—solitude that nothing outside an act of god cact of god could have driven him back out into the world. After a childhood filled with monstrous cruelty in the guise of piousness and the swift, brutal loss of his truest love, he dragged his bruised and beaten heart off into the wilderness. He thought that he was finding safety in isolation, but love has a way of sneaking past even the most well-guarded fortress.

Enter Azrael.

The naked and unconscious man Tobias finds in the surrounding woods is more than mysterious with fallen angel looks that are more than just coincidence. Azrael spent centuries on Earth ushering lost souls back through those heavenly gates. His sacrifice takes a toll and he longs to return to the gracious arms of his heavenly brethren. Before he’s granted entrance, Azrael is given one final task: save the soul of Tobias, a lost and brokenhearted mortal.

As Tobias teaches Azrael the many delights of human appetite, the two men find themselves falling more deeply into each other’s hearts. But will a human existence ever be enough for a fallen angel? Can Tobias accept that even the most scarred and broken heart has hope of healing?

The Angel’s Fall is a gay romance novel with earthy sex scenes. Traversing both the ecstasy and the agony of love’s landscape, two men must confront their own diametrically opposed histories in order to save their future. Perhaps, there could be heaven on earth.

Divine Intervention: Angel's Baby (A M/M Mpreg Paranormal Romance)
By Reegan Lynch

“If the Seraphim find you, they will kill you.”When I agreed to sit in on my sister’s class to keep her from failing, I never expected him to walk through the door. Professor Rafian Castelli is stunning and all I can think about is how much I want tabout is how much I want to get my hands on him. Our one-time rendezvous is supposed to be just that--a quick, fiery romp with no strings attached. We part knowing we’ll never see each other again.

There’s just one little problem…

He’s not human.

I’m pregnant with his child.

And if he can’t keep me safe, I might lose everything.

The Seraphim are here.

This 48,000-word novel contains adult language and graphic sexual situations, male pregnancy, no cliffhanger, and a guaranteed HEA.

Alpha's Snow Angel: An Mpreg Romance (Snowed Inn Book 2)
By Crystal Crofft

An old flame is rekindled, but there's more at stake here than just their hearts.Timothy Snow lands his first job right after college graduation. The handsome, young Omega has his work cut out for him, managing the restaurants at his family’s ski resly’s ski resort. Everyone is depending on him to get the business back in the black. If he can't turn things around, the family could lose everything.

Timothy works hard, and struggles against unhelpful family members, but there's no relief in sight. The last thing he needs is a distraction. Especially not, Derek D'angelus, the sexy, playboy Alpha he knew in college.

Derek's rich parents just cut him off. The boy who was born with a silver spoon in his mouth is sleeping on his cousin's couch. Worse, he's having to apply for gainful employment. The last person he expects to meet is his college crush, Timothy.

Their attraction is still as strong as it was two years ago.

Snowed Inn is still in financial peril and Timothy knows that it's up to him to save the business. When Timothy finds out he's got a baby on the way, he faces an uncertain future. A playboy partner, who might not be ready to be a dad and a ski resort on the edge of bankruptcy.

Alpha's Snow Angel is an mpreg romance, featuring old friends becoming lovers and an HEA with a bouncing baby. Steer clear if you're averse to hot, sweaty, baby making between two men.

Angel's Temptation: An MM Paranormal Romance
By Angela Sky

Can an angel avoid the temptations of the flesh when he tries to help his handsome charge?Ahava’el, a newly made angel, is different from most of his brethren. He was the first Messenger created in several thousand years for a special mission. One ofd years for a special mission. One of Michael’s human namesakes, Mick, is in trouble. So far inspiration has not helped the young human turn to a better future. Even with his different status, Havi is restless and rebellious. He reminds archangels Michael and Gabriel of another rebellious brother. Thousands of years ago that brother caused the Great War. Despite misgivings, they send him to Earth to help world-weary Mick. But problems wait for Havi as he embarks on his quest. Corporeal life presents temptations that could lead fall from grace and suffer banishment to Earth if he succumbs to them.

Mick Davis hasn’t caught a break his entire life. He never knew his father and his stepfather took his anger on losing his wife on Mick. He had to flee to the streets to save his life. But living homeless gives him few opportunities. His recent breakup with his boyfriend, bad-boy Luca, made things worse. When Havi appears at the New Hope Mission, Mick distrusts his helpfulness. He can’t deny the attraction he feels for Have. But he also thinks that such a handsome man would not want a waste case like him. When Luca expresses a desire to get back together, Mick feels torn. Havi is everything he wanted in a man. But Luca is the drug that runs through his soul.

Can Havi avoid the temptations of the flesh while trying to help Mick? And can Mick trust Havi enough to let him lead Mick to a better life?