Mpreg Abduction Books

Omega Society Auction (Rourke Book 2)
By Eileen Glass

Continue the sci-fi omega series with Episode Two!Excerpt:“My mom is dying. You might have read about her in my file? She’s not doing so good this year.” His eyes are itchy. It’s annoying that he has to touch them now, when he definitely can’t look l when he definitely can’t look like he’s crying. “She needs medicine and a better home. She has for a long time now, and I wish I’d done this sooner honestly. But also…”

Back to baby machine. Back to logic and making sense and not feeling anything. Whatever’s swirling in his chest can’t dare come out.

“I want to give her a grandchild. A pretty one,” he admits with a shrug. “You know, blue hair and all.”

He glances quickly to Zachri’s hair, which is beautiful and amazing. But also, the alpha’s eyes are intent and he’s sitting forward in his chair again. That makes it harder to speak, so Rourke keeps admiring the baseboards.

“He’s for me too.” Rourke purposely avoids using ‘it’. “I’m not just doing it for my mother.” Anymore. Apparently. “But it’s really important that we don’t wait a year. She doesn’t have that long, and I’d like her to see her grandchild as soon as possible. So she can be happy, you know?”

Zachri doesn’t answer his you know, and Rourke can’t take the silence much longer. He can’t bring himself to look at the other man. Since he hasn’t said anything, Rourke must have given him an insufficient answer.

He mumbles, “I have this image of my future. Me and an alpha. Uh, you, I guess. And our baby. And she’s there to visit us, holding him for the first time. We’re all happy.”

Operation: OMEGA (M/M Gay Shifter Romance)
By Wolf Specter

Auctioned off to a room full of frenzied alphas, shy human omega Kyle is in desperate need of a tall, dark, and growly stranger to save the day.Once a member of the Army special forces, wolf shifter Clay now runs with the Gladstone pack, a group of wa group of wolves who've made it their mission to save omegas before they can be sold into slavery. There's only one rule: A Gladstone alpha is never allowed to take an omega as his mate.

It's never been a problem for Clay... until now.

When the mission to save Kyle and the other omegas doesn't go as planned, Clay will have to summon all of his strength to deny his urge to mate.

Not an easy task when he's forced to shack up with a sweet, sexy little omega who's coming into heat...

Operation: OMEGA is an alpha/omega gay shifter romance culminating in a scorching hot, unprotected love scene, no cliffhangers, and a HEA ending. Adults only!

The Alien King Takes His Omega (Science Fiction Mpreg Non Shifter): Sci-Fi Mpreg Romance (Volardi Mpreg Book 2)
By Tabatha Austin

Genre: MM Gay Omega MPreg Romance / Alpha and Omega M/MThe Volardi arrived with a lucrative proposition for gay male volunteers. The terms? Join their repopulation program and in return earn astronomical sums of money and special favors.Peter is the />
Peter is the perfect physical specimen: short, thinly muscled, but one-hundred percent straight. All he must do is fail a simple test and earn enough money to save the family farm.

There’s no harm in that, or is there?

Note: The Alien King Takes His Omega is a standalone alpha/omega non-shifter mpreg (male pregnancy) romance.

This 69,000-word science fiction gay romance contains detailed descriptions of steamy sex with a muscled alien king and is told with dual perspectives.

Includes anal and oral situations with a royal touch of dominance.

OMEGA Returned (Desert Wolf #2) - M/M Gay Werewolf Shifter Mpreg Romance
By Canis Blackfang

Kyrt and Zan, former enemies, now lovers, are a new alpha and omega pair mated by destiny.Just beginning their journey out of the desert together, the sudden threat of the Red Moon bandit pack and their new leader drives the two wolves back to Zan’s lves back to Zan’s village. The young omega must not only warn them of the coming danger, but also somehow convince his pack that his new alpha mate is no longer the same dangerous bandit who they once feared.

OMEGA Returned is the second volume in the Desert Wolf series. This series contains steamy love scenes, a HEA, a strong omega, a dashing alpha, mpreg (male pregnancy), and thrilling adventure in exotic locales.

