Another Unicorn Shifter book

The Omega’s Unicorn, with a bear shifter, unicorn shifter, witches and mpreg by Lorelei M. Hart.

The Omega's Unicorn: A Three Rivers Valley Shifters Mpreg Romance
By Lorelei M. Hart, Coyote Starr

One broken bear. One smexy unicorn. One invisible house. A whole lot of magical, yummy goodness. A Broken BearAdrian comes to Three Rivers hoping to fix his inner bear. Instead, he finds a mentor and a calling. But then tragedy strikes, and now Adriacalling. But then tragedy strikes, and now Adrian fears he’s on borrowed time in the home he’s grown to love.

A Smexy Unicorn
Justin’s in Three Rivers to take care of family business and finds himself immediately drawn to the bear currently squatting in his great-aunt's invisible cottage. He realizes instantly that Adrian is his omega, but Adrian does not trust easily.

Magical Goodness
Adrian and Justin are only beginning to learn to fit into each other’s worlds, when a magical storm blows in and they realize Justin isn’t the only new person in Three Rivers. They soon realize the others out there need protecting, including one adorable, yet terrifyingly powerful little girl.

The Omega’s Unicorn is a stand-alone, sweet with knotty heat, MM Mpreg romance with a bear who likes to hide, a millionaire unicorn, and a couple of witches who soon become a part of their growing family.