Abduction: A Mpreg Yaoi Alien Romance
By Amelita Rae

In a freak accident, the hull of Hisao’s ship is breached by meteor debris and the young spaceman is sucked out into space. Terrified, alone and rapidly running out of oxygen, the young man waits to die until a bright light suddenly appears and sucks him into it.

For a moment, Hisao thinks he HAS died, but his adventure has only just begun.

Aboard the alien vessel, Hisao encounters a monster straight from his worst nightmares. Katashi is the name his alien ‘rescuer’ calls himself and he is the perfect predator; towering over the little human at ten-feet tall, with carbon-plated armor for skin, a mouth full of razor-sharp fangs, super-human strength, acidic blood, venomous saliva and dozens of semi-autonomous tentacles. Poor Hisao fears the worst but fortunately for him (or unfortunately) the powerful creature sees the pretty little human not as prey to be consumed, but rather as the perfect little broodmare for the many offspring he wishes to sire. He feels no guilt about altering Hisao’s body without his consent and no qualms about breeding the beautiful young man against his will. The alien is utterly rational, but simultaneously devoid of human conscience or morality.

Will Katashi ever learn to respect and treat his mate as an equal, despite the human’s physical inferiority? Can Katashi come to understand the importance of free will to Hisao? Will Hisao ever be able to forgive Katashi for what he has done? Can true love blossom after such a difficult start?

It is an interspecies romance for the ages, that will change the fate of the universe because what neither Katashi nor Hisao realize is that their love and their children may just turn out to be the saving grace for both of their worlds.

This strange, space-age ‘Beauty and the Beast’ style story by Amelita Rae explores issues of free-will, consent, and what it means to be human, in the midst of some of the most graphic erotica you will ever encounter. The content is explicit and extreme and includes such sexual taboos as multiple penetrations, Mpreg, oviposition, minor scatology, tentacle sex, erotic birth, prolapse play and more. It may be quite disturbing for some readers so please enjoy responsibly!
~34,000 words

Omega's Escape: M/M Gay Wolf Shifter Alpha Omega Mpreg Romance (The Omega Files Book 1)
By Feral Moon

Is it ever possible to rip happiness from disaster?JudeNow I’m out of the military, I want a quiet life. A nearby forest where my wolf can run and hunt, and a wood-shop where I can work with the timber I feel an affinity for.I definitely don’t want a />I definitely don’t want a mate. And if I did, it wouldn’t be an omega. It definitely wouldn’t be a hunted young man who doesn’t know which way is up.
But fate can play cruel jokes.

I’ve spent my life hidden away at the Academy, being prepared to be traded to a pack alpha. Apart from breeding, we’re no use to anyone.
But when I’m chosen, I know I have to run.
And I run straight into a savior — a muscled, tattooed wolf shifter who clearly doesn’t want to know.

A family at risk
But when our budding family is ripped apart by my past, I can do nothing to help myself. I don’t even have hope.

How can Jude ever find us?

Omega’s Escape is the first in a series of standalone novellas with an HEA and a satisfying epilogue.

SEAL of Trust: An Mpreg Romance (SEALed With A Kiss Book 4)
By Aiden Bates

A SEAL with a secret. A backdrop of war and redemption.Omega Ben Michaud gave up his life of privilege when his fiancé died. As a surgeon with the non-governmental organization Borderless, he travels between war zones patching up bodies torn apart byodies torn apart by human cruelty. When he’s taken hostage, he figures it’s just one of the risks he accepted when he took the job.

Alpha Navy SEAL Dave Hopper isn’t impressed by guys who get taken hostage without a fight, nor by doctors who’ve had everything in life handed to them on a platter – no matter how beautiful. He definitely has no time for so-called “Hollywood royalty”.

A chance encounter has them admitting they might have more in common than they thought as cultures clash in SEAL of Trust.

This tense and simmering 80,000-word omegaverse tale contains explicit scenes of alpha/omega gay paranormal romance. Adults only